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  1. Yet people still somehow bypass this and continue to AFK in matches. I dunno how they bypass it but it's infuriating.
  2. Remnant was always free for everyone btw. Still is.
  3. Not denying blood shots and ghost melees are feeling a little too often, but with ping like that, you should be expecting it lol
  4. What did you do to get banned then? Hour ban is like, the third quit/kick.
  5. You don't need to add it. Open the Roster, hit A on your name and choose Find Player. Search "Official HCS" and you're golden.
  6. There's two voice settings for MCC. Team only and everyone. You can only hear people using Team only if they are using that setting, and on your team. You can only hear everyone if they are also using that setting.
  7. Love that. I was playing with some friends today and we weren't exactly the most competitive squad and it was a miserable time. Can't wait for the social lists on Wednesday.
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