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  1. Halo should be nothing like Destiny. Especially in terms of PvP. What made Halo so much fun was that no matter where a player was in the campaign or their level everyone's spartan began each game with the same weapons and the same abilities. Any gained power was found on the map where everyone has an opportunity to obtain it. (power-ups, power weapons, etc.) Leaving the deciding factor of each game or individual fight up to individual skill or game knowledge/experience. Destiny is fun and all but, should not be looked to as an example to replicate just because of its success in the industry. It's a different kind of game. It's not Halo. There's a reason why everyone still says they love the first 3 Halo's the best. They were bare bones when it came to add on's to the game. They were about true competition, not cool super powers and abilities to kill you're opponents with. If there is anything Halo needs to learn, it's to bring us back to the basics. -Zach Davis @I_Dodge_Bulletz

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