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  1. yup, the super heroes films is taking the lead in the cinema.
  2. i have been to hanoi vietnam recently and i found they have a very cheap and good beer called bia hoi. it's like 5 cent a drink and it tastes good. there is a street in teh old quater where people sit on a tiny chair around a small table to enjoy the beer, and it's super narrow street and crowded. sucha great time in vietnam in apknite. you have to try it if you about to travel in vietnam
  3. you guys have listened to this one before?
  4. hum, i used to be a heavy fan of manga. read lots of them from the very top like one piece to something unpopular like belzebuth, apknite. but there is something very disapointed about the world is that people drop good mangas in the middle. i remember i spent like a month to follow to chaper 360 of The Berseeker, and then it suddenly on hold for some reason, i dont know and wait like a year or so untill people continued it. also about the one called the breaker new waves(part2) it's stopped in the middle in the peak fight. that's ashame.
  5. good day to he beyonders. am John from apknite, and a newbie in the community so i just come to say hello to everyone. good to see you all.
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