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  1. Not trying to defend E6, but didn't you guys win both Stasis CTF and Truth Assault, the two newest of the gametypes at the time? Most of the other changes are miniscule, some weapon and power up movement, besides the Eden SH movement to red bend at the time. Obv you guys are still the best team at the moment, I think people are just excited to see you guys finally start losing more than a few games a series

    All opinions on what changes actually matter. Stronghold changes to us matter a lot. Ov and camo placements matter a lot too. Idk maybe we look at it differently? And the argument was how much time we had played prior to playing e6. Not for someone to defend them for having a good scrim vs us

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  2. That was e6's first practice on new settings too just saying. CLG is still best team, even when you guys are having off days you still win it's impressive.

    E6 is an awesome team and I expect to see them at the top, but that wasn't there 1st time playing on the settings. I remember this since they decided to play a team over us the day before and I am pretty sure the day before that as well(could be wrong about it being 2 times though). Thanks for the kind words 

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  3. Idk man, it's gonna be real stale watching the same gametypes for another 6+ months with little no changes


    Was it bad changes or just resistance to change? I say this in not at all a hostile way, I'm just really curious because I know how it can get with so much money on the line

    changes sounded really good but after testing them it just didn't play well at all. Trust me I wanted the red bend change at first, just turned a good game type into trash imo

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