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  1. How many fucking chances does the competitive community need to give sprint before it's finally realized that it's garbage for competitive play? Until 343 finally finds a way after decades of fucking tortue? Get fucking real man. I think you lost all your credibility to make an argument at this point. It's obvious that 1. you haven't competed in Halo tournaments back when Halo was in it's prime. 2. That you haven't been around long enough to understand just how much bullshit compromises the competitive community has had to endure since H3. And 3. You clearly believe that after all this time the community should just submit to whatever the developer wants so we can remain "relevant".
  2. Good point, but I just dealt with too many franchise betrayals over the past few decades. Most of my favorite games and franchises ended up shooting me in the foot multiple times and the gun wounds went deeper and deeper. Being an old school competitive gamer that goes back all the way to Quake 1, original Warcraft, and arcade SF II and MK. What we competitive gamers from way back then have gone through is almost impossible to describe. All the work and effort we put in pretty much amounted to nothing. Even the Halo 1 competitive players haven't experienced near as much hurt as competitive gamers that came before.
  3. LOL, that werewolf idea was so stupid... Not as bad as Sonic 06 "love interest" though. *shivers*
  4. GoTY: Either Dragon Age or Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Most anticipated: None. I always assume since the past decade or two that every single game will either sell out to appease casual gamers or betray it's original audience to make a few more bucks. I have learned to just assume the worst case scenario and wait and see how a game goes. Best way to save money and time IMO. Just play older PC games and older console games using emulators. Problem solved and no heart breaks. I dealt with too many of them starting with the Ultima series when Origin Systems sold out to EA. That was all the way back in the early/mid 90s.
  5. The single player could last maybe that long but not the multiplayer. And the multiplayer is the reason why most people bother to play Halo in the first place.
  6. What games do that besides CS or maybe a little SC II? Not much choices competitive gamers have if we're talking specifically about treating competitive gamers with absolute respect and give them the authority to decide what route the game as a whole takes.
  7. None of these mods are actually for the Halo community. All these mods are just adding Halo themed mods for RTS games. I was kind of hoping that a mod was being made for MCC that would of fixed a lot of issues at least for the competitive community when I saw this post. The title for this is very misleading and I suggest changing it. I was seriously thinking that a mod was being made for actual Halo and just needed help with donations. *sighs*
  8. That really depends on what you mean by Halo dying. If your talking about the competitive community in which I'm assuming you are there are various reasons why. If your talking about Halo dying as the premium multiplayer online console shooter, that's very easily explained by just two words, "easier competition". Majority of players are of course going to play easier games that allow them to not lose as much. That's common sense. Competitive Halo's community has died in most part because it generally expected newer Halo's to stay competitively viable when at least the smarter or "leader" individuals of the Halo community should of realized from other older shooters experiences that changes was going to happen to make games more "accessible" to other players and thus slowly take away over time the competitive merit of the game. Good example would be Quake. Quake Live the current iteration of the Quake franchise is mostly dead since the new patch adding loadouts etc. The communities response is of course just to abandon the game and move on to either CS or some other relevant shooter. What should of happened is Quake pro's and other important individuals to rally the community under a single banner and actually try to form a real community built around the love of the older title Quake 3. MLG also didn't help matters for Halo taking so long to accept the ZB ruleset for tournaments when the abomination of Reach was on the circuit. Someone at MLG or the community should of foreseen since H3's changes that Halo at a competitive level wasn't going to last. Hell, even I suspected this that every new Halo was just going to get worse and worse. Just like any other multiplayer driven game I have ever played in general. Starcraft, Warcraft, Total War, Quake, UT, BF, etc. Competitive Halo died because of both the developers wanting to pander to casuals as much as possible and the competitive community just generally not wanting to pick up the slack and just stick with the older titles that won't change. Melee's community dealt with TO's losing money, people risking their rent, Melee pro's living worse than minimal wage, and others making huge sacrifices to keep competitive Melee alive after MLG abandoned them after the 06 season. And they dealt with this until 2013. That's 8 years of hard brutal bullshit. The competitive Halo community I don't ever see having the will to do this personally. I would probably have a heart attack seeing halo players risk rent and bills to help fund and setup tournaments. I can sit here and list a thousand individual reasons why competitive Halo died. But its not just the developers who are at fault, it's us. We the community are responsible for not trying to choose our own path that yes of course would be much harder and yes would of required us to make sacrifices. We are the ones who are ultimately to blame for not making the harder decisions a lot sooner before it was too late. Don't get me wrong. I'm a huge fan of your old Halo videos. But it's not just the developers fault. The players should of realized that Halo like the vast majority of other online multiplayer games was going to get rid of competitive merit for money.
