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  1. PJ, you're the man.  A perfect example of how a top-tier eSports player should conduct themselves.  Congrats on all of your successes and here's to many more.


    Can you tell us more about the deal with OpTic and the CLG take over?  Was it something that you wanted?  How did the idea first come about?  Did you approach H3CZ or was it the other way around?  Thank you.

    Thank you for the kind words. Idk how much detail I can go into on the whole thing. Mine and royal 2's contract had come up and we began to negotiate with CLG as well as see what other offers we could get. CLG didn't offer us what we wanted to stay until we were ready to leave and by that point we had already made up our minds on what we were going to do. 

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  2. How has the transition from Pro to have a job back to being a pro affected you?


    1v1 for a million dollars against Lethul,Frosty or Royal 2? Pick one

    It changed my outlook on life completely. You'll probably never be humbled more than when you think you have everything, have it taken away, then have it given back to you on an even bigger scale.


    Probably royal 2 because of how much ive played him in the past. I think I would just be able to read him better 

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  3. How has your life changed with all that life-changing money?


    What do you believe is a main aspect of the CLG/OpTic team that has you head and shoulders above the rest of the competition when it comes to this game?


    Have you planned for life beyond Halo/Pro gaming?


    Would you have preferred an H3A for Scorpio launch and Halo 3 ten year anniversary?


    What is one thing fans of competitive Halo can do to support you guys beyond skins purchases and tuning into tournaments?


    What do you think of proving grounds radar vs no radar? Good compromise?


    Did you ever complete the H5 campaign?


    How you feel about the hate Ogre2 getting for his LCQ performance with people saying he cost EG the spot?

    I wouldn't say my life has changed yet. I still do the same things everyday even with all of the money we have made now. My future is just more changed knowing I have more money in the bank. When I started MCC I had $0 in the bank after school, car, etc etc.

    I wouldn't call us head and shoulders above people. I just think we have had a crazy work ethic that kind of goes unnoticed that has kept us consistent. 

    After gaming I want to work in finance/the stock market. Up until like 4 months ago I went to school full time.

    Yea I would like h3a forsure

    Hmmm probably tune into daily streams more (granted few pros stream consistently)

    Havent played proving grounds since I am focused on worlds but so far I have heard good things

    Havent played halo campaigns since reach I think

    I mean it is just sad to see the chat act like that. I dont think people deserve praise in h5 for things they did is previous halos, but the chat was just being disrespectful overall. One of the things I dislike most about how things are now a days. I close twitch chats pretty often when I watch streams. 

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  4. What do you think to the proving grounds radar?


    What other changes/weapons balances do you feel would best benefit halo 5 competitive play?

    Havent played proving grounds yet since I am just focusing on worlds :/

    Removal of splinter nades, figure out the radar situation, and probably remove the AR from the starting weapon

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  5. How would you like to see the HCS structured moving forwards? Events, Worlds etc. Would you like to come and compete overseas?

    I'm not sure what I want to see structure wise tbh. I would say more open events etc, but for overall stability for players I am aware things being online it more convenient. I just want halo to grow. Yea I would love to come overseas, hopefully one of these days Ill have the opportunity 

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  6. Hi @@SnakeBite    :prayers: I'll add some questions to the mix:


    What's your favorite non-Halo console game of all-time?


    What does your family/extended family/friends think about you being arguably the best Halo 5 player in the world right now?


    When you stream, you have one of the best, most interactive streams out there (imo). Could you ever see yourself being a full-time streamer?


    Do you have any long-term goals for your life beyond your competitive Halo days?


    Lastly, and most importantly, who's your favorite twitch mod?

    Literally anything Mario 

    They think it is awesome from what they know. TBH it isn't something I like talking about, and it definitely isn't something I like talking about with family/friends (that is probably weird I know)

    Nah I dont think full time streaming is something I could ever do. I like streaming, but sometimes it is just too much for me. Maybe it is because I compete on top of  everything that stops me from enjoying it idk. I just think I have been doing this for a long time and I just look for things to do outside of gaming 12 hours a day(which is what full time streaming is).

    Long term wise I want to do something in finance/the stock market. Other than career wise just the typical be happy etc.

    Id say you but I could never after the betrayal

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  7. You were the one who took Josh Holmes/343 down a peg by exposing that "343 poll" as a fraud. 


    Have the pros lobbied for changes behind the scenes, only to be ignored? 

     There is plenty of stuff that we have wanted changed that hasn't. I wouldn't say it is very ignored. It is just taken into consideration to ultimately be denied. 

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  8. Where did your Gamertag come from?


    What has been the most memorable moment from any Halo tournament you've watched?


    What is your favourite Halo montage of all time?

    Gamertag was just something my family came up with because I needed a MLG login. Most memorable moment watching was FB 07 not dropping a game a Nats. I dont watch a lot of montages but id prob say Walshy's montage was my favorite

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