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  1. 1. The events aren't well spread out. Although I love going to events I do not really want to go to an event come home(deal with being sick which I am now) just to travel again 2 or so weeks later. (edit: I know how spoiled this fkn sounds lol. Hopefully people understand where I am coming from.) 2. It being a non HCS sanctioned event means they will not have closed severs. Although I absolutely love other organizations being involved this is just an issue we unfortunately have to deal with the xbox one. To some this might not matter, but this is a pretty big deal imo. Practicing online halo just to go play online halo at a tourney doesn't sound very appealing. 3. We currently are working on figuring out how we are going to possibly get royal 2 to Chicago aka even more time spent traveling. 4.The prize money doesn't help. The prize money really isn't a crazy big factor since all of the above are much more important(we just got back from an event with less prize money), but if you want organizations/players to WANT to go to events the incentive needs to be there. We went to this past event because we felt it had been a while since we had the opportunity to compete, obviously the money had little to nothing to do with it since it is silly how spoiled we are with our past earnings. I think UGC is great and I liked their event a lot in MCC, unfortunately with everything that happened with us switching orgs and everything being so last minute it is tough for us to both want to and for us to find it reasonable to ask for OG to pay for our travel for an event that we don't necessarily need to go to.(I am just being real about this with all of the traveling etc etc. I personally feel the HCS events should require pro players to go since it is a you know HCS event.) Aka 4 pro teams showing up to an "HCS" event is not a good thing. Even if I do understand why all of those teams didn't attend. Sorry for the long post.
  2. Is this actually why you believe teams might not go? Or did you forget that 4 pro teams(that had actual rosters) just got back from an event for less prize money than UGC?
  3. I used the low quality gif because that is how I feel when talking about how 1. the league is run. 2.halo pros do things. Just low quality xD Edit: Also 3. just halo in general. I mean as if heavy aim wasn't enough I can't check to see how many are dead anymore without getting framerate issues lul
  4. Idk if teams are really blacklisting them. We had things set up with people all week so we didn't have time to play them (Which it seems like everyone else has been doing too). Also is it weird for teams to not want to scrim a team that doesn't actually have a 4th until after this week?
  5. The team house thing is something we have been considering more and more over the past few months with how bad online seems to be for royal 2 and frosty. That kind of stuff just takes a lot of time and since we had all of this org stuff going down we had to figure that out before worrying about us getting a house. Edit- We have said since a few months ago with CLG when we first started having some issues online that we will move into a team house if the opportunity presents itself.
  6. Sometimes I feel like we aren't even in the same scene with the things I see people write on here. How selective people can be with bringing up situations is honestly one of the hardest things to read
  7. Although I see where you are coming from you shouldn't act as though pros are required or forced to stream scrims. nV has never streamed scrims until Eric joined, and he tweeted that he wouldn't be streaming from Canada which is how we came up with the idea of just trying to keep it casual and just play halo. Like I said I get 1000% where you are coming from since we are trying to grow the scene, but lets not forget other games do not stream scrims and players aren't required. Saying things like "are we going to let it slide" "unacceptable" is silly to do. One night of us just not wanting to deal with the chat and relax a little bit instead of knowing people are saying "downfall of CLG" after we lose a 100-95 SH game. Also one night of not streaming is not going to make or break the scene. Edit- Idk wtf is up with the lines it is making in the post? My point is understand that any pro streaming scrims should be taken as a very good thing for our scene. We do not benefit anything from streaming our practices other than the obvious viewers. In my opinion other games do it right in having everyone fully focused on the compeitive side when it is time to do that. Obviously we are not in the best position to do that with halo, but when you are playing for $$$ streaming practices does nothing than allow the other team to see what you want to do in games
  8. It is cool to pick sides and everything, but it is well known pros don't tweet ggs to each other after scrims since we always post it to a Skype group we are all in. I get why Eric did it since it was a really good win for them and I defiantly think it got taken out of hand, but Eric would have thought the same thing we did when he saw that tweet if he was in our situation. Either way it's all good. Thought it was a really good scrim for both teams. Have a good night dudes.
