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  1. They probably haven't changed spawns at all but it has to be influenced by the way they move things or something. Doesn't take a pro to watch/play one game of rig ts/regret ts/truth/fathom to see a very big difference in the spawns.
  2. LOL yea the person that tweeted me that was trolling about that tweet. When I say vacation I just mean somewhere other than Cali/where we go for events. I wouldn't miss days of practice to go on a "vacation". That's the difference xD
  3. Yea overall I like the settings, but I still feel like some changes need to be made. They said they are open to making changes if it is an issue so the only way to potential get things fixed is to make sure to be discussing it. Also it was the first time we had played on them so it just takes some getting used to
  4. same issue is people saying the game would be better without radar when never playing it in h5. Idk how I feel about it. Some games I like. Some games it feels like everything is complete chaos. I'm convinced power weapons are the problem
  5. Look man I can't help you with how you feel. People ask us every. single.day. about your team and every other team with that. My team usually responds with something serious followed by something super troll which I am guessing is what you take offense to. We already covered the whole no stream thing and why we wanted to do that. Not sure why you bring it up now as if it adds to us being scared or something? You are more than welcome to talk up your team and be happy when you perform. No one thinks that you wouldn't be. I made that comment because of the 3-0 bitch comment you made to frosty when he was bagging you. Not because you bagged him :/ It was after the game when we saw the clip I made that comment which was a joke between he and I because we laugh at Conor McGregor and how he brags about all of that stuff(this was like what a day after the fight?). Inside joke I suppose. I already said it was immature. If you would like to continue to trash talk us/bag us by all means go for it. I think last event showed your fake hype and even getting young huke to yell at us had no impact on what we do. I really don't find this to be a big deal, but I get why you wanted to say your side. Sorry you are fed up with everything trust me we have felt the same for a while. Safe travels and GL in Vegas.
  6. not to be that guy. I repsect nV a lot. I hope they and you all know that. They are probable the best team we have played against in a while. Thinking we are "scared" of them is a complete joke lmao. We trade series online with them. I think it is like 4-2 in scrims them. With one of our wins being a 10-2 after Orange County. I could sit here and type about LAN and how online means nothing, but I have a feeling majority of people can use some common sense here
  7. yea I don't disagree it it somewhat different. My point to frosty if you saw the clip was just about winning the big one that mattered so much to everyone. If you saw the clip you could hear how sarcastic I was being. Also the two somewhat go together. No one thinks of x games for the prize money and no one thinks of worlds for the trophy or the rings.
  8. fixed. And I find that hard to believe since the last I heard they didn't even know why mikwen couldn't go. I didn't hear ola point out how they didnt attend either lmao
  9. I already posted in Erics chat and agreed that the whole bank account comment was probably pretty immature on my part. The whole argument started because ola was talking about how my comment was childish, which I posted saying it was a joke, but overall it was immature on my part. Eric then went on a rant about how I deal with frosty trolling and costing us games with him bagging. Which I replied with how if we think it is a problem we say something to him but it is his style and we let him do his thing. Also idk what "throwing games" he is talking about since at an event frosty has a pretty good track record.He then ranted about how they will beat us eventually and we haven't gone to the last two events even though they didn't even go to the last one since Mikwen couldn't attend loolol, but ya know we are scared. ALSO Ola is a huge Conor McGregor fan so I thought he of all people would appreciate the bank account comment xD I am perfectly cool with people calling me out or hating on something I say, but I'm sure you can all understand where I am coming from when I defend my teammate. That is also why TJ came in and started typing. For anyone who thinks the bank account comment is that bad I hope you are one of those people who hated how snip3down brought up his gold medal to us until after we won worlds and he realized he couldn't say anything anymore. TBH I get where nV and even other teams are coming from with how we handle ourselves a lot online right now. Eric mentioned how we didnt complain so much about online before worlds and although that is mostly true, he and a few other people fail to see how frustrating online halo is currently. This is no offense to him, but if you watched it from his POV you wouldn't know that. People just take things that are said in scrims super serious and ignore all the other comments we make about how good we think teams are. This whole thing started because frosty t-bags people in scrims and some players got mad over it lololololololololololololololololoolololololololoololololol-2016
  10. I am so glad that you trashed stellurs game play because it proved to me you do not recognize what is probably a top 10 player when you see it. You are probably one of those people who thought Eco held his team back lololololololol
