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  1. Will the games be posted? Wouldn't mind watching this bk lose.
  2. Too many memories in my life created because of this amazing human being. Much love and respect
  3. Talking mad shit before a game and then getting destroyed. Always embarrassing.
  4. I'm looking for a solid team for the h2 UGC event in St. Louis. Hit me up on here or on XBL. GT: the ginger lord I live in Ames.
  5. Agreed. HaloFollower is a joke
  6. I have a question about the event. If I can't form a proper team in time I would still like to attend as a fan. Do I need to purchase a type of pass for the weekend or how does that work? This is going to be my first halo event so any info I can get before hand would be greatly appreciated! #WeBack
  7. Lovin' all this new halo content showing up. Keep it comin!
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