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  1. I'd like to think you all know us pretty well by now. Lets not be silly and suggest that we don't read our contracts, or don't know what we are owed. If it was as simple as going to the org and receiving the payment that is what would have been done(and has tried to be done). Edit: I am not speaking for every pro or every team/org. I can only comment on the situations we have been put in and give some insight to what TJ posted about
  2. I really don't know to be honest. At this point in my career I like the idea to maybe create a name for ourselves and see where we can take it, orgs can be difficult to work with from my experience. But at the same time obviously financially it probably doesn't help us and viewership wise idk if it helps us to play under our own name as well. It just gets to a point where you want to work for yourself. I'm sure everyone can relate to that
  3. It is most likely our fault pools haven't been announced so we apologize. This whole thing has been a process with it being so close to the event. Usually I am all for trying to get info out as soon as possible, but for this situation I hope you all understand and aren't too hard on 343/MLG
  4. Just to clear some things up. 1. Pros have been complaining about the X since its release. As always we just try to do it more in private, so id relax on the "they are just complaining about it now". Trying to handle things privately always seem to make us look worse imo. Just a lose, lose situation. 2. As always the event is going to be great regardless, I just think there needs to be more time given to not just pro players, but AMs to adjust. 9 days is not a whole lot of time. 3. Like heavy aim, I do not feel a crazy difference, but I believe people when they say they do. Let us not forget 343 and even people in the community claimed heavy aim was "just people head casing" for over a year, just to have it proven to be real. I know a lot of people will say so and so is head casing, but trust that professional players who play the game 6+ hours a day and notice even the slightest difference in a pixel on their monitor know what they are talking about. Idk that is the way I view it at least, you are free to think of it differently obviously. I just think that with the whole heavy aim situation we would have learned by now. But anyway, I think this event is going to be awesome and I can not wait to see how the event is ran with MLG. I truly think this is going to be the best HCS open event yet, which is crazy to think with the game being 2 years in already edit: Just because I saw it above. Someone do the math on when it was released. That is how long Pros/HCS/343 have had different opinions on the console. Oh and also kind of like I saw frank mention, a big problem with the system online is some are on it, and some aren't. So every team is not playing the same game if that makes sense. Luckily now with the announcement being for all HCS events, that issue should be fixed
  5. I see my name being tossed around here so I figured id be transparent and just say a few things. We were told oddball wouldn't be added in if every pro was against it, and everyone was. When they announced the official settings everyone freaked out and strong side had told us he was out of office and the issue would be resolved. Since the issue was all of oddball and we were told we wouldn't had to play it prior you can understand why we would assume it was going to be removed. Then we were told it was continuing to be worked on over that two week span and two days before the 2k we were told it was now cut to two maps. I can understand people not agreeing with us, but I thought it was funny being singled out as if I was the one making the decision. Every team made a choice, and we asked every team which they wanted to do during the 2k. Also @@Mikwen can tell you I have been one of the people trying to get people to agree on maps so we can actually be playing it. Anyway, have a great night
  6. Tibby look at our gametype rotations for the whole season. I have lost full composure over here
  7. People can only play fathom CTF and Eden TS so many times before they reach their breaking point
  8. Believe it or not the whole we might switch thing isn't some conspiracy theory against halo hahaha. In reality it is just us answering people who ask us if we are/are not making the switch. We usually reply with the same exact thing saying it depends on what happens with halo. I can not say I will 100% or 100% will not be when there is simply no future events announced at all. Hopefully people understand where we come from with the comments we make. Also we are friends with a lot of cod pros (scump for example) so I wouldn't look so much into what is being said on twitter. I really hope people know how much we actually try to help halo progress. Sadly it is not always an easy thing to do.
  9. It's always funny to come on here and see someone call me salty about a topic, just to see people responding with how I use logic and reason. I won't argue on here at all, but it's not like with my argument I was saying 9-16 should just receive nothing. Simple poor prize distribution as well as typical bad timing on ESL's part to surprise every pro with this info a week before an event. Maybe I'm one of the few who have this opinion, but if the purpose was to try to grow the scene(like that was the actual logic they had) they wouldn't wait until a week before the event to announce it no?
  10. Pretty rough situation. Yes they have to confirm you need a sub for both days(you can only need a sub for one day). I remember being annoyed how I had to confirm and have royal 2 confirm it while he was in the hospitably back in season 1 if people remember. They had the option to play with victory today and basically 3 things could have happened. 1. They refused 2. He refused 3. They couldn't get a hold of him. Personally I would have just liked to play since we just like to use these matches to focus on practice. It is what it is I guess. Anyway, have a goodnight people
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