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  1. Can talk for a second about how good Ninja seems to be playing in this Strongholds match?
  2. Legit question, how is Optic with this sort of performance? Flame is clearly not playing like he once could, and Optic is a team that is synonymous with winning in COD. How long are they really gonna accept constant failure in Halo?
  3. FUCK. Cancer is the fucking worst. My mom has been through breast cancer twice now. Shit ain't fun. Wish the best to you Sudd.
  4. Wait what happened to Sudd 2? I hate the sudds as Halo players, but as human beings I hope they're alright.
  5. Welp, nevermind. CLG confirmed. Royal 2, Lethul, Snakebite and Frosty
  6. APG just said Liquid is picking up Ogre 2. Any confirmation on this?
  7. 343 and Microsoft are like "LAN? Who needs fucking LAN. We got the cloud baybay!"
  8. Um, Josh, you do realize you guys are the ones putting on the major live events right? You're shooting yourselves in the foot for the HCS with these limitations. And I bet you know that, but you want to claim you have a spectator mode.
  9. Saying that like they're planned out at all. I'd wager their tourney structure will be garbage once again.
  10. Big fear: Halo 5 is only launching with five gametypes. It has Slayer, CTF, Breakout, Strongholds and Warzone confirmed. From their, only four can possibly be usuable for HCS. 343 is going to try this Splatoon approach and only gradually release gametypes over the course of a few months. This is a nightmare scenario for HCS. If you thought a lack of maps was bad in H2A, can you imagine how it'll be when the HCS is basically just Slayer and CTF? Strongholds has potential, but they'll probably try to shove it down our throats like they did ricochet on Warlord. I'm sorry to be negative here guys, but the choices made by 343 management (Bonnie Ross, Josh Holmes, Frankie, etc.) For how they handle map and gamemode releases could kill the game. Do you guys remember what launches a week after Halo? Black Ops 3. That's going to decimate the population. What comes 2 weeks after? Battlefront, another decrease there. I think 343's approach should be to hook people at the beginning, not try to draw them back because they are releasing some new version of Ricochet on some poor remix of The Rig. Edit: fixed two spelling errors
  11. It's not me I'm worried about. It's the longevity of Halo 5's arena community. The game needs to not drop off like a sack of potatoes like H4 did. This opening weapon start choice, or even their likely bland choice of playlists, could tank the game.
  12. I did, and I felt BR was better. I guess another issue of mine is that the first few weeks of Halo 5 are the most important. This choice of forcing people into a starting weapon loadout that could be horrid could ruin Arena for people. In previous titles if you hated AR starts, you simply voted for the BR starts. Now, they've taken away choice. It's just annoying.
  13. It's probably already been talked about on here, but the forced AR and pistol starts pisses me off to no end. At least in previous titles we could vote to skip an AR start, but now we are stuck with it. 343 never ceases to amaze me with their stupidity. edit: Also the language Josh used when talking about Forge has me convinced it won't launch with the game. When will it launch from there? God only knows. 343 has a terrible track record of supporting their games post launch.
  15. Jesus Christ they're using half the video to just justify the insertion of ground pound. Like god damn that power just feels out of place. That slide through the to shotgun a guy was really cool though. Did the BR's shot seem off at all? It didn't seem to actually be firing three bullets. Like I saw on the bullet counter it did, but it wasn't making the sound of it at all.
  16. What we really need for Halo 5 is for tournaments to not be broken up and delayed by Xbox Live dropping out. It's an absolute joke that we don't have LAN support.
  17. This has to be a joke. How did this guy get in charge of gametypes? Because he doesn't seem to know what he's talking about.
  18. Wait, where is the information coming from about Ricochet being a gametype and the other maps added? Because I've seen nothing, nor any official links to 343 announcing.
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