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  1. I think halo holds itself back for the most part. Promotion wise we are not the best. It doesnt help we came out with settings that were complete trash and moved our game backwards for a whole season. Community wise we need to continue to try to build this thing. It is not always going to look good or be the cleanest but we just need to support it. I think the biggest thing we do wrong as a community is expect riot games level production when we are no where near close to that level. We are still building.
  2. Remove splinter nades, figure out the radar situation, and make it pistol only starts
  3. I wouldn't say there a drills but there is things you can do. Improve accuracy 1st step is to find a good sens to play on. To improve movement you need to load up a custom game and practice jumps until you are comfortable doing them every time
  4. Thank you for the kind words. I think we have been able to consistently place at the top 5 because of our work ethic. I think it is something a lot of people over look when it comes to our roster. A lot of people will chalk it up to how good we are individually and not the hours we put into it
  5. Im not sure how much longer h5 will be played for tbh. I haven't played the new radar since I am focused on worlds, but I assume the new radar out has to be better than what we currently have. I would want to compete at a top level in 07 or 08
  6. Well Ryan was on a pro team with ALG. I have no idea what happened after that. If i had to guess I would say his play style probably isn't something put in high demand, and he probably isnt the best at networking. I'm sure after the LCQ he could get back on a pro team or at least be a top sub for teams.
  7. I don't think you read the conversation we had if that is what you believe. Actually I should correct that. With what I said he thought the match I was talking about was splyce, but my point was that the EG vs splyce match had no reason to be on stream over a qualifying match, and EG lost to an AM team round 1. Which is why in my post I said MLG would not have put that match on stage either.
  8. I mentioned it in my post somewhat, but this is something I am guilty of forsure. Much easier to see the negatives
  9. ya wanting to see better isn't what i'm commenting on overall. Maybe I view it differently idk. I see days where we have great discussions on what could be done to improve, and I see days where it is just hateful. You can obviously not see it that way, but I've seen plenty of times where people make a comment about how negative the forum has gotten. Notice when I say EG lost to an AM team you immediately go to critique ESL/343 for taking the pro seed from splyce, instead of actually realizing EG lost to an actual AM team. Now maybe I am just reaching with that situation, but that exact thing is what happens frequently imo
  10. No EG should not be 1st seed. Our team fought with hcs multiple times about how they decided to do the seeding. We defended splyce and ALG about how they deserve their rightful seeds after STL. I also tried to make a comment about it in my interview after splyce without being too disrespectful. Like I said, we all fight the same battle. However, there is a difference in trying to improve and spreading hate. I'm sure that is something we can all agree on
  11. no I mean EG actually lost to an AM team round 1. Which is why they actually had to play splyce so early. It was on mainstage if you would like to go back and watch
  12. Guys... without the community halo would already be gone. I love you all. Maybe I mistyped or maybe you misread, I do not think you all being passionate about halo is the problem. The problem that I see is just constant hate. Not about the game, not about a specific situation, but just hate overall and I get it. It's also not like everyone is to blame over this. I read a lot of great comments on here that sadly go unnoticed. When I speak to someone at an event and they ask me where should I go to keep up with halo, and I tell them teambeyond.net I feel like we are 1 step closer. To get on here and see that bs with Tashi, which is just straight personal attacks from frank on someone he does not like for his own reasoning is sad. To see some defend it as "it's just passion for halo" is even worse. Like I said I do not mean to blame you and maybe I mistyped. If you know me at all you know I could not respect you all more and be more appreciate of everything I have gotten in my life because OF YOU. Sorry if it felt like an attack it really wasn't meant to be that way. I just like to see good constructive criticism on what we can do to improve our franchise, not blind hate. Remember the community and pro players are all fighting the same battle here. Sadly we have to be more careful with our words and in which fashion we choose to share them. Thank you again, have a great day.
  13. Well said, and i'll agree with you before you get attacked/negged by some of the people who "love" halo. Sadly I think we have gone down a path that is not fixable, and I don't really think it has anything to do with the games at this point it has to do with us as a community. The fact I came on here during the event and saw production being hated on for not showing the EG vs splyce series over the Liquid vs pnda series(which was to qualify) was very sad. EG lost to an AM team. I'll be the one to break your hearts I suppose, MLG would not have shown that match either. Obviously things can get better, but it gets to a point where it is simply ridiculous. Oh and Tashi is good at his job and I believe does what he can. That is coming from a pro player who does not go to 343 summits etc etc. That is coming from a pro player who does everything possible to fix this game, rules, etc etc. I love you all, but be careful who you follow or agree with simply because someone says they love halo. Obviously I understand where the negativity comes from, we all want the same thing. Well most of us actually do I should say. It gets to a point though where you have to begin to ask yourself, are you apart of the problem, or the solution? This is something I have ask myself a lot and so far I believe I have done almost everything I actually can. Hopefully no one takes this as personal attacks. Hopefully even though I am bashing negativity you all understand that I am well aware of where the frustration comes from. Haven't posted on here in a while and wanted to try to defend someone who spoke some truth. Have a great day and thank you for taking the time to read my long post.
  14. it's all good mun quote whoever you like. It was more out of curiosity that I wanted to know. Doubt ill ever actually block anyone lol Edit: I just asked because I genuinely like to come on here and read peoples opinions on current teams, scrims, how events are ran etc etc. When I wake up to seeing how silly the thread was today with trying to call out Tashi(one of the nicest people I have ever met) for doing something nice I can't help but laugh and try to log off for the day. But everyone has different opinions I guess.
  15. Thank you. Hoping that by not seeing some post I will actually want to post/discuss more with everyone instead of shaking my head and exiting out.
  16. Is it possible to block someone on here and just not see when they post?
  17. Nah Tj was owning all weekend so I doubt his numbers are wrong. I am just pretty confident I had more kills and assist than what is listed. I thought maybe I didn't do as well as I thought but even if you go watch rebroadcast I definitely didn't have that few of kills overall imo.
  18. I mean I could be wrong and maybe one of the players could confirm, but bubu being under contract or not doesn't stop showtime from sending in an email saying he is on their team. The manager has all of the power in that situation(which I dont think any pro team knew until now). Bubu could have been under contract with another org and they still could have done the exact same thing. From what I am hearing orgs have nothing to do with what happened with the seed.
  19. just an issue between the players I believe. Orgs have nothing to do with seeding
  20. Tbh there is nothing 343/ESL can do in this situation. From what I am reading cratos team just did something smart/well played to keep the seed (even though I do not agree). I'm sure the rule will be fixed in the future. The only issue I see with all of this is just how they were acting about the whole situation. If they were acting properly I wouldn't even be blaming them or look at them any differently. Going into Str8 sicks stream and seeing them mocking bubu and his squad was just sad to witness. Just the way things go when we are still in the somewhat early stages of running a league.
  21. You are too kind my friend. Thank you for the support today!
  22. You all are veryyyyy kind for how highly you think of myself. But to say my teammates wouldn't place top 4 without me is just silly. Without me they would still be at the very very top competing to win tournaments like we are now. Like any team I am a piece to a puzzle. I appreciate people thinking highly of me, but don't downplay what others do (Idk why that post bothered me). Hope you all are having a great new year
  23. Guys, relax with the Sparty hate. You can not agree with what he said or w/e but there are people who don't agree with what we say/do all of the time. Big difference between not agreeing with someones actions and throwing hate out there for no reason. Lets make 2017 a good year for halo
  24. nah spawns are just different. Rig TS for example you can be pushing barrels and carbine is open and your teammate will spawn bottom nest for no reason at all now. Other then the 20 seconds power weapons are up positioning is pretty much no different
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