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  1. What the hell are you talking about BF3 was a good game.
  2. It is not ADS it is just a different way of zooming in and also you can see the br reticle if you look close enough their will never be ADS.
  3. StrongSide happy he won the event even tho it was just for 5k but still hasn't won one since 2008.
  4. Sprint will not break halo actually a lot of halo fans like sprint it was just AAs that.Need to stay out of halo and the new generation of players prefer sprint all 343 needs do is just balance it out.But really the main halo fans who dislike sprint are the competitive one a (small percentage) and others just hopped on the bandwagon.
  5. PC will not be getting halo MCCollection the PC Elitist will be getting halo games like spartan assault and maybe halo wars.KiKi Wolf kill was talking about it and Microsoft would never let it happen it is a system seller.PC doesn't deserve halo
  6. I'm sure a lot of people liked reach ' s voting system better cause you can choose which map you want and of there all bad just pick none of the above.
  7. Looks cool to me and I know the story will be great and free roam.
  8. Not to me and a lot people if you stream every single time just to play halo 3 mlg playlist -_-
  9. Why do pros or most people in general just want to stream.I mean it's kind of stupid how people want to stream every time only getting to 5-15 viewers.Even the pros don't get a lot of viewers.Why not build up your fan base instead of Streaming cause I know some YouTubers who.Have a good amount of subscribers and so when they start .Streaming they get a good amount like from 4,000-17,000.The only cod pros that get a lot of viewers are the people from optic cause of their fanbase.Also back in the day battlefield wasn't that popular but now look there tons of battlefield.Channels with a bunch of subscribers and those channels are.The reason some are still playing BF4 cause was a big flop on.Launch and the following months so can someone out there . In the community encourage people to make youtube videos so it can also help the community. One more thing just look at beyonds halo 3 easter egg video over 450,000.The videos for halo don't have to be competitive.
  10. So negative I belive Halo 5 will be a great and Halo 3's release was great.It did better than halo 2 and more people played halo 3 than 2.
  11. It Depends on population MC is probably going 200,000-350,000.(Please someone get this to 343i they need show the whole population not just matchmaking like H4) H4's population in January for MM was 165,000 and I remember in reach the population was well over 100,000 and when you added.Up the playlist numbers it was 40 or 50k.What do you guys think I think it's important.Cause if the population goes off matchmaking it will make people think no plays the game.
  12. Can they least put in a spectator mode like come on we were the first franchise to have theater.But no spectator mode mostly all esports titles have spectator mode.I'm still happy of what they given us tho.
  13. Will this E3 be on TV hopefully cause if last year's was I couldn't find the channel so please tell me the channel.
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