  11. You usually post trash about us so this post doesn't surprise me. Let me make myself extremely clear to everyone. I love this community. I love halo. It doesn't benefit me to do things that go against the growth of the scene. I am NOT trying to be some community ambassador lmao. If I was I would be trying to get a job at 343 instead of suggesting that some employees need to be fired... I am a professional player who gets paid to compete. I come on here and post my thoughts since that is what people like and what I find respectful. I do not stream h5 a lot right now because I do not enjoy matchmaking and getting trash servers. Now I love everybody that comes into my stream and if you are one of those people I hope you know that. If I am being honest streaming is an easy way to make income, but I don't do things for money. I can not stream h5 matchmaking or upload consistent content when all I want to do currently is bash it. I had the same feelings toward MCC where I streamed it made some income then realized the game wasn't going to be fixed so I stopped. I hope this isn't the case for h5. As for Vegas. As APG said we arent going for personal reasons that we simply aren't going to talk about. I 100% understand the frustration with us not attending since it would certainly help the growth of the tournament and that is something we feel awful about. When you have events worth nothing this is the sad reality that other things can take priority. That is NOT why we arent going but it isn't like the MLG days ie: where I have family coming, but I cant miss an event since it would ruin our chance at making nationals. I said that this needed to be fixed in my previous post. Keep in mind we were one of the what 4 actual teams that attended an event with the smallest prize pool of the season(holy sheesh we are entitled I know). I feel very similar to when we took two days off of streaming because of an org issue we ran into. Frosty and lxthul stream multiple hours every single day. We attended an event that had the lowest prize pool of the season where other teams also didn't show up. Lxthul went to UGC because it was an easy travel for him even though it wasn't LAN. Then some personal reasoning as to why we cant attend an event last minute make me come on here and read how pros are self entitled and do nothing for the community. You can neg me if you want for this post, but some attitudes have to change. We can certainly do more to help grow the scene as can the community, but it is not a pro players sole job to help grow a scene. I understand the state halo is in and why it is needed, but it just isnt. The halo community is luckily to have players like Snip3down, lxthul, frosty and anyone else who streams somewhatconsistent and takes the time to try to read questions, give good answers, then come on here and talk to everyone too. If you dont believe me try being a fan of almost any game and see how "entitled" you think we are after. Edit: Also just to add on to the neg rep. In this case it was being discussed as naded, but If a pro player does not want to go to an event that isn't required he shouldn't. He should, but anyone with actual logic can understand how the system failed us for this season. The cry for more LAN event didn't mean hold what really should be called hcs locals on the west coast. This means no disrepct to UGC, Esportsarena, and PGL I loved the layout of every single one of these events and they were/will be amazing. Just trying to get my point acorss on the topic. MLG events were required if you wanted to make it to the top 8 nationals(big money). They were also months spread apart. I didnt see people crying in 2009 when my NJ halo locals could only pull 40 teams(sarcasm)(kinda :0) /endrant Have a good day
  12. The issue that I have is pretty simple. We are running into the same issue we had at season 1. Everyone knew 4 teams at finals just doesn't make sense and it was said that the format would be improved going into fall season. Timos tweet of stating how it isn't possible for fall season doesn't get much sympathy from me since well it is the same exact issue that we had in the summer season. Keep in mind when reading this I defend ESL/343 a good amount and appreciate everything they have done for both myself/our team/halo. Him even acknowledging the tweets about finals was a mistake on his part since after doing the same format as before there really isn't much to be said. Personally I see both arguments where in 1 case- All 8 teams should be invited, 2- What would be the point of regular season. -edit: I just want to add in here that players like contra/dev, roy/lunch are known to be so much better at events and I think the frustration people have is knowing some of their favorite players do not even get the opportunity to compete at a major event and the only way you get to watch is through an online pro league where you get to scroll through your timeline and see pros complain about online after every single match. Personally unless you have the advantage of living in a team house(even with that it can be meh) online halo is completely unstable and from my perspective has only been getting worse. I can see it from my own game play, but from teaming with royal 2 and Frosty(Canada/California) it is so obvious there has been a decline in servers for a long time now. (Go back and watch our scrims before xgames/regionals/worlds and see if we have more than 4 complaints in a game). I know Snip3down says royal 2 is delusional and online isn't that bad, but if you play real halo 5 you know exactly where I am coming from I would argue that although regular season would technically mean nothing going into finals we do get paid for placings in pro league. So based on that if a pro player says they don't care about how they do in pro league since it doesn't matter xD I question how much they really care about competing in general. Money + a good seed going into a tourney which leads into a better bracket is more than enough reason to compete. If you are 8 seed would you rather go against the team 13-1 going into finals or get the 7th seed and play the trash 2nd place team that was 11-3 Regardless, it isnt going to change going into the fall finals, but I thought I would share my thoughts on the whole thing while it is on topic. I truly hope they announce some awesome things for the future since after finals no one really knows what is next. Also if they continue to do the "open LANs" I would ask that they make them mandatory like MLG used to basically make them in regards to needing the points. Hopefully people get where I am coming from with that, but only 4 "pro" teams showing up to the first LAN in s2 is really discouraging(even though I dont blame them). Sorry for long post. Have a good day everyone Also the part about Eric I just thought was something funny to add in. No bm intended(I hope a lot of you already knew that) PS: People thought we were crazy before worlds when we talked about how good eco/liquid(str8) was. They deserve all of the praise they have been getting.
