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    NFL Thread

    5038 yards in 2011, 4967 in 2012. He does deserve more credit and as a Lions fan I'm trying to say that without sounding biased. I think as far as QB's go in the league, he's just below what we consider the Elite in the league. He seems to consistently improve, and barring he can continue to stay healthy *knocks on wood* he should post another phenomenal season. Now I just hope the additions to the team we made and getting back Burleson and Broyles he'll be able to make some more plays. However a lot of that relies on the play calling of Scott Linehan, which I'm somewhat iffy about. Falcon's always perform but moving to the other side and looking at the AFC, I have my eyes on the Bengal's to make some big noise. My biggest question for this off season is Ed Reed on the Texans? He's only 34, which is about 128 in football years, so I'm curious if the change of scenery affects positively or negatively.
  2. Vertigo

    NFL Thread

    I was agreeing with you, just stating why I agree :-P
  3. Vertigo

    NFL Thread

    Their running game is still super weak, which is going to hurt them. Even with the acquisition of Eddie Lacy, they still don't have very good depth at the running back position which I think is their downfall currently. When they won the championship in 2010, their running game wasn't phenomenal but it did enough to get the passing game very good looks. Now is the lack of a running game crippling to the Packer's game like it is to the Lions? Hellllll no. They have depth in a lot of other area's that help balance it out. I still expect them to overall have a good season.
  4. Vertigo

    NFL Thread

    Cliff Avril made the best out of a good situation, I'm not saying Avril wasn't good but you're going to look more like a stud when your two internal linemen (Suh, Fairley) are taking on 4-5 people on their own from the offensive line, it's going to inevitably leave someone open to make a play.
  5. I'm looking at doing some Halo LANs, but would anyone be interested in a Black Ops 2 LAN?
  6. Vertigo

    NFL Thread

    SUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Lions fan here. I can't wait to see what comes of the free agency moves they made.
  7. Just check Wirecasts supported capture unit page first before you spend the money or download the trial, that way it's not in vain. I know Wirecast doesn't have a huge library of supported devices.
  8. With FME though it may be a pain the ass, when I first tried it I had to run CamTwist and SoundFlower to pull in my video and sound.
  9. I invested so much time into, it may be worth it. I can't imagine going to another MMO at the current moment, not when I have established characters on WoW. I ALMOST thought of returning to Runescape, then I realized how dumb that sounded and quickly dismissed the idea. EDIT: Ordered it... Available at Microcenter for $20 in store. Goodbye cruel world!
  10. Wirecast or Flash Media Encoder are really two of your only choices at the moment. I use Wirecast personally, I like the control I have over how my stream looks and operates. FME I felt was too cumbersome. What device are you using to capture/stream?
  11. I haven't played since Cata, would you say Mists is a good enough expansion to make it worth returning? I've been considering hopping back into an MMO as playing strictly FPS' is getting rather boring, I need something to change up the pace.
  12. I'm not being sarcastic but is WoW still a thing? I ask this because I've been considering getting Mists and start playing again. Last I heard there was a massive population drop off. Thanks for any info you can give
  13. Probably within the next month or so. Just got some big projects to finish up at work that occupy me for the weekends currently.
  14. Rules for Vertigo LANs: Respect my wife, my house, and me. If you break it, you buy it. If you smoke, do it outside, in the back, on the patio. There will be some sort of container to catch the cigarette butts. If I find one butt on my patio, I will raise hell. There will be 3 designated area's people are allowed. The basement, the bathroom at the top of the stairs, and the patio. You will use the side door by the basement stairs to walk around to my patio. If you are found in another area of my house, you will be leaving and not coming back to my home. There will be no disrespecting of players in my house. I may not have attended LANs at Paul's in the past couple years but people talk and I know of people not wanting others invited back because their "skill" was not up to snuff. I have no problems inviting the "lesser skilled" person back and witholding your invite. I understand I may sound like an asshole here but I'm big on respect and don't do drama. I want everyone to relax, have a good time but I do not want my patience tested. We may be the most competitive state from here to New York and California but I feel Michigan has fallen off mutual respect in a big way.
  15. With Paul nearing 100 LANs, I'm going to try and help out with some of the load here soon and start hosting more LANs at my house.
  16. Though I personally like COD4 best, I agree with this considering #3 was utter dog crap in comparison to 2.
  17. Vertigo

    Film Discussion

    I'm a bit of a comic nerd, so when comic book movies became a "thing" with Blade and Spider-Man I had to take a standpoint to view the films as just another story arc. But I did enjoy the hell out of Iron Man 3, I thought it was a fun flick. I saw Star Trek Into Darkness over the weekend, and that was absolutely epic which in turn spawned a need to watch Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock. I would still like to see Fast and Furious 6, but if I miss out on that Man of Steel and Monster's University are next on mine and the wife's summer movie list.
  18. COD4 was a personally big reason I got pulled away from Halo and I know that's the same for Flipsyde as well. I hated Halo 3 so much at its' release that if it wasn't for COD4 I probably would have given up gaming. As many people have already touched on the point, COD4 was great just like Halo 2 due to its' simplicity. It was, "Here's your 5 weapon choices for AR's, and they each have 2 or 3 attachments, enjoy." Plus who didn't love playing Domo or HQ on Shipment.

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