  9. Halo has been finished financially big tournament competitively since Reach. I have never seen a single game developer or publisher actually reverse major decisions gameplay wise in my entire lifetime playing video games. Halo is no exception, when a top executive says that the game is going a certain route to try to appease casual gamers, that's what is going to happen and stay that way. If Halo doesn't make profit then they will just cancel Halo. They aren't going to waste the time and resources to revert back to an old formula. Especially if that old formula has constantly shown through other games such as Quake, UT, Shootmania, Nexiuz, and other arena shooters that these games are no longer popular or even profitable. If the competitive community wants to live on, it's going to have to accept that they will personally need to fund smaller grassroot tournaments and also the "pro's" need to accept the reality that they aren't entitled to make a living playing Halo. Everyone is going to have to make sacrifices to their real lives to keep competitive Halo alive. And I doubt this community is really willing to do what FGC members have been doing since the 80s. The belief that Halo players are entitled to make a living playing this game is probably the biggest thing holding the community back at this point. Too many people are expecting compensation when going to tournaments. You go to tournaments and spend the money because you love the game, not because you expect something back.
  10. Unreal Tournament 1-3, Quake Live, Toxic, Shootmania.
  11. The problem is that Capcom is so broke and is still trying to rely on SF to save the day. They relied on SF for the past decade and it's not helping them. Fighting games aren't that popular for big reasons and really I can only see this as almost a final nail in the coffin. It may get good first day or month sales... but the population numbers are going to be extremely small after a month or two like in other fighting games. Capcom if they want to survive needs to understand that while fighting games are awesome it's going to put them in a deeper hole each time they make one. I love Street Fighter, but trying to rely on it as your main franchise in this market is becoming more and more suicide. Bring back something like Mega Man or something that isn't just strictly for competitive communities. Resident Evil is a lost cause at this point as well.
  12. For which is the right of all skilled players to play against. The reason why most people get good in games in the first place. To pubstomp.
  13. More viewers you have, the more real people will watch. A good amount of people on YT between 06-09 used a program that artificially made lots of views on videos using proxies. If memory serves right the program was Tube Increaser. The more views you have, the more real people will watch it because they assume the video will be good with that many views. The program apparently stopped working after YT changed it's algorithms. Basically lots of people got famous on YT during it's earlier years using that program and of course lots of money. There are most likely other programs that do the same thing for twitch. Lots of fake viewers = lots of real viewers = money opportunities. The problem with doing this on Twitch is that you would have to be very cautious about the amount of views you would get. Most games on twitch never break above 1000 players on average. Only LoL, WoW, CoD, CS, Diablo, SC II, and some others ever realistically pull off more than that. So if you try to stream any other game and you suddenly have 1000+ viewers especially if you don't have hardly any followers then it's extremely obvious your viewers are bots. In YT, the whole goal is to get as much viewers as possible. Therefore finding ways to game the views is much more beneficial than on Twitch.
  14. Only ones who really don't like the change are the ones who back during Vanilla played 12+ hours a day for raid and pvp gear. Everyone else loved the changes from what I've seen. The funny thing is, I don't know why the raid players thought that playing 12+ hours a day in order to get anything decent was going to last. Most of the player base just got pwned and never was able to do anything. Not to mention that it was their fault to begin with that the changes happened. Maybe they shouldn't of pubstomped the other players with lives or kept them from getting good gear. Blizzard made the smart choice. Reminds me how the D3 players whine and bitch about how D3 isn't like D2 where you can join random servers, pwn the noobs, and take their shit. *gasp* I wonder why...
  15. Counter Strike GO, Unreal Tournament, and Quake 3/Live are some good choices for shooters.
  16. I agree that enjoying Halo is of the past. It will never change unless the Halo community is finally willing to abuse their customer rights and get 343 employees and even executives fired. No excuse that anyone has on these forums to allow anyone at 343 to keep their jobs at this point. It's time for the competitive Halo community to get full retribution for the years of being lied, abused, and betrayed. This is the deserved fate for any game developer that doesn't listen to it's competitive community first.
