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  1. I loved the second season as well. It was good for me. I think it is due to my previous experience with pubg here. But in any case, Apex is a great game.
  2. I really like the character designs - particularly Josuke and Kira. I don't know why, but Araki knows how to not only make a memorable design, but one that just... clicks with me.
  3. Well, I cannot agree here. Fortnite can be played by anyone who bought the full version and upgrades weapons. After you've upgraded at least 50% of all existing weapons you are unstoppable. And as for PUBG, there you really require a skill. Here read about all the things a player should do to play it properly!
  4. I agree with you that pubg is a very decent game. Knowing the looks of the game is good advice too, still, I am sure that it worth start playing it with a coach, a gosu.ai tool will help to learn in an automated manner, which is pretty handy.
  5. Is it just me or your pcs are too low for Apex as well?
  6. What do you offer? I mean if you want to train you can do it yourself on gosu training platform.
  7. Why rasing of the shield hero is suck so much? Why did they ruin the good start!
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