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  1. Yeah, focusing on more tangible goals is definitely better.  Eat real food, not too much and try to focus on getting better (lift more weight, run faster, lose inches etc) in a tangible way and the rest kind of falls into place.


    I am not a big fan of setting a "Goal weight" either.  People will get within 5-10 pounds of their goal and not be able to lose that last bit and feel bad about it.  I just think, if you look better, feel better and are more fit in general.. maybe you're at goal and your "goal weight" was wrong?


    Yeah, last time I was flat out miserable going low carb, low calorie, and high intensity workouts. For instance today I had a PB and J and some pretzels, not crazy bad in the calorie department and enjoyable. Last time I would have never done that because the only carbs I would really eat was some oatmeal in the morning, and then I would have a shitty high sodium lean cuisine. I was 205 at that time and had a goal weight of 175. I dropped down to 180 without a problem, the last 5 pounds were absolutely murder, then stress took over for my wedding and I dropped another 5 to 170. I would LIKE to be around 180 that feels natural for me, but I'm only weighing myself once every cycle of my workout routine which lasts 5 weeks. This time I'm 215, and after the first week I only lost a couple pounds but I can easily hit the notch on my belt versus a week ago of having to suck in/force it. As long as my current clothes become more comfortable to wear, that's a win haha. 

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  2. Week and a half into getting back into the gym, focusing more on just losing inches than the scale which was a big focus for me last time. I'm also being far more liberal with my diet, than going low calorie and low carb. Right now I'm just mainly counting calories and if my belt tightens another notch, that's a win.

  3. Yeah, I'm still grinding but no one being able to create content or stream it kills the spread of growth. It will be a small niche community just like Halo in general.

    At that point do we just get crafty and start advertising it as H3 for streams and such?

  4. Changing out plates on a dumbbell between sets isn't very time consuming. I find that I stick with one weight through most exercises with them though. I'm sure that might not be very easy depending on what you're doing.


    It all depends on my routine, I've done the All Pro routine and I treat it more like HIIT when I do it so I do like to keep things more fluid.

  5. Love my basement gym. It's certainly lacking some things. Would kill for a cheap leg press or something for more lat work. It can also be a huge pain to find standard 2.5 or 5 plates but I've consistently lifted 6 times a week since I moved in and got it about a year ago.


    I've got to clean my garage out but once it's gutted I'll have my workshop on one side and then my gym on the other. Was very fortunate to be gifted with about 300 lbs in olympic plates from one of my dads co-workers who was moving and didn't want to take them with him, I want to buy one of the sets from Dicks where you get 300 lbs (including bar). I bought a nice weider squat rack on craigslist for $100, welded some reinforcements on it since it says 300# is it's limit and it should be good to go. The only thing I'm really missing is some form of dumbbell system, I can't justify spending $2,000 on a full set so I'm thinking of going the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 route but that's rather expensive and I don't like the idea of having to go back to my "dock" every time I want to adjust weight as well or I found Yes4All sells these sets for $190 that comes with 200# worth of weight so you can get up to 100# on each side and I could just keep the spare plates I need by me and spin off the locks, slap on the new weights, and go.

  6. I've heard people are having issues with the server browser taking forever to load, anybody having issues with the server browser becoming completely unresponsive though? I wasn't able to select a server, but I could hit the quick match button. I would load into a game but I wouldn't be able to close the server browser, the only thing I could do was alt-F4 out of the application.


    Yeah the game hangs a lot for me accessing menus and especially in the server browser.

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  7. I'm trying to get back on the wagon for the 100th time. I currently weigh the most I ever have.  Last year I was in the best shape of my life and broke tons of PRs.....and then I injured my knee around November. Ever since it has been a struggle to be consistent. I'm currently on Week 3 of working out 4 to 5 times a week.  Doing "okay" on the diet. Trying to stick to low carbs/sugars. I've got lots of things planned this summer to influence me: friend's wedding, beach trips, etc.


    Hear ya on that man, I weigh more now than before my wedding which was my motivation to lose weight and get in shape. I went from 205 to 170, now I'm 212, I feel 180-185 is my most natural weight for me though because from 180-175 was a pain in the ass last time, and I think I only dropped down to 170 due to stress of getting everything tied up for the wedding. Then as soon as the wedding was over I took a week off, jumped into refinishing our basement and was working on that every night once I got home from work, and all day on weekends until it was finish, got sick because I pushed so hard, and never really got back into it. I'm hitting the gym starting again next week, probably not the best idea but going to eat like a bigger fatass than I am now this final weekend before I go clean again. But more importantly than losing weight I'm doing it for my mental health, I've been battling my worst bout of OCD, Anxiety, and Depression ever and I know exercising will be a big aide in controlling it.

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  8. IIRC, James Gunn has said Adam Warlock won't be involved with Inifinity War, but that he will become a big part of the cosmic-MCU afterwards.

    Or maybe! Peter Dinklage is playing Adam Warlock. The giant cocoon opens up, everyone is looking near the top to see what emerges and you hear, "Um.. Down here." *camera pans downward to reveal pint sized Adam Warlock* ;) Totally kidding, thanks for the info I never saw that report.

