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  1. I'm not sure how much I'll be on but I'm trying to get back into things. GT: Flatline sXe
  2. As long as we get the H2 Hardcore/MLG playlist on day one I'll be happy. I'd also like to have H1 and H2 dubs and the H3 MLG playlist but that could take awhile because of forging the maps again. Eventually I think it would be awesome to have a 4v4 MLG medley playlist with all three games without the ability to veto. That way you can't go in and rank up by only playing one game. You'll be forced to test your skills in all of them.
  3. I read that right after I hit post. So are we thinking this is the best case scenario?
  4. I think there is a need for H2A. People over the age of 20 and maybe even older missed out on a non ability/equipment Halo which in my opinion is when halo is at it's best. I think if H5 didn't have any of that it could drive people away because it just makes since that 5 would build on what they already have (and hopefully improve but I'm skeptical). However, if H2A forces them to play without the newer things they might find that they like it more. I just feel like it would be easier to reboot the multiplayer aspect through H2A. Maybe they could build the multiplayer in 2 with the same engine as 5 and then combine them into the same game with different playlists. That would keep the population from splitting.
  5. I feel like they are building the hype by not denying that it is coming. Microsoft usually does the whole "we don't comment on rumors blah blah" and Phil Spencer hasn't necessarily shied away from it. It seems like if they don't announce it at E3 there will be riots...or at least a really upset competitive community. But if we use cod as an example blops 2 blows ghosts out of the water but MLG just goes to the new game. Do you think there is anyway that it could change with H2. I understand this is all hypothetical but I think it's interesting.
  6. Since Microsoft is wanting to have a new game in the Halo universe every year that would put H2A in for this November and then H5 in 2015 (assuming 343 sticks with 3 year dev cycles). Now picture a short Shaun of the Deadish montage. H2A comes out, it's everything we want, MLG picks it up, attendance is awesome, everybody agrees Halo is back!! However, H5 is on the way. History shows that MLG picks up the newest game because the population goes to that game. Do you see H2 getting a chance at a longer run or could we only see it for a year and then back to what is probably armor abilities and loadouts? Makes me nervous.
  7. To be fair you did say nobody is going to drag their shit to a location to play for no money which is what a LAN is. But I understand what you were saying. It seems like people have been ripped off or disappointed by shady tournaments so much that they aren't interested in going to anything now.
  8. Totally know that I put here instead of hear. Poop.
  9. So most people agree that it wouldn't be likely to get a tournament together. I didn't start this thread because I have some big plan for bringing Halo back I just wanted to here some opinions. What if there was just a LAN at a hotel that we could stream. How far do you think you would drive and how much do you think you would chip in to help pay for it? It would just be like a gathering of people who miss the old days. If I'm gong through a midlife crisis at 25 that sucks but man do I miss it. Of course H2 would be a dream but I don't even know where my Xbox is.
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