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  1. we have a question we were about to start second round for our game and one of the other teams players couldnt join the party for nearly 25 minutes, how should this be handled? team lethal injection
  2. Add LX Ronin or S0SA X if you want to do some custom games
  3. Recently I have been itching to start to compete again but like most people including myself none of my teammates from the MLG days really plays Halo or competitive anymore. The F/A system at IG is pretty bad right now my only question is is there anybody out there that might be considering doing an online qualifier or possibly a LAN. If I find the right team I'd be willing to do both, so if you are looking for 1 more or looking to start a team hit me up on XBL @ LX Ronin. I have event experience and have been competing in Halo since 3. LX Ronin
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