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  1. Zooming in takes a portion of the middle of your screen and zooms in on it (who woulda thought) ergo creating a band around your screen that gets removed from view. Since this new animation is apparently still technically zooming in then I would assume that the same thing happens, at least it looks that way. Which means this is going to remove even more from our FoV then what we're used to. C'mon now you can't think of a single scenario where an enemy would be in that portion of the screen that gets blocked from view? It can definitely happen. It's not a gigantic issue but it still affects gameplay to some degree.
  2. It has the effect of you not being able to see a nice chunk of the bottom portion of your screen and that can definitely affect gameplay in a negative way imo.
  3. It was quite poetic for Believe The Hype to come back and win the tournery considering the hype surrounding this event and game.
  4. PvE was fairly entertaining but when the main story just ended so unexpectedly I was like, "Uhhhh wha? That's it?" PvP? UGH. I've never played a game with so many ways to insta-kill an opponent that take very little effort to aquire or skill to use. When CrushedApple10485 comes at me with his super 1337 titan shoulder bump wreck your face melee charge and kills me before I can even aim down sights, or xXxSup3rM4g3xXx teleports everywhere after I lay into his head from medium range only to have him drop his 50 megaton nuclear bomb on me with so much splash damage that he doesn't even have to aim it, I just want to turn my xbox off.
  5. Probably the most excited I've been for anything halo related in a very long time. Had to come back here after a year just to see what people were saying.
  6. 11:11 is especially easy to notice simply becuase it's the only time with all four digits being the same number. But I do seem to notice the number 11 itself a whole hell of a lot.
  7. Defo, good news. Still undecided on which system to get but this helps the Xbox One's chances immensely
  8. DAMN FABLE 3. DAMN IT TO HELL. I just accidentally turned my 360 off while saving and corrupted my save. Fuck this shit, back to Halo it is.
  9. "THIS IS WHERE WE FIGHT! THIS IS WHERE THEY FALL!" Someone needs to replace the audio in that scene with Uncle Sudd and shop his head over King Leonidas'.
  10. For the record, I want to play, all the time. Any invite from anyone is welcome. Unless I'm on Halo 3 with my old roommate, I'm willing to join. Seriously, solo Halo is absolute shit for me right now. I can't play more than maybe 2 games without getting bored. Literally ever single time I've seen you on for the past 2 weeks, though, you've been away. @shzlss Aight if that's good enough for you I'll send you a request next time I'm on. Willing to play whatever playlist or customs.
  11. I wouldn't take this guy seriously. He never invites me. In fact He's always 'away'. Bastard. =p I've been up till around 4 est lately. But that doesn't seem like much time to play with you. . .
  12. Have you happend to have seen Maven's Pink Astros anywhere lately?
  13. Crash Team Racing. I'd take brakes from playing Rayman and Spyro. Hell even Crash Bandicoot Warped. But CTR took over my life for a while when I was a kid. Then it was THPS3 When I got an xbox.
  14. God I miss these kinds of clips. Those were the fucking days, man. EDIT: Wait this is posting your OWN sick clips? Well fuck. Whatever.
  15. Damn, that sucks. WMG can go bite the big one. Fucking sharks.
  16. Actually it was Gandhi that gave the TP to T2. EDIT: yeah, I think it was Tripple X that gave him the idea, then T2 pushed him after he did it and Fallacy(Sp?) threw a water bottle at him, then Karma came up all like "Y'all better not be messin with my boy, son" I think that's how he said it went down in his 06-07 recap vid.
  17. Literally only been playing Halo for the past week and a half. Before that I was dicking off in Skyrim a lot.
  18. The BR is great but I'm having a ball with this new carbine.
  19. Eh while the Halo story is an interesting one this site doesn't seem to be really concerned with the lore aspect of Halo. Team Beyond is competitive and their content is competitive based.
  20. Besides Halo, of course. Any games that you just rip shit up in? Games where you treat the hardest difficulty like it's Hello Kitty Island Adventures? The only game I can really say I'm godly at is THPS. Specifically American Wasteland. Used to score combos over 500 million legit and pull off some crazy style tranfers. Made this no manual line I capped like 5 years ago with a crappy dazzle. So what games are you a god at?
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