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  1. Can talk for a second about how good Ninja seems to be playing in this Strongholds match?
  2. Legit question, how is Optic with this sort of performance? Flame is clearly not playing like he once could, and Optic is a team that is synonymous with winning in COD. How long are they really gonna accept constant failure in Halo?
  3. FUCK. Cancer is the fucking worst. My mom has been through breast cancer twice now. Shit ain't fun. Wish the best to you Sudd.
  4. Wait what happened to Sudd 2? I hate the sudds as Halo players, but as human beings I hope they're alright.
  5. Welp, nevermind. CLG confirmed. Royal 2, Lethul, Snakebite and Frosty
  6. APG just said Liquid is picking up Ogre 2. Any confirmation on this?
  7. 343 and Microsoft are like "LAN? Who needs fucking LAN. We got the cloud baybay!"
  8. Um, Josh, you do realize you guys are the ones putting on the major live events right? You're shooting yourselves in the foot for the HCS with these limitations. And I bet you know that, but you want to claim you have a spectator mode.
  9. Saying that like they're planned out at all. I'd wager their tourney structure will be garbage once again.
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