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  1. Been playing MCC on PC, if anyone in Michigan plays get at me, my GT is TGL Vertigo or you can add me on Steam via my Friend Code 22522970
  2. I don't want to hear excuses Vince, I think we could get together enough OG XBox's to make it happen. I still have mine. We'll just host it in someones backyard when it gets warm enough, each person has a table 8 foot away from the other.
  3. Man, Players of Michigan used to be the most bitching thread on the MLG forums, now it hasn't been active in 18 months. We all got fucking old and sold out. We need an old man LAN when this COVID-19 shit is behind us.
  4. Yeah, last time I was flat out miserable going low carb, low calorie, and high intensity workouts. For instance today I had a PB and J and some pretzels, not crazy bad in the calorie department and enjoyable. Last time I would have never done that because the only carbs I would really eat was some oatmeal in the morning, and then I would have a shitty high sodium lean cuisine. I was 205 at that time and had a goal weight of 175. I dropped down to 180 without a problem, the last 5 pounds were absolutely murder, then stress took over for my wedding and I dropped another 5 to 170. I would LIKE to be around 180 that feels natural for me, but I'm only weighing myself once every cycle of my workout routine which lasts 5 weeks. This time I'm 215, and after the first week I only lost a couple pounds but I can easily hit the notch on my belt versus a week ago of having to suck in/force it. As long as my current clothes become more comfortable to wear, that's a win haha.
  5. Week and a half into getting back into the gym, focusing more on just losing inches than the scale which was a big focus for me last time. I'm also being far more liberal with my diet, than going low calorie and low carb. Right now I'm just mainly counting calories and if my belt tightens another notch, that's a win.
  6. At that point do we just get crafty and start advertising it as H3 for streams and such?
  7. It all depends on my routine, I've done the All Pro routine and I treat it more like HIIT when I do it so I do like to keep things more fluid.
  8. I've got to clean my garage out but once it's gutted I'll have my workshop on one side and then my gym on the other. Was very fortunate to be gifted with about 300 lbs in olympic plates from one of my dads co-workers who was moving and didn't want to take them with him, I want to buy one of the sets from Dicks where you get 300 lbs (including bar). I bought a nice weider squat rack on craigslist for $100, welded some reinforcements on it since it says 300# is it's limit and it should be good to go. The only thing I'm really missing is some form of dumbbell system, I can't justify spending $2,000 on a full set so I'm thinking of going the Bowflex SelectTech 1090 route but that's rather expensive and I don't like the idea of having to go back to my "dock" every time I want to adjust weight as well or I found Yes4All sells these sets for $190 that comes with 200# worth of weight so you can get up to 100# on each side and I could just keep the spare plates I need by me and spin off the locks, slap on the new weights, and go.
  9. Yeah the game hangs a lot for me accessing menus and especially in the server browser.
  10. Did an edit, didn't realize there was one on reddit but here's mine in case you don't want to head over there.
  11. Anyone interested in trying to set up an 8 man, H1/H2 MCC LAN? I can host at my house in Warren.
  12. Hear ya on that man, I weigh more now than before my wedding which was my motivation to lose weight and get in shape. I went from 205 to 170, now I'm 212, I feel 180-185 is my most natural weight for me though because from 180-175 was a pain in the ass last time, and I think I only dropped down to 170 due to stress of getting everything tied up for the wedding. Then as soon as the wedding was over I took a week off, jumped into refinishing our basement and was working on that every night once I got home from work, and all day on weekends until it was finish, got sick because I pushed so hard, and never really got back into it. I'm hitting the gym starting again next week, probably not the best idea but going to eat like a bigger fatass than I am now this final weekend before I go clean again. But more importantly than losing weight I'm doing it for my mental health, I've been battling my worst bout of OCD, Anxiety, and Depression ever and I know exercising will be a big aide in controlling it.
  13. And Korath the Pursuer (Djimon Hounsou)!
  14. Or maybe! Peter Dinklage is playing Adam Warlock. The giant cocoon opens up, everyone is looking near the top to see what emerges and you hear, "Um.. Down here." *camera pans downward to reveal pint sized Adam Warlock* Totally kidding, thanks for the info I never saw that report.
  15. Bought my tickets for Infinity War last Friday. I'm going to be interested to see how they handle not having Warlock as well, they teased him at end of Guardians 2 but I wonder how that will play out. New Deadpool trailer dropped, pretty excited for it.
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