  17. They had enough tries for one life time. I really think MS or some kind of shareholder of MS needs to start having some standards and force some employees to get fired. The problem is that no one does anything except whine and bitch and wait. Shareholders at MS really need to start abusing their power, considering how many people have most likely returned the game, they had to lose a decent amount of money to warrant the shareholders to start demanding action to be taken. It's sadly also obvious that the Halo community is not willing to risk this being the last Halo game ever by doing everything possible to make it where MS and 343 are forced to either listen to us or have Halo die as a franchise. This community is so afraid of actually taking action against MS and 343 that nothing is really going to change for the better. We should of been doing this since H3 when Bungie released that statement about why the BR was nerfed so bad. Where they made the H3 BR intentionally programmed with a "degree of error". No gun in any game ever should have a "degree of error".
  18. The problem is that it's never truly going to be solved. All this community is going to do is whine until the developers fix it then play and hope the next Halo doesn't repeat the same as the past 3 Halo titles have done. No one in this community has the balls to actually use and abuse their consumer rights and force Halo to be theirs once again. Ala; competitive community arena shooter. All they want to do is vent but not do anything that actually involves them risking something. Reminds me of co-workers or people back in college whining about shit but never stepping up and force change to happen in their favor. Any time I ever had issues with a boss or instructor I confronted them about it and usually because I had the courage to stand up for myself they listened. No one cares about opinions of babies who you know are just going to whine and bitch but still play the game anyways. Like a good little slave.
  19. But that's the problem right there. When is the line finally going to be drawn? Constantly giving 343 extra chances is only telling them that it's ok to make constant big mistakes. The problem is that this community is honestly too afraid to risk Halo as a business product dying to make sure that we get a good product forever. What the community should be doing is returning all their copies of MCC, constantly keeping MS phone lines blaring and letting MS executives know that we want every single god damn 343 employee fired for this act of betrayal. And we demand absolute jurisdiction of how future Halo's are made from here on out. No more of these false promises. It's time to fully use our rights as consumers and that means kicking the bucket for 343 and even some MC employees/executives. Stop giving them more chances, this is only allowing this capitalistic cancer to grow in Halo.
  20. Hes probably one of those people that thinks "freedom of speech" implies to internet forums. *sighs*
  21. I don't think they should kill themselves, I do however think that every 343/MS employee that had something to do with the shitty release of MCC to both be fired and not allowed to find another job in the gaming industry ever again. Maybe them working shitty minimal wage jobs or factory type jobs would force them to start obeying the customer for fucking once. Yes I said OBEY. You OBEY the customer. In fact, I think every 343 employee should be forced to work 60+ hours at a hot steaming factory without any kind of overtime or peace rate. Kill over working a real job not sitting at a desk fucking up at game development. They apparently can't code, design, or anything else requiring some kind of technical computer related degree. Therefore they deserve to work a shitty job and end up having a shitty life for all time. If they want to make mistakes all the time then work a job and live a life standard that's full of "mistakes". I'm tired of ungrateful, untalented little shits trying to avoid reality stealing the jobs that should be going to talented developers and designers. If you make this many fucking mistakes at once in the entertainment field, get fucking fired and work a shitty job you should of had in the beginning. You forfeit your rights if your this much of a fucking failure. Thank god there is no such thing as a union in game development. Imagine how worse spoiled entitled designers would think that making even more mistakes is "fine".
  22. Why would you want to continue working at your job even though you would most likely be getting paid more working there than if you quit and worked somewhere else? This is a very self explanatory question and I have to ask how could you press that post button?
  23. I feel more sorry for people who wasted hundreds of dollars just for Halo and they get this bullshit. I'm glad that decades of franchise betrayals such as Ultima, Quake, Halo, Warcraft, Total War with Rome 2 etc. have taught me never to trust a single developer's words on anything. All they care about is pleasing their shareholders and fuck the consumers. Because most consumers don't have the will to let those who screw them over die because that means the games die with them. And sadly gamers won't allow a few sacrifices ala martyrs to happen.
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