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  1. yea, h4s lighting was definitely better then reachs. too bad everything else was a downgrade.
  2. why do people thing zip ties are a good idea? they're easy to take off, steal the disc and then put the zip ties back on.
  3. it means the lighting was rendered in real time instead of being pre rendered like all lighting in h4. remember all the object tone glitches and stuff on forge island? that'd be why.
  4. i find it more amusing and annoying. but thats because i'm a sadist and dealing with constant spam offers is a pain.
  5. i had to look up wake up now... LOL, obvious scam is obvious. i wouldn't be surprised if valen was paid to say that crap but TBH i think he is just that much of a moron.
  6. yea, but next gen consoles should be doing this by default because of better hardware. what i would like to see is no object and budget limits, this way forgers can let loose instead of being extremely restricted. honestly it is amazing what the top forgers can create considering how restricted they are, imagine what they could create if they weren't restricted.
  7. yea.... no, the light mapping actually improved performance but also ruined textures.. halo reach had dynamic lighting which cause a lot of performance issues and was a nightmare to deal with.
  8. i think the raised bridges are ok but with the added y platforms and pillars it becomes over cluttered and prevents getting a decent position. getting rid of the excess clutter should allow players to get positions high up with lines of sight that doesn't make everything so awkward. one thought i've had is instead of raising the cross bridges raise the platforms around the side and have the bridges lower down, this way when going over the bridges the higher platforms around the side would block lines of sight from the ramps allowing for smoother movement over them, how they are currently does a decent job of segmenting the top area but it also makes people sitting ducks when they try to navigate up there. probably a bad idea but i think its worth trying personally.
  9. thats why i specifically mentioned sprint sarcastically.
  10. nah, amp was awesome and sprint is the best thing to happen to halo.
  11. with none halo scientists trying to talk sense into proverb its only going to get worse, you need the scientists to do the work. :P
  12. no, they aren't. if they were the product of randomness we wouldn't be able to predict or understand how they form and how they work. they'd just be, well, random.
  13. or they'll manipulate the settings so they're more likely to win said money. just as much money but half the effort, who wouldn't want that?
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