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  9. Bought my tickets for Infinity War last Friday. I'm going to be interested to see how they handle not having Warlock as well, they teased him at end of Guardians 2 but I wonder how that will play out.


    New Deadpool trailer dropped, pretty excited for it.


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  10. The concept works on paper when you're talking about animal conservation but corruption with government officials overseeing alot of the sport hunting land negates the positives that safari hunts can offer to the local communities.


    Also, shooting animals just to shoot animals for a 'trophy' is morally wrong imo.


    The benefit to the local communities if the money is even delegated correctly to them is negligible (something like 3% of the total $200 million figure) in comparison to the money tourism brings in (which is about $36 billion). So killing off the very things tourists are coming to see is doing far more damage than good in the short and long run when we're catering to 8500 hunters versus almost 10 million tourists. And as you said trophy hunting on a moral level is wrong. I can get behind hunting when you're not decimating the population of certain species that have had their numbers reduced by 30% in the last decade alone. Being driven in an SUV by a guide to walk within 100 feet from an elephant and blow it away isn't hunting.

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  11. mark hamill's joker is god tier. i know he does this outside of the video game, but honestly these games would not have been nearly as good with another actor



    Was thinking this and Kevin Conroy doing Batman though as you said they both do them outside of the video games, but their voices as Batman and Joker go together hand in hand. 

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  12. Nice job joeyboi.  Can't recommend any programs tbh 


    One thing I've been very very in tune with during my last bulk and current cut is how drastically I let my schedule bend because of girls.  Aug 2016 - present for me as been pretty wild to say the least and I'm really aware of how much I sacrifice in terms of lifting and nutrition to not interrupt time with girls.  That's something I really want to focus on changing.  I'd say that's my #1 flaw right now.  Inability to get into good habits, then stay there REGARDLESS of what other things are going on.  Of course I'm not gonna go 100% bodybuilding hermit mode, but I really do sacrifice too much.  I'm trying to get newbae to buy a gym membership with me actually which would be HUGE for my consistency.  Regardless I'm glad that I've identified this as a problem and I'm going to work on fixing it.  

    It's a lot easier for me to say since I'm now recently married and we've been together for almost a decade but I think it would be fundamental in discovering the type of person you're dating by saying, "Look, between the hours of 3-5 M-F I'm unavailable and will be at the gym. It's important for me to do that for reasons A, B, C. But after that my time is yours." If they're not an absorbed person they'll understand how important your health is to you and will respect and support it. My wife knows after work I'm in the gym and it could be a hot minute before she hears from me. I mean you're not living in the gym 16 hours, so taking a few hours a day for yourself shouldn't crush any prospect of a potential relationship. 

  13. Can only target specific receptors with drugs as far as I know, genetics pre-determine the locations that fat comes off in what order


    Just diet until you have ab veins, no need to worry about a specific section, just shred the whole thing up fam


    That's the plan, I would love to try some of the newer articles I've read on spot reduction though, I know on the whole most people think it's bullshit, but there's some ideas about warming the area, working the muscle adjacent to it, and while in a fasted state would yield that result, it could all be bullshit (probably is) but I'm willing to be a guinea pig. Typically the first place to store fat is the last place to lose which is what makes getting abs for most men such a bitch (since we store fat in the stomach generally first). But some straight up hgh into the tummy would do the trick too.

  14. It depends on your ideology because there's other conflicting ideas that you can spot reduce based on if you properly train or not. Your Zane's and Columbo's of the world believed and lived by that idea (granted maybe not the best examples now that I think about it as they were already totally shredded). However, some of the things I've read is based on warming of the fat area and targeting the adjacent area to induce spot reduction. It's something I'm interested to try out and if I'm left with a slightly bloated stomach as a result I guess I'll just have to make everything else catch up.

  15. My biggest flaw too is being lazy with cardio, I tell myself all the time I'm going to just add some low impact work on the stair climber, elliptical, or treadmill 60-90 minutes a week on the days I generally work just abs, but I never fucking do and I never work my abs which is why I'm starting to see toning everywhere but my stomach which is still a bit flabby because I don't put it under any real stress in my workouts which having a shit core is also going to become a limiting factor in my lifts very soon.

  16. Not normal.  Sharp pain is NOT fixed by getting stronger or more muscle.  Talk to a doc of some sort!  And/or post a technique vid so we can make sure you aren't totallyyyyyy on the wrong track there


    PS:  If the case was your shoulders aren't balanced enough with your chest, it could take YEARS to correct.  Most people do have imbalances.  My biceps/triceps have been trying to catch up to my forearms/shoulders unsuccessfully since like week 2 of getting a gym membership lmao


    The imbalance in my upper arms is fucking stupid. Doing dumbbell overhead presses, and I was like, "Let's check my form in mirror." "OH SHIT MY RIGHT ARM IS YUUUUUUGE!"... "Oh left arm... You so sad."


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