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  1. Who thinks Optic is scared of NV ?



    Upvote if YES, Downvote if NO



    I say YES

    not to be that guy. I repsect nV a lot. I hope they and you all know that. They are probable the best team we have played against in a while. Thinking we are "scared" of them is a complete joke lmao. We trade series online with them. I think it is like 4-2 in scrims them. With one of our wins being a 10-2 after Orange County. I could sit here and type about LAN and how online means nothing, but I have a feeling majority of people can use some common sense here 

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  2. On the gold medal thing, I don't think it's the same as the bank account comment. Doubt there would even be a post here about this if the comment was to send a pic of the HWC trophy.

    yea I don't disagree it it somewhat different. My point to frosty if you saw the clip was just about winning the big one that mattered so much to everyone. If you saw the clip you could hear how sarcastic I was being. Also the two somewhat go together. No one thinks of x games for the prize money and no one thinks of worlds for the trophy or the rings. 

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  3. Whats your take on weapons on map, weapon/powerup placement locations, spawn adjustments, spawn timers etc? Does anything need improving (radar or not) in this sense? How much of an improvement do you think it'd be?

    Everything right now is bad imo. Servers/weapon layouts on maps, spawns etc etc. Which is why i think this has become such a big issue. I get where people are coming from though. 

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  4. My question (to the community and pros) from this would be. Do you think it's a better idea for 343 to work with all potential TOs to better schedule events? Obviously UGC isn't a sanctioned HCS event but I'm assuming if there was more of a gap it would be easier for more Pro teams to attend.


    If that were to happen you could hold more open LAN events because the workload is spread across multiple TOs. The optimal solution is obviously having one company with the ability and money to run multiple events a year (coughMLGcough) but if for whatever reason that's not a possibility it wouldn't be a bad solution. Plus it would mean locations could change depending on who is running the event.


    Something like:

    HCS Open Lan #1 presented by esports Arena

    HCS Open Lan #2 presented by UGC

    HCS Open Lan #3 presented by PGL



    Edit: I'm also wondering if MLG could get involved this way. Or if they'd prefer the exclusive rights to HCS events.

    I think if we want halo to succeed we need all options possible. MLG working with 343/esl would be an awesome step in the right direction. Have tourneys spread out enough to where it makes sense. And lastly if you are going to hold a "LAN" event make sure you find a way somehow to have 343 give you the servers required.


    With UGC I know a few pro teams have already confirmed going/not going, but since they are offering a prize pool to the open teams also I truly hope AM teams make the most of the opportunity that I personally was never given(in regards to AM players being able to make prize money). Although I think UGC will sadly probably hurt viewership wise, I hope it sells a lot of team passes like it should due to the prize distribution. 

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