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  1. Team Name: U WOT M8 GT: LordD1saster GT: ShaneisaGhost (Updated my gamertag from MLGYOLO CULAN)
  2. Might be looking to pick up 1-2 new players for Halo MCC/5. But most my team including myself play on PC mostly. Just wondering if there were any other PC players around looking for a team/someone to run games with. GT: MLGYOLO CULAN
  3. No one cuz it's stupid Actually, the only one I can think of is azubu.tv for Starcraft. I know what you mean though. I will say it's great that Twitch has competition but I feel they could really improve their company/website by listening to the community and not following the "our way or the highway" mentality. They already offer a higher CPM then twitch why do they still need to implement this exclusive streaming rights rule?
  4. Yeah, I do understand they are business and have to make money. To me though, they just seem to be 100% focused on money and hardly pay attention to what the fans that got them there want. Seems like a lot of people dislike what their doing with their website/ads yet they haven't changed or even seem to acknowledge it. If they really want money why aren't trying to get more Dota 2 or Hearthstone tourneys? I will give them props for supporting the Fighting game community.
  5. Which is pretty stupid. No other company forces you to stream their tourneys on their site instead of Twitch.
  6. I'm completely biased but I can't stand MLG as a company. From dropping pretty much every major game besides COD to making everyone stream on MLG.tv only. ESL has always done amazing events for countless E-Sport titles from CS GO to Starcraft to Dota 2. What do you guys think about the chances of ESL picking up Halo instead of MLG?
  7. My typical username is actually Disaster or LordDisaster. I made this account for a 1v1 tourney a while back so I just put my gamertag as the username. I'm mainly a PC gamer. Played competitively in the Battlefield series and whatever other PC FPS had tourneys. Played Halo since I was a kid but never really competitively although I did watch a lot of MLG. Tried to get into the Cod Ghosts scene but got really bored with playing/watching the game in general. Hoping to compete in 2v2's for H2A and Halo 5. For any of those interested I also have a youtube that I try to keep updated with whatever I'm playing at the moment. https://www.youtube.com/user/LordDisasterPTFO
  8. Yeah, I would also be interested in a LAN. Hit me up with some info if possible.
  9. Add/message ShaneisaGhost or MLGYOLO CULAN Thanks in advance Also, does anyone know any better way to find scrims or is it basically just adding people that you meet in customs.
  10. GT: MLGYOLOCULAN Is there another thread for finding practice 1v1's?
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