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  1. @@SnakeBite Halo has always had a core meta but with the change in pace of h5 alongside CLG/OG being at the top for so long. It seems your team has the meta to beat. What factors went into the squad creating such a dominant way to play the game? Most teams are looking to OG on how to win, how was this meta created and was anyone looked to in order to gain knowledge to develop it?

    I think our game play is just made through our work ethic. Idk if we create the meta or anything but we just look to always improve. When we get something down people look at what we do and try to copy it. We have done the same when we struggle with a gametype 

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  2. Good luck at HWC first off. Do you think pro players do enough to help Halo grow, content wise? I feel CoD is so big because lots of players create content and let people get to know the person behind the sticks.

    I've talked about this before but it is kind of a black hole of a question. PLayers need to see revenue to take time ut of their day/jobs to upload. BUT players need to upload to see revenue. I just think youtube is a tough cycle for halo players to get used to. I think uploading good content is a bit harder with halo too 

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  3. I've always wondered how team changes actually happen.


    Obviously you've been on a solid roster for a while but some other teams change players like the weather.


    What's the first thing that usually happens before a team change is made? Does, for example, 'Player 1' usually get in a private group chat with 'Player 2 and Player 3' and say 'I think Player 4 is slacking, does anyone feel we could do with a change?' Then say for instance what If Player 2 and Player 3 don't feel the same way? What if they tell player 4 and now all of sudden there's going to be huge tension and bad blood between Player 1 and 4. Do internal team changes ever get really messy and shady? 

    Yea I would say overall it is just one player getting left out of the loop. Player 1 and player 2 are good friends so the idea to team with player 6 who is also their good friends comes up as an opportunity. It rarely is a decision made fast or even super intentional at first. 

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  4. Why did you guy originally pick up Lethul? Friends? He approached you? You think he's a top 4 player?


    not a fanboy, just curious and I'm not sure if I've ever heard the real reasoning

    He was the best player on EG and the best player in the game overall. It helped he was one of our friends and we thought the idea was so crazy he might just go for it. 

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