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  1. We are currently looking for a competitive Halo team. Team does not have to be a full roster, but must have the intentions of completing one in a timely manner. Must be able to act appropriate on social media and promote us in a positive manner. We are not funding for events or offering a salary. If you are interested message me or the Org on twitter. My Twitter Org's Twitter
  2. Does anyone know if there is an eta on when they will fix the aiming glitch. Or are 343 even aware of it? Because it is the only thing that is making me not want to play the game because it is that bad.
  3. -Slight Nerf to AR not much -Possibly Slight Nerf to SMG if any Nerf -Keep Pistol 5 Shot just up the fire rate slightly -No AR/Pistol starts - For spawn trapping reasons -(just imagine respawning with AR's and Pistols and the other team has BR's/DMR's/SMG's) #raped -Not being able to break spawn traps because of starting weapons is a no no -BR/Pistol Starts -quite a few of AR's placed on map -A little less BR's -And a little less DMR's than BR's -But definitely DMR faster kill at long range -BR faster kill close to medium range -(I also would say BR starts over AR because gun skill comes more into play)
  4. I'm just going to be as blunt as possible so there is no mistaking my background. I would say I am a average competitive player that still needs to learn quite a bit but I have played a lot of Halo. I'm not some bandwagon COD fanboy that decided to jump on Halo because of a million dollar tourney. I enjoy playing Halo and I will keep playing Halo as it evolves. I can be on pretty much every day. All day if I'm not working, and from 7pm cst on workdays till late so I'm good for that. I only work 3 days a week. ONLY LOOKING FOR PLAYERS 18 OR OLDER WHO CAN ATTEND LANS AND COMPETE IN TOURNEYS!!!!!!!!!!! I prefer to team with players that are more skilled than me for the reason of actually learning and getting better but I am fine with teaming with players of similar skill or maybe lower skill depending on the skill level. I have not attended any major lans or anything like that but I used to compete on fragednation, pgl, and stuff like that during Halo Reach and H4. I'm currently under an organization that is not big at all and I am fine with leaving/staying whatever is best for the team or players I might join. I am fine with playing most positions on a team and I communicate very well with other players. I do know callouts! And I am not interested in teaming with people who don't know any. If interested just hit me up on xbox or twitter Xbox: ZeFy Skopez Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/CoRa_Skopez Also here is some gameplay from my youtube channel https://youtu.be/a2V_hbwDs4g?t=50s
  5. I have been apart of the Halo community for a while and COD since the release of Black Ops 2. Thought I would just say hi considering I haven't posted on the site much! If you want I will have some of my social media below if you want to add me on XBL just send me a separate message with beyt and I will add you. I am mainly looking at getting back in to playing Halo again if I can get some people that are interested in grinding. I use to play a lot of competitive Halo back in the day ( 1v1's and 2v2's and a little 4v4's) and I believe it would be good to start grinding Halo again because of the new title that will release soon. GT: Fariko Skopez Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Fariko_Skopez YT: https://www.youtube.com/d4rkskopez Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/d4rkskopez
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