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  1. If it’s a fun playlist and has rewards for playing it, people will. Also if it’s like what the other person said as a ranked playlist. I could see playlists like ranked btb or ranked grifball getting traction for a few months of rotation while they’d be dead otherwise. I don’t think it’s terrible to try. A 343’s pick of the week or month for fileshare is something that I agree with and would be great. Yeah, for sure, I didn’t put to much thought into my example and I’m sure there’s many better ideas, but I would like to see the concept.
  2. This is such a childish critique. Rotational playlists are a great way to keep community interest in the game longer term, and can bring incentives for people to play a playlist that normally would have a low population, but more people will play it when it’s limited time and has rewards tied to it. Double XP weekends are also great, both can be successfully implemented. i would also like to see daily/weekly/monthly challenges in the game. As well as combined challenges for the community; for example, ‘get 1,000,000 headshots’ and if it’s completed everyone who participated gets a reward.
  3. This should be exactly how it works really. But it needs to be tested for ranked modes, or just separate matchmaking by input times in ranked. Even with crazy aim assist, i don’t think it would be much of a noticeable advantage.
  4. I don’t think any Halo maps are big enough for render distances to factor in. Also the first Xbox one already runs MCC say 60 fps, which is high enough that theres not much advantage to having it higher, just preference.
  5. I think the most important thing that favyn kind of left implied, is that devs can go crazy with mechanics they implement that aren’t base player mechanics. The base player mechanics are the only type mechanics on favyn’s list that are constant throughout every game type or campaign level. With evolutions on the environment, vehicles, or pickups, you can take them away and fall back to the tried and true gameplay if the players deem them bad innovations, but you can’t take away a base player trait. Equipment from Halo 3 was a perfect example of this kind of evolution to Halo.
  6. I think MS as a whole is moving toward PC. They already have a lockdown with windows, and are looking to compete in the gaming space with game pass and the Xbox brand. Xbox is now more of a home console for more casual and less tech-savvy people, who can’t bother to use a computer. I hope they just deal with matchmaking by input type, so controller players won’t have to play against kbm players. I also hope there’s a circuit for kbm tournaments, I’d love to see how much the gameplay will differ.
  7. Yeah I understand it, and I’m not against it entirely, I would personally rather have it another way.
  8. Yeah I want my ranking system to convey my skill, and I don’t want to grind through pointless ranks just to reach what i actually am. This is why I don’t want to start at 1. If I climb in a rank I want it to be because I’m actually getting better as a player.
  9. Eh, I play rocket league a lot and even with a good placement cycle the most I've ever jumped is like one subdivision (eg Diamond 1 to diamond 2). I guess it depends on the game and ranking system, and if the devs are capable of making a good ranking system, which unfortunately I don't have full faith in 343 to do any of this right. I think what Boyo said was fine, Id be ok with that. Also, why can't we just show your pure mmr and attach a rank onto certain levels? Im not saying they have to exclusively play ranked, but more people coming to try ranked for the rewards or for a more competitive aspect is always a good thing even if its not their main playlist. I still play lots of action sack even though I mostly play ranked. I think being accessible is important. Yeah, patch notes and halo dont really happen, but there can always be new themes, cosmetics, maps, and community events/challenges. These restrictions sound fine, but what happens if the game isnt popular enough to support constantly matching teams with teams, and queue times are way too high? I think restricting queue sizes might be beneficial for high ranked players and very low ranked players.
  10. I like this. I think only having these 3 playlists makes perfect sense. Im not sure about this, having tiers open for only the top percents kinda just makes the tiers unnobtainable for the masses. I'm not fully agaisnt the 1-50 system. It works and its nostalgic, though I'd rather have something newer and updated, and this compromise just feels lackluster and useless to the point where I would rather have one or the other. What I do like about what you said is that for people who obtain the 50, there is still something to be had afterwards, whether it be some EXP rank on top, or some leaderboard, or just showing your raw mmr, having something extra to play for is necessary. Also if a tiered system is implemented, I like these names for the tiers, and would much rather have these.
