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  1. It was one of the best run events because of @@Meekel, this guy doesn't get enough attention!
  2. London Conspiracy will definitely be the old Vibe, they played under the same org at a Gfinity event in H2A a few years back. Supremacy is the old Pulse lineup. beGenius is another French team with Talic, Cali, Nurix and Tchik. I think all the other orgs had already existed, maybe Excel hasn't been around for a while either but I'm not sure. And the pandas are the Buks team of course!
  3. Meanwhile in Europe: Flamez will do anything to cock-block a killtrocity... https://twitter.com/tuf0xy/status/826482890724798465
  4. I could name at least 10 pros who would hit this shot on a regular basis
  5. You're missing my point. I'm saying this clip looks like it's on LAN because the connection is so good. I'm not dumb, if I play on NA servers I don't expect a good connection, I'm saying if I'm playing on MY OWN SERVERS (the EU ones) the connection is still not as godly as this for anyone. It literally doesn't matter, I was just kinda surprised how good the connection was lol
  6. That was nasty, but serious question: Are NA servers usually that clean? I've never seen anything as good as that in EU before, that looked like LAN.
  7. TuFoxy and Respectful spend the entire time complaining, I didn't think much had changed from what I saw either
  8. FabE lost to Vibe in scrims tonnes last season, I don't think this means anything. In fact I saw Bittersweet destroying Supremacy in a scrim the day before so there isn't much you can take from this, unless Bittersweet are the real deal?!!!
  9. I hope you can attend! It's been a while since there was an open event in Europe and Gfinity's London arena is stunning, definitely not an event you want to miss out on!! The worry I have at the moment is finding a hotel room ASAP because London prices are terrifying!
  10. Flamez is gonna go huge again, I still think MDR are going to take it though. It'll be close.
  11. You've got to remember that Epsilon only had to beat Triggers Pound at worlds for an almost guaranteed top8. Even at that time I don't think Triggers Pound were truly a top8 US team, maybe not even top16, they had one of the easiest pool at NA regionals to make it. It's hard to compare Fab to Epsilon since the level of competition has changed so much. But at Vegas last week Fab beat Pnda 3-0 as well as GS (also 3-0 I believe), who are both strong teams. They took a game from Str8 who have been on form recently and Liquid and nV were in a class of their own at that event. The reason the Buks have dropped off so much is because they both have full-time jobs and cannot practice nearly as much as the rest of the league, added to the fact they've gone from teaming with Jimbo & Snipedrone to Flamez & Vexzeus, who are by-no-means bad, but definitely a step down from before. In my opinion, Fab are better than Epsilon were, but like I said it's hard to make comparisons on teams that were playing at different stages of the game.
  12. The reason European players aren't as good as Americans is because there are less of us, it's really as simple as that. If you want to get a scrim in Europe as a top team your options are very limited and the competition is weaker, so it is harder to improve, whereas in the US there are many teams to practice and their skill-gap between teams is much closer. The top 4 teams (Fabe, Vibe, Infused and Pulse) have no other teams to scrim with who are anywhere near their level and so it is much harder for them to improve when they just have to keep playing each other. That's pretty much the way it has always been, on average EU events get 5-10 times less players than American events. The last European event that had over 16 teams was over 2 years ago in H2A.
  13. New....ish I have definitely seen people do this (or attempt to do this) in pro league and even on LAN
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