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  1. Of course you can extend the phrase and have it sound good; what's your point? When you remove the other words in the middle: "He is ... smarter than me" CANNOT possibly be wrong, while "He is ... smarter than I" just sounds rather odd. http://www.bt-tb.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/btb.php?lang=eng&cont=033 lol
  2. It may surprise you to learn that not as many people take Warzone as seriously as you do.
  3. Setting up a proper spawn trap should be more difficult than getting out of one. Throwing grenades in two spots is just stupid. The fact this can be exploited is poor design.
  4. Put the onus on the community all you like - as a matter of fact I think it's incredibly silly. At the end of the day 343 is extremely disappointing in listening to our feedback and executing in a timely manner compared to other established game developers like Riot.
  5. To be honest I'm not the biggest fan of bleed through when it comes to single shot weapons. Sometimes it lends itself to guesswork: it may be the case where you sometimes don't know whether or not the H5 CE magnum will kill you in one shot or two shots, which is a pretty big fucking deal when it comes to making decisions about engagements. And I hope they accounted for what I call the "smallest sliver problem," ie when the game makes a player a one-less-shot kill given the tiniest damage. Like, if the edge of a grenade's blast does the smallest amount of damage to you, it shouldn't make you a CE magnum 2sk. The Reach DMR turned into a 4sk given the tiniest damage when they brought back bleed through, which was frustrating as hell. This issue needs to be accounted for when it comes to bleed through, otherwise the game becomes a bit more random. If a player stubs his toe, he shouldn't all of a sudden be a 2sk.
  6. Sorry to break it to you, but games like LoL, SC2, and DotA have the best online ranking systems and they are purely W/L. Unless you can provide an example of a game that in your view does it better, or can come up with a better vision of a ranking system that isn't a complete failure like Halo Reach's, do not expect to be taken seriously by anyone. In fact I found your entire rant to be incredibly naive; the only cogent point being how CSR rank penalties should take being down a guy into consideration (which they already do, but arguably not to the extent that you would want).
  7. Mesty, the best online ranking systems are purely W/L based. Do you not agree?
  8. Everyone? Remember what happened last time this claim was made about everyone liking the beta aiming? :P
  9. Don't forget that longer bursts also make headshotting no-shields opponents easier as you are given more time and area to sweep your reticle.
  10. You could fill a book with MCC jokes BigShow, haha.
  11. Can't believe I legit LOL'd at this moronic GIF.
  12. To anyone who wants to see an example of fast kill times working (aside from CE), here's another game that has a ~0.5 second minimum kill time (incidentally a 3 head shot kill) where the game revolves around one utility weapon - a very low spread automatic with 30 bullets in the clip. Each *dink* hitsound you hear signifies a headshot -- three required to kill a full health opponent. The game runs on the Quake engine and has fast movement and instant strafe / crouch which mitigates the who-sees-who-first factor. Skim through to watch how a single skilled player can rack up on multikills with his utility weapon alone. (action starts at 1m20s)
  13. throw a nade ez double kill you scrub
  14. Zanno was a moderator on the MLG forums.
  15. It's some guy who ACTUALLY hates Halo.
  16. I want 343 to prove to everyone that they mean business by removing Breakout given a sufficient number of pros saying no, or if they need more info, a poll can be made here or on Waypoint.
  17. I know which posters to blame If Holmes disappears again into the ether.
  18. You think this aggressive post warrants any sort of response from the people that made the game you paid for? You're the very reason why they don't talk to us, you entitled jerkface.
  19. My post was meant to compare two developers: one that has a tendency to leave the discussion at the slightest insult, and another that simply doesn't give a fuck about how rude someone is and deals with shit regardless. And I thought I made it clear that 343 do not take kindly to any rude or immature behaviour. Why then would I suggest we start being astronomically more aggressive by sending death threats? That makes zero sense. There was actually a time Frankie didn't post on GAF for awhile and he cited death threats as the reason. And to be fair, I don't expect any developer to address people who send death threats. My example with Riot is merely to show that they exceed expectations time and time again.
  20. I notice Halo fans are some of the most ignorant in general, and I don't know if it's because they haven't devoted serious time to any other franchise or played enough games or what have you. Seriously, at least half the people in the community still think Halo 2 and Halo 3 had the best online ranking systems ever.
  21. This is what you took away from my post? Did you not pay attention to anything I wrote? I guess this is to be expected from someone who doesn't know when his thumbsticks are inverted. Also it's you're*.
  22. Seriously this; everyone seems to lose their shit whenever a couple guys here are overly vitriolic and abrasive in their posts. Our community then proceeds to blame them for the lack of communication. lol. I then go over to Riot's forums and see employees typing responses to death threats written by angry fans because one champion's ultimate is too OP: "We are sorry you feel this way about this champion's ult. The damage was set a little higher than it should have been because reasons X, Y, and Z, and the issue will be fixed in the very next patch coming out in five days." And we're still grovelling over that one post by Rolf. /facepalm Sometimes I feel like the Halo community is the laughingstock of gaming communities.
  23. Eh that was more of a serious question. For some reason I think of Jane Austen when I read your posts, lol. Check out Pride & Prejudice when you get the chance (the book is in the public domain I believe). Not sure if you're into Victorian-era lovey-dovey stuff, but the English it's written in is marvelous. It's one of those novels in the GOAT tier.
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