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  1. I'd hire you to cast again in a heartbeat. I enjoyed that part of our job and I think you are well on your way to being a great caster. That said. You'd didn't live up to the content creation part of your job. Which is why you were cut from a payroll standpoint. I wanted to see you casting at RTX though. I'm extremely disappointed you didn't get to witness first hand Goldenboy. He can be obnoxious to work with from someone in say my position but only because he pushes the whole production team to be better and dude is always ultra prepared. I really regret you didn't get the opportunity to cast along side him and see what all goes into be a top tier caster. Because I seriously think you have the character and chops to get there. You just have to dig deep and stay 'in the game' during the entire event. I hope I get to work with you again sooner rather than later.
  2. Oh god.... That whole twitter account is hilarious btw.
  3. There's literally nothing wrong with requiring a set number of tweets or something to that effect. If you're giving the players something. (Hotels, airfare, free attendance; something you can quantify) I however never liked asking for a set amount of followers or whatever. That's just not how advertising works. You simply can't control ROI like that. You're only ever sure that certain number of people hear your message. It's not up to the teams to force their followers to follow you. That's not in their control and leads to complications.
  4. If you guys care about competitive halo as much as you say you'll take Aaron up on that offer. Also Frank. Dude the only way to commentate online halo is to recapture streams....... You know since there isn't a spectator mode.
  5. Voting for Season 2 starts soon and I for one hope Halo wins again. Why shouldn't it? We must say at least the community keeps it interesting. Feel pretty certain that CS:GO will win the other spot after RTX goes down. Some HUGE teams have confirmed they'll be there.
  6. Dude you're getting negged on that comment for a reason. Read over what I wrote again. There's a difference between asking Ninja to do something and requiring him to do something so he can play.
  7. Also Aaron is in that avatar. I see no reason he shouldn't use it too.
  8. We have given pro teams both the opportunity to play and things like passes and hotels rooms. We require a certain amount of social media interaction for our (what amounts to) appearance fees that we're covering. We aren't paying teams directly. This is plain business and makes sense for us. It's not in any way an effort to hurt anyone. At the same time we are essentially trading ad time with teams and their already in place social media network. Just like any business would do. There's absolutely nothing shady about this. Individuals and teams get appearance fees in most all sports. LAN dodging was a problem we were/are strongly attempting to avoid. We really want the winners of each LAN to show up at RTX. Dividing any prize money was only an effort to encourage this. We never asked Ninja to do anything for us to play his one OQ. We asked if he would put the overlay on his stream. He said no problem. It's not my normal practice to post emails and/or texts but if it's really that big of an issue I have them available. There's an awful lot of money being handed out in prizes. It's for Halo 4. Trust me, we get that an awful lot of you don't like that. But if you do we encourage you to come play.
  9. Serious? Not really serious. But considering Frank's incessant barrage of bullshit directed at Aaron, I feel Aaron had had enough. Funny enough Frank. Aaron will be at E3. You should say hello.
  10. Except on XBox and twitch. Consistency. Brother.
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