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  1. Already completed it, but would be glad to help. Send me a request on the Bone if that's what you're on: ILL F4TED. Also, send me a message saying you sent it so I know to add back.
  2. Sorry for the late reply. Yes. The scout rifle. Since that post, the TLALOC is basically mida multi but at the cost of never using your super ability. The thing runs train on people, though.
  3. Definitely the MIDA. Skorri's Revenge with the right rolls is really good, as well. Really fun weapon to use. I use mine with Headseeker and Hipfire. Praedyth's Timepiece would be a good alternate to it. Bad JuJu looks good. Red Death feels good, as well. I haven't used it much but it looks to be strong, still. I have always enjoyed running Radiant Skin + Mida. HoTPF is also really fun with Mida, as with the patch, Radiance it gives you another agility boost. I really want the Radiant Skedaddle Machines to use with a Mida. That with a high Agility build would make for some epic movement and strafes. I think that'd be the only thing to pull me away from my Lock
  4. GHLive has yet to pull me in and I've been playing GH for years. I'm definitely on the Rockband 4 side of the fence.
  5. Thank Lanta. I use blink myself but that's because it's the meta. Thorn/Shotgun/Blink meta is the worst in any FPS. I'll use Blink and even Thorn if the other team starts it first but I refuse to shotgun. I'll never stoop that low lol. On that note, does anyone want to run PvP? Down for either Skirmish or Inferno. GT: ILL F4TED
  6. Anyone down to play Iron Banner? Need competent team mates. Lol.
  7. Finished my flawless run but would like to help fellow beyond members. Pretty much down for anything pvp. Feel free to add me:ILL F4TED on XBone.
  8. I'm so excited for that big ass bang sound that comes with it.
  9. I'm tired of you not having one, bud. Really hope you can get one from the tier packages tomorrow. Wink wink nudge. On that note, would anyone be down for late trials tomorrow? I get off work around 9.
  10. When servers are back up, feel free to shoot me a message if anyone else still needs trials. Or just anything in general.
  11. Love doing ToO and would love to help if anyone else would like to play or just generally down for anything PvP feel free to add me: ILL F4TED. Also, I post more on the Team Beyond Clan through the Destiny APP. I usually try to organize raids, ToO, etc. through that. Hope to see fellow Team Beyond members soon! Also, send me a message if you added me as I don't check here much. Or post on the Team Beyond Clan chat thing.
  12. Lmao. You win everything. It's kinda sad how excited I am for an expansion over Halo 5. The worst part is, I want to love Halo again.
  13. That would make sense. You got me. I guess I don't usually look at people's service records so I didn't see that as a problem. I was thinking RT but that would feel awkward. I guess that's not what's important, though. I'm just hoping the game is good, more than I'm hoping for a decent voting system, to be honest. I just want a good Halo to play again that isn't built on the broken memories and soaked tears of my childhood.
  14. I don't see "B" being an input as a bad thing, as long as it is coded properly. But I may be testing waters here seeing as we have the bug riddled MCC. I was thinking A, but you use it to select. B really isn't an input once you are locked in, at least in previous Halo's. Never bothered trying with MCC. The only playlist I would not want voting for is the competitive lists. I feel that would make sense, but I wouldn't be opposed to it. Just a preference is all.
  15. This, especially #5, x10000. My problem with Reach and onwards, is that you would always end up playing the same map/gametype over and over and over. I would get sick of playing because of that. I would rather do away with having a democratic system at all. Veto would be great in playlists other than HCS. Where you can veto AR starts for BR, Veto the map, or Veto both. I would like that as an option. X for veto map, Y for veto Gametype , B for veto both. However, I do not wish to see a veto/voting system for the HCS playlist, as I believe you have to become versatile in that environment. Would also help keep things fresh.
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