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  1. We both know that won't happen because people will comPlain about the prize pool being spread thin
  2. They sacrifice devsupport tho, silly people Sigh, you are right
  3. No debate, CE can't last when there's only 100 of them. It's h2a and h2c, and even then it literally comes down to what 343 wants, and the crowd follows
  4. Rocks radius too big. BR can't challenge snipe or rocks All other guns are too weak and have no significant role in the sanbox It's a 3 weapon game.
  5. I Then add in YouTube, dailymotion, azubu and foreign language streams to that
  6. Strafe requires changing direction quickly, so yes, movement acceleration is a fairly important value.
  7. What controls the strafe is movement acceleration
  8. He's a dreadful caster (ghost I mean, not flair)
  9. Casuals with love the graphics, I think h3 should be the comp game we play
  10. Time to get the team back together. I think we'l be designing a 4 v 4 game this time though, the slow BR kill time and reload plus weak sandbox kinda ruins 2v2
  11. On my phone so I can't find the image I posted in this thread of the BR magnetism issue, should kill the argument that the BR is ok in this game
  12. And a game where it takes about 2 months to be better than most of the player base
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