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  1. Team Arena ONLY(customs or Matchmaking) GT: uhh JeReMy II New to Halo 5 but not to Halo. Shot is good but my call outs are not strong atm.
  2. GT: uhh JeReMy II Arena and Customs Illinois(but idc where you are from to run games on xbox live) I quit from gaming for the last year and half but I been back for a couple weeks now. My callouts are rusty but I will get them down eventually. Been around the competitive game for a long time.
  3. Of course not. I played it since release date and even after Reach came out but once no bloom came in effect i played Reach only. And now I am wanting to play H3 more again.
  4. GT: uhh JeReMy II Skype: uhh.jeremy.ii Live near Springfield!
  5. Title says it all. I have just started playing H3 and have been stuck on Reach for AGES. So ANYONE feel free to add me and run customs or MM. I dont care so much how good you are but more you are not a douche bag. Lets play and just fun. GT: uhh JeReMy II Skype: uhh.jeremy.ii NOT ON TOPIC....But I also in the future plan to put together a H3 community montage. I will be capping and editing and only people I am friends with will get asked for clips. search my gt on youtube to see some edits. Thanks guys

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