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  1. Yea I don't do them consistently because I don't like people paying to get a rank up if that makes any sense. Just try to make it something fun we do every once in a while
  2. Nah was just an honest opinion to the question. That's pretty crazy though lol
  3. I just meant every team is really good and we don't look at anyone of them differently because that would be a mistake, but lets go with savage xD Also you might not know royal 2 and I, but we would never intentionally do that to someone we teamed with for a year just to make competiton weak. Why would we not want the most pracitce possible for an event like xgames? Was a random 2-3 day decision to make the best team possible and luckily it worked out for us
  4. He was sick week 3 I believe vs rng and e6 and has just gotten worse since. He is in the hospital right now getting test done.
  5. I'm confused. Is what shouldn't happen how fast the game was?
  6. Yea I had just assumed because the same thing had happened to us during the hcs preview where we didn't get the OK vs RNG and a game was missed. Not sure what the issue would have been if it wasn't from the players side. You may now go back to complaining and blaming everyone. Have a goodnight
  7. Really curious does every "real esport" as observer mode online?? Blame whoever you want and what you want. It was the players fault though in this case though, we know what we are supposed to be doing.
  8. I'm more saying it's a work in progress with the players. Since it is rng and e6 fault game 2 wasn't shown, but yea lets keep blaming 343/esl since that seems to be the go to -edit I am off for the night. Thought I would give the real reason as to what happened before things got out of hand, but it just doesn't seem to matter now a days in this thread. Have a good night dudes.
  9. Happens regardless imo because players didn't wait nothing to do with it being good or bad, but I dont want this to be an argument I get where you are coming from
  10. I agree spectator mode is bad, but if you are talking about missing game 2 that is on the players since they started it before getting the OK. Nothing to do with how good or bad spectator mode is.
  11. Yo dudes just a heads up we are able to stream but I think every pro agrees it would be better for halo if everyone was watching from twitch.tv/halo. Maybe people will change opinions, but we want to do what is best for halo as a whole.Even though I know spectator mode can be rough. Also game 2 not being showed is the players fault not 343/esl relax with the roast. Everything Is going to be a work in progress since this has never been done in halo before
  12. Someone went and looked. You played RNG the night before. We were suppose to scrim but ended up not. I wasn't saying anything in a bad way btw. Think you guys are a top team. Just commented on something someone was wrong about(which seems to happen a lot now a days in this thread)
  13. All opinions on what changes actually matter. Stronghold changes to us matter a lot. Ov and camo placements matter a lot too. Idk maybe we look at it differently? And the argument was how much time we had played prior to playing e6. Not for someone to defend them for having a good scrim vs us
  14. E6 is an awesome team and I expect to see them at the top, but that wasn't there 1st time playing on the settings. I remember this since they decided to play a team over us the day before and I am pretty sure the day before that as well(could be wrong about it being 2 times though). Thanks for the kind words
  15. LOL not true at all. New settings came out and teams were dodging us for 3-4 days. The e6 scrim we won 7-6 was the 1st time on new settings. We might have just played equal amount of games now but that is because we dont really take days off edit: Also that wasn't the point that Mike was trying to make but oh well
  16. No one is gonna look good playing on settings that came out 4 days ago. Most games are just a coin toss since no one has been in these situations before . =_=
  17. I have 4 wins. If you are counting agls I would just never count those. People didn't take it serious at all.
  18. CLG TOp 12 on new settings. Simply can't adapt xD. E6 is really really good though. Would have been a close series regardless.
  19. I mean I have played a lot more than 3-4 games on the map lmao. Also is it wrong to say that after playing this game at a profession level for 7 years(others more) it is very easy to tell what will work and what will not. Aka binary rifles, speed boost etc. After 1 game you can tell if it works on the map or not. I'm not gonna defend or w/e anything it's all opinions and we are asked ours. People are pretty silly to say they want pros opinions and when a pro doesn't say they want a change you want you are amazed and mad that "pros are the only ones listened to". Not saying that is what you are doing here, but I can already see how this topic is gonna. Have a goodnight everyone Also-no one really knows how the calls with 343 goes lol. They tell us they want to make changes. We give feedback on the changes and what might be better. They do not do everything we say at all hence why you will hear us roasting some of the changes even now
  20. read above post where I say every team. Trust me if our opinion mattered OS glitch would have been removed since before worlds :/
  21. changes sounded really good but after testing them it just didn't play well at all. Trust me I wanted the red bend change at first, just turned a good game type into trash imo
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