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  1. PJ thanks for the time! In traditional sports when you want to improve on a skill there are drills you can do to help develop that skill. When players ask how they can improve their H5 game the usual answer is to just grind. Are there drills or maybe particular customs where players can practice certain aspects of their game? Mobility, accuracy, etc.

    I wouldn't say there a drills but there is things you can do. Improve accuracy 1st step is to find a good sens to play on. To improve movement you need to load up a custom game and practice jumps until you are comfortable doing them every time 

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  2. Do you think h5 will be played for another year?



    Do you agree the new radar is miles above the one we have now.



    If you could drop your prime self into any year to compete, what would it be?

    Im not sure how much longer h5 will be played for tbh.

    I haven't played the new radar since I am focused on worlds, but I assume the new radar out has to be better than what we currently have. 

    I would want to compete at a top level in 07 or 08

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  3. What's been keeping Ryanoob off a Pro League team? Think this LCQ is enough for him to be picked up?

    Well Ryan was on a pro team with ALG. I have no idea what happened after that. If i had to guess I would say his play style probably isn't something put in high demand, and he probably isnt the best at networking. I'm sure after the LCQ he could get back on a pro team or at least be a top sub for teams. 

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  4. Im pretty sure he went to splyce since that was the team people were wanting to see over pnda

    I don't think you read the conversation we had if that is what you believe. Actually I should correct that. With what I said he thought the match I was talking about was splyce, but my point was that the EG vs splyce match had no reason to be on stream over a qualifying match, and EG lost to an AM team round 1. Which is why in my post I said MLG would not have put that match on stage either. 

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  5. I mean I could be wrong and maybe one of the players could confirm, but bubu being under contract or not doesn't stop showtime from sending in an email saying he is on their team. The manager has all of the power in that situation(which I dont think any pro team knew until now). Bubu could have been under contract with another org and they still could have done the exact same thing. From what I am hearing orgs have nothing to do with what happened with the seed. 

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  6. Are the spawns different because something on the map is different, or because you're positioning on the map differently because things on the map are different?

    nah spawns are just different. Rig TS for example you can be pushing barrels and carbine is open and your teammate will spawn bottom nest for no reason at all now. Other then the 20 seconds power weapons are up positioning is pretty much no different 

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