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  1. Praesidium is a Halo 5 Breakout map. It can be found in my Halo 5 fileshare as "RTSN: Praesidium" (GT: Rogue Artisan). ForgeHub Link: http://www.forgehub.com/maps/praesidium.1154/ YouTube Teaser: https://youtu.be/YN90lAPVKE8 Praesidium (pronounced Pry-sid-e-um) is an intense breakout map designed with the Pro in mind... Praesidium tests your skill at all ranges with long, vision-obscured corridors, tight corners, and open yards. Professional jumps have been added throughout the map to promote skill-based tactics and provide faster methods for traversing the space. Praesidium is gorgeous as well. Subtle effects and scripts have been added, making for a dynamic playing experience that makes the map stand out without becoming a distraction.
  2. Some of you may know me from the H4 Global Championships or the HR days, but I've been running solo for the past few years. I'm anxious to get involved in HCS, but I need a team. I'm 29, live in the US, and am available most hours of the day (just give me a heads up, so I can adjust my schedule accordingly).
  3. The map can be found in my H5 fileshare... GT: Rogue Artisan Map on ForgeHub at http://www.forgehub.com/maps/rtsn-flag-hockey-arena.1065/ RTSN: Flag Hockey Arena is a cleverly designed mini game that pairs with a carefully balanced game type (RTSN: Flag Hockey). The object of the game is to score flags in the opposing teams net... Sounds simple enough, but with an ice-covered surface, your spartan doesn't move with the same nimbleness you're used to. The player with the puck (flag carrier) is vulnerable to enemy blows while everyone else is weak only from behind. The movement mechanics/physics, weapon usage, etc. have all been balanced to make the game play extremely fast and entertaining. I hope you enjoy the map (and don't forget the matching game type).
  4. I've been a long-time entrepreneur and I've gotta say, I'm shocked at the incredibly low valuation... ($46 million). That is a minuscule amount for a brand as recognizable as MLG in a space with a market cap as high as gaming. There's got to be a lot of debt involved and a horrible team running the organization. Seems like a great buy for Activision/Blizzard, but I'm a bit alarmed by what that means for the future. That's like having a company that produces soccer balls come in and buyout the NFL. It poses all kinds of conflicts of interest.
  5. HMU when you need. I won't be back in town until the 5th or so, but I'm always looking for decent players to run with.
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