  9. I just do not like online halo in general. Even with the cups I just think having so much focus on online halo is silly. With that said I understand what they are trying to do in building an actual structure with the pro league. I'm glad we have some LAN events between everything as well. I just think for s2 finals we should see relegation on Friday and whatever 2 teams win between the 4 should compete with the other 6 at finals. Pro league should be used for seeds not to determine who should be allowed to compete at a "finals tourney"
  10. Even though I don't think 10 teams is totally reasonable in halo right now, I dislike how dramatic people act about the "lower" teams. Liquid got 7th and literally almost beat everyone. Optic beat a ALG team that ended up 3-0ing e6, took a game from us etc etc(yes I am aware they weren't that good last season), but saying things like they couldn't come close to the other 6 teams is so over dramatic to what the situation actually was.
  11. I'll comment on it since I saw it a few pages back. We don't like playing AM teams because of how much they change rosters. Obviously it doesn't benefit us to play them since we don't play them in the league but overall due to the rules in the open scene teams change rosters way too often for us to consider them real teams. We just think if you are not a real team(which most aren't because of roster changes) we just develop bad habits and it overall hurts us when we go back and play a team that are in the top 8. Also saying pro halo is a club and you should get a chance to play against pro teams etc etc is probably why you don't get scrims. Teams like denial and elevate(the teams who proved they were the top 2 in the challenger scene got scrims frequently(some vs us). Do I not know about a scene or something where professional teams play AM teams? Edit: Also sorry if that seems harsh or anything. I understand the frustration because I have been in the exact same situation.
  12. He was placing top 8 in h3 2010... If you want to say his opinion is trash that's cool. Just look for actual real reasons to discredit him
  13. Granted I agree both events being west coast is VERY unfortunate, but idk what else we can complain about. Online events = we want open events Open LAN event = we want to sit home and save money. When you are not a professional player who gets everything payed for it sucks, but you need to spend money if you want to make it. Other than a few pros who got pretty lucky we all went through it. PS: Before I catch problems for this post go look at how many events I went to before really profiting at all. I saved every dime I had, crashed on teammates floors. If you want it bad enough you find a way to make it happen. Also now a days an AM team can get some kind of sponsor who will cover something. I remember being a professional player getting top 8 still spending my own money to make to an event.
  14. I haven't played the new one so I don't have any comments on it yet. Was just using it as an example to the situation we are put in.
  15. It's not that we want radar in. I am all for testing no radar, but I currently have to explain why we don't think riptide will work in competitive. Also we have been over this before. Pros do not determine what we test or do not test. they tell us what we play and we have to do it for our opinion to be taken seriously. I wish it wasn't like this somewhat but it is just what we are working with currently.
  16. idk if you guys notice but arguing for no radar is probably at the bottom of the list when we go through testing these new settings
  17. I mean I up vote things I think are funny or I can relate to. And yea I talk about just about every team with my honest opinion on my stream when asked and try no to offend anyone. We have different definitions of insecure my friend. I've been doing this for a while now. I can promise you I don't lose sleep or confidence in my team because of something someone else says on a social media platform. Edit: It seems you are insecure about me being insecure with my up votes Kappa
  18. Being called insecure when you only commented defending your friends because you were called a "toxic group of people who shit talk every pro for no reason" :/ Edit: Also if you think anything TJ said is harsh you probably were personally offended by it since it is your team(which is fine)
  19. Yea idk about all of this. Sitting in a skype call with a group of people who are your friends is pretty common right? Also claiming we "talk shit about everyone" would mean you know what we talk about on a daily basis which obviously isn't possible. Halo is talked about maybe 20% of the time. I'm not sure why this whole thing was even brought up to be honest. Have a good night dudes.
  20. Jesus you guys are so fast to tell someone they are wrong and go for the neg rep lmao
  21. Nah I just think you calling out someone for being a fan of us because he thinks we can improve, and you don't?(idk) is funny. Plus you have been nothing but a die hard nV fan the past two days i've seen you post(which is fine) You sent someone a picture of knee pads because he says he thinks we can improve. Really think about that one.
  22. Were you the guy who had to go to the doctor because of the erection nV is giving you or is that someone else?
  23. I mean it was just my opinion that I don't like your 'intel' post. I don't neg it or comment on anything because you have the right to post whatever you want. I try to be pretty honest about stuff on my stream though so when someone asks I'm not gonna change what I would normally say.
  24. Huke to nV is an awesome move for both parties probably, but lets not compare his move of leaving a second place team(once) to a team who won 5 events in a row and was on a steady pace to continue that trend. Also to what Eric said. I don't think you or Austin are shady at all(if that is what that guy was saying), but what we didn't wasn't shady at all. Just very bad timing which I wish was something we could have changed.
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