  11. Ok, i probably just got confused about the playlist ranks, but the idea of having an EXP system based off your skill is a way to encourage even people who are stuck at their rank to keep grinding and I like it. Generally Placements don't have much of an impact on your rank than any other game, they are just games used to level out your mmr since there were no previous games you have played. At the start of a season sometimes there will be a soft mmr reset, where there might have been some inconsistencies, so they use this to recalibrate the ranks. I'm not sure what extending the mmr below the start would actually do; would the lowest ranks literally stay at rank 1? whats the point? The point of the cut off at 50 when it went further was so that matchmaking times would still be fast, so this isnt really whats happening. Also if there are ranks past the max, I don't want that to be hidden from us. Why not just have the noobs start lower than everyone else from the beginning by using placements and the high ranks actually can see their mmr or a leaderboard so they can differentiate themselves. We also want noobs to be playing ranked, we want everyone to play ranked. Games like league, dota, CS, etc. get their popularity because their main gamemode is the ranked gamemode. Everyone from every skill level plays ranked, and its what keeps interest in the game as every person is gonna come back and still grind just so they can see that icon on their screen go from silver to gold. Usually seasons come with new things added to the game, like new maps, armors, and balance patches. Since these are an incentive for people to come back to the game, they will restart placement for everyone coming back to feel a fresh start at the ranking system. The motivation to play the new season comes with the season rewards, because people want to get that new sick looking armor piece to show off the fact that they placed diamond or 40+ or whatever. Also, if you are unable to finish 10 placement games, you aren't the main target of a ranking system anyway. Its only 10 games, and in the previous 1-50 system 10 games wouldn't even get you past rank 10 so I'd argue its even more daunting. On another point, you mentioned party restrictions a couple times and I have to agree. How would yall feel about a restriction to only being able to duo-queue in ranked? This way it isn't impossible to solo all the way to the top, but you could still play with a friend if you wanted to. games would also be found faster as there aren't a bunch of people queueing as 4s and ranks would be more meaningful.
  12. Well the placement system doesn’t need to be perfectly accurate, just a good ballpark guess to get you going, and it helps avoid all of the mess of everyone starting at the same level. With a good system, there will be season rewards and a history section in your player profile where you can show off your previous achievements. This way starting a new season brings with it a hope at re doing placements and placing better with a soft mmr reset, as well as grinding wins to get the new season rewards. This way it incentivized people to come back each season and grind for that high rank again. In the current system, if 343 wanted to use seasons to keep interest in the game high, most people would be mad that they have to start all the back at 1. I think many people cared about playlist ranks. Tommy Kost’s recent podcast talked a lot about these kinds of ranks and what it meant to players, even though it’s not completely skill based. With playlist ranks, you still had to be 50 to get general. And to get more starts, you needed wins, not just general play time, so it was a way to show off that you could constantly win at that high level.
  13. So you want the ranking system to be a show of your skill level, but you also want the battle of climbing through the lower ranks, where it isn’t an indication of your skill? I think ink placements are needed so people are matched where they need to be. Your want for the climb and grind can be done in a few ways. One is add back what Halo 3 did with the playlist ranks, so you can grind to get a 5 star general rank. There’s also the system rocket league has where to get your rewards for the season you have to win 10 games from your rank and above, and need to do air 10 times for every rank. So if you want goo rewards, you need 10 wins at bronze or higher, 10 wins at silver or higher, and 10 wins at gold or higher. Another thing could be that placements don’t place you above, let’s say, rank 30, so you’d still have to grind up, but I dont like that too much because it doesn’t represent your skill. also you can combat rank decay by instead doing what Rocket League does. If you’re inactive for too long, you would need to replay a certain amount of placement games to slightly re evaluate your skill level and re place you.
  14. Also, if we’re just giving out mechanic ideas, I had some dumb thoughts about button combos and a way to make fast movement take skill, instead of clicking a to go faster. What if they added a wavedash or waveland combo? Let’s say they keep thrust in the game but it’s quicker and much much shorter. As you’re about to land, if you perfectly time a thrust and crouch, you slide across the floor much farther than a thrust can push you, while also being able to shoot through it. Also since you land crouching, this could be used to carry your momentum into a spring jump. I could see this being used as a sick strafe mixup. And if you miss it you get punished as you’re just stuck crouching on the floor.
  15. Kinda like the gears mechanic? What they could do kind of already exists but exaggerate it more. Usually there’s a point in the reload animation that is the point where your gun is reloaded. After that point you can just YY to cancel the rest of the animation. I could see that being a mechanic where they purposefully bring that ‘point’ to earlier in an animation so YY’ing is more viable.

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