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  1. Have been waiting since after round 1 for the winner of "Randoms" and "WeBackKappa". I see that Sparty Town has advanced to Round 3, who would be our opponents with a non-show. Should we play our round three match or do we still need to wait? Team Name: Empyrean Edit: Nevermind, I see it has updated. Thanks
  2. Still waiting on results from round 1 match between "Randoms" and "WeBackKappa" so we may play our round two match. Team name: Empyrean
  3. Team Name: Empyrean Winner: Empyrean Round Number: 1 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  4. Team Name: Empyrean Gamertag 1: Squallizzle Gamertag: fB Spitfire
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