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  1. Some people are just morons still held back by nostalgia.
  2. Could someone link me to the official sources of who produced what in MCC. I know certain affinity did the multiplayer but this guy just won't believe me 343 was responsible for the interface and servers.
  3. My quoting isn't working for some reason someone help.
  4. Booldborne's PvP isn't that good its just like Dark Souls it won't keep anyone's attention .People buy Dark Souls games for the single player not multiplayer.
  5. What's the name of the video good sir, I would like to watch it. @@NinjaWuu
  6. April will be a very good month for games for gold.
  7. I don't see 75k but probably in the 40s or 50s.Lets just hope this April update gives us ranks a least.
  8. To me halo 3 is a better version of h2 minus the bullet spread of the BR. Actually tbh I don't mind the spread the game is just perfect to me and it was always fun to look in. People's fileshares and look at the pictures they have.
  9. Tbh I really think halo pros are just lazy they promise to upload more YT vids but they just upload 2 or 3 videos then stop. Then upload another 4 months later and analysis videos are boring if that's all you upload to your halo channel you won't get that may views. Add some variety to the videos and not just upload full gameplays. How about reaching out to about bigger halo channels.
  10. Why is there no VOD of the past 3 events?
  11. Thank you for making this post I made one a while back all I got was excuses.I got nothing against streamers,but your not going to get a lot of viewers without a decent follwing in YT. dank tea P.S I wish ninja would upload more halo.
  12. I think the viewership was pretty good for this tournament I think it hit 25k. The viewership will probably increase as the game is getting fixed.
  13. For halo to get back into the competitive spotlight. All we need is a good game that works at launch and spectator mode and we have that with halo 5.For Halo MCC to grow competitively their needs to be a spectator mode.Cause watching the HCS online tournaments looks amateurish having to go to different streams to watch different povs.The halo channel is stupid it only shows twitch channels using the integrated xbox one streaming.
  14. How many viewers do you think the event will have? I hope a least 40k
  15. Nothing its just that sprint can be balanced makes gameplay more fast paced and you.People need to stop complaining the essentials of halo are balanced starts,no AAs,and small to medium sized competitive maps.
  16. I aspect the population to be good and the MM will be fixed this week.But for the people that already left they weren't going to stay anyway.
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