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  1. Every opinion is gonna be different. Just about every pro team thought red nest was better than red bend even though it is a nade fest. Outside stronghold was meh. The good news is they are really open to change and this is the most involved pros have probably ever felt for gametypes
  2. We will be playing tonight as long as there is a team to play us. The world doesn't stop working because it is your birthday xD
  3. I usually don't say stuff like this, but you have no idea what you are talking about. You made so many assumptions that is actually hurt my brain. "pros don't push 343" "pros don't get salary". Not in it for the passion of the game lolololol. Not trying to be that guy, but be careful talking about things you actually have no idea about. I love h5 and don't see that many issues with the settings. That's my opinion. Others will think otherwise.That is perfectly fine. Saying "if they cared we would have better settings"... Have you really tried BR start no radar... Idk maybe it was just me reading this coming from a pro player pov, but assuming we don't care and you know best just doesn't make sense to me. I forgot you are in the chat with 343 reading what we type. Or maybe you are in the pro meeting when we are bringing up the issues. Have a good day. Also: It is easy to go on stream and complain about things like naded did. Not saying like it is a bad thing, but everyone would agree that is the easiest thing to do. The difficult part is actually sitting in a call and talking about changes you think need to be made and why they would be better to people from 343. Not your viewers who will agree with a lot of things you say since they are your fan.
  4. I know I am super late, but we should really just drop this whole caster thing. Everyone does an awesome job and maybe some mistakes are made, but overall that is an issue with just about every game. I totally agree that some casters could maybe understand the "meta" a little bit more and maybe not focus so hard on one individual player aka the commonly situation. We should be EXTREMELY happy with who we have because we have a great group of people and as halo gets bigger they will grow with it. In golden boys case he is a professional caster for multiple games. I feel like having a walshy/simms/side cast with him and have them focus more on the strategy teams are going for would make a lot more sense than everyone trying to just simply know everything. I know ninja brought a lot of this up about not having casters 100% focused on halo, but if you ask players in probably any game they will always have some kind of issue with the way people cast. Should move on and look forward to these next two weeks of competitive halo PS; PAX was awesome. Double Elim OP
  5. nah we just say tj and pj. Never have had a mix up in game over it. Only when we are casually talking does it get confusing.
  6. It's all just opinion. Being able to close games is a huge factor. So if you look at it in that sense Liquid played us better and clutched up vs us. Like I said it is all opinions and what you value more, but it is easy to see why people would say liquid played us the best. Winning games>coming close to winning games. Edit: Maybe that is just how we view it though :/ *insert dank meme
  7. To be honest, this is just the way the media goes."Esports" is only going to get more publicity imo. I get what everyone is saying about how it should be ignored. IT was silly for him to write something like that, the thing that bothered me is that the dude was on twitter calling people "salty" LOL
  8. Even though being "captain" only means you are the one who looks for emails...I've had it since h2a when we replaced Richie. There aren't seeds currently I assume so captain roles are irrelevant. Also: Idk where this thought really comes from in halo, but i'll say from my experience one player has never been the one who comes up with strats over other players. Everyone just says their opinion and you work from there. The whole captain thing is pretty over hyped.
  9. I agree with you and didn't say it did. it was just a really good response. You and I both know we try to handle things within 343 and us and it doesn't always get done. It's sad that people have to take it to social media when it doesn't always need to. It's like you guys complaining at regionals about the headset issue. When you complained about it they claim there is nothing they can do. You tweet about it and look at what happened. Obviously different scenarios and overall I agree with you, but sometimes things need to be said. It happens in just about every game.
  10. I couldn't help but laugh at the Ninjas post followed by frostys response HOLYYYYYY REQT xD
  11. Yo people I dont really post here much (I'm a lurker after tourneys,surprising I know). I just wanted to thank you all and thank team beyond for sticking around halo. Everyone's passion for halo is what kept it alive and now hopefully thriving. Even if you hate us and want us to lose thank you for being a viewer and supporting your squad. Have a good one and thanks again.
  12. I see people saying this a lot and I usually just let it slip, but idk where people get the idea that he told us no. We were offered multiple times to join with whatever 4th we wanted and we definitely thought about it but obviously ended up declining every time we were asked. Just something I wanted to clear up.
  13. People ask us what we will do with the money if we were to win in streams. Don't know how that is "complacent". It's cool if you think we will choke. Just don't go around twisting words -edit Also when other players stream they get asked the same thing. EG, RNG, etc, and they all respond. Do you think they have the wrong mindset too?
  14. Had it on sub only because of streaming scrims....But since I don't stream scrims I can change it back xD
  15. Just to be clear I asked all of the pros through a chat we have. No one was polled. Not like I just wasn't the one who wasn't polled about it Didn't think I had to point that out.
  16. No poll was ever taken with top seeded pros. It has not been a split decision whatsoever either.
  17. Even though non of it matters. We didn't have our org do anything for us. Sadly things just get said behind everyone's back :/
  18. CLG Mountain Duo SnakeBite- GT: SnakeBiteFPS Royal 2-GT: Royal 2
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