  13. Your point to me was that a player like 2gre had to retire because the mechanics of the game didnt work for him. Before we replaced him with TJ he was on the #2 team and was so good that we weren't going to replace him with anyone other than TJ. Tom to this day would still have a shot at winning if he continued to play and another worlds tourney and all the money the HCS/orgs put out now is realistically more $ than you would make doing something else(unless you are starting an actual career but you catch my drift here). Like I said goals change. Other players focus on real life goals aka take a look at Fearitself. He went from being one of the best players in the game in h3 to clearly not putting in the time in reach and becoming a good player still but on a team that didn't get above 6th. The whole thing that you mentioned with the EU scene and the veterans is nothing more than people acting childish. I dont know the reasoning of what happened nor do I pay a lot of attention to that kind of stuff. What it looks like to me is simply someones character being wrong for the better of the competitive scene (like I said maybe there was a real reason idk). But instead of putting the blame on player just doing something stupid like most would you try to blame a game where the player has a shot at winning more money in halo than ever before. Anyway I'm out have a good one everyone
  14. Been doing this since 09 brother. Nothing to do with mechanics working out for me. Eventually everyones time comes to and end when it comes to competing. Don't blame the game for people shifting their focus toward real life goals
  15. this post actually might be the worst I've seen in a while. Congrats on taking 1st
  16. Everything right now is bad imo. Servers/weapon layouts on maps, spawns etc etc. Which is why i think this has become such a big issue. I get where people are coming from though.
  17. guys comprehend that when I say made to have radar I mean sprinting incorporated with these maps. The weapon layouts. thrusting, ground pounding, etc etc. I understand old halo games initially had radar enabled. Obviously you can get where I am coming from when I say halo 5 isnt exactly on the same base as old halo games
  18. I said this in a tweet we find the brainwashed comments about no radar to be funny. Not it actually being taken out or not. I personally do not care and am all for whatever will put halo in the right direction. When I read someone say radar has not been in halo for 10 years why start now, I can not help but laugh. Even if radar out is the appropriate move really think about making a comment like that for a completely different game that was made to have radar and sprint. I promise you someone like royal 2 or myself who have had success in both radar and no radar really just want the best for halo and appreciate actual well thought out reasoning. Reading I guess it was Septic post about how he was able to lose and have fun with no radar is something I personally just can't help but see the "honeymoon" in. You can have a totally different opinion and that is cool. Hopefully this allows us to test things and make halo the best possible game it can be. Also before I get asked I personally think a radar that shows things like thrust/groundpound maybe sprininting would be the best but like I said I dont really mind either way. In case you are too lazy to read everything(sorry for long block) take the title halo out of the game and make your evaluation on the game play. If you still believe no radar is the best option that is totally cool and everyone sees where you are coming from at least somewhat.
  19. I was a full time student up until last semester since we had so many other things going on. I am starting back up on the 24th I believe. Do not believe royal 2 has started taking classes again since maybe early h5
  20. Honestly I think no radar would be cool to test and hopefully would make the game better, but in my opinion it is just all of the terrible settings/ghost melees/severs being broken that are causing this to be such a huge deal (inb4 I get negged for not saying no radar would save halo and put us past league of legends in viewership xD) :Empire on the old world settings was the only map I actually thought autos were overpowered. Now I think they are more now than before :Fuel rod on truth lets someone camp your base and own your life :Plasma caster gets a buff and makes it the most OP thing on rig :And those power weapons have wayyyyyy too much ammo in them that they would need to be removed even with no radar(since I know that was about to be a fix someone suggested xD). :etc etc I appreciate and respect a lot of the opinions I see in here and totally get where people are coming from since I even agree it is something that at this point needs to be tested. The only thing that bothers me is seeing no radar being made to be the greatest thing we have ever seen in h5 when 1)how many of us have actually played and tested no radar in real competitive games. and 2) you can put no radar in the game that doesnt stop everyone from hating life after lagging out every other game. IDK just my .02 on this whole situation. Keep in mind this is just my opinion I am sure a lot of people will disagree and that is fine
  21. So far from reading the replies to my post I have learned: I am completely logical for some of the reasons I gave to why we might not go. Us pros are killing halo/are to blame for not supporting our game Us pros aren't to blame Go to the event to further our legacy and not care about the money Go to the event to since it is 10k for first how sports work and how the real world works Did I miss anything xD /end sarcasm
  22. I think if we want halo to succeed we need all options possible. MLG working with 343/esl would be an awesome step in the right direction. Have tourneys spread out enough to where it makes sense. And lastly if you are going to hold a "LAN" event make sure you find a way somehow to have 343 give you the servers required. With UGC I know a few pro teams have already confirmed going/not going, but since they are offering a prize pool to the open teams also I truly hope AM teams make the most of the opportunity that I personally was never given(in regards to AM players being able to make prize money). Although I think UGC will sadly probably hurt viewership wise, I hope it sells a lot of team passes like it should due to the prize distribution.
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