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  1. Ace should definitely just compete in the H3 2v2 now, there's no team that his joining onto could really make much of a difference.
  2. Finally the shot registration is acceptable in CE, feels nice. King/oddball games in the CE 4v4 playlist go wayyyy too long. And does anyone really want to play them?
  3. I honestly have never had trouble getting a game in Hardcore, that's strange.
  4. They noted when he was 5-0 so they knew he was off to a big start which was worth watching, it should've been all on him from there on.
  5. Why was the POV not on stellur for that entire 10-0 stretch? basic stuff
  6. Has 343 acknowledged how wacky and different the spawns are in H3? The smaller the map, the more pronounced it is.
  7. Pistola misplayed that in tower, but it was a really tough situation and I'm not sure what exactly he should've done. He overthinks things in H5, you straight up have to just play fast and dumb in many situations.
  8. Can someone feed Lottie some actual questions? "Do you think you're gonna win?" is not a real question.
  9. Pistola is playing his best H5 event I think. In that Plaza Strongholds he was playing so smart, dealing so much damage and staying alive.
  10. I don't know what playlists I'd remove. I like the lineup a lot.
  11. What a shitty discussion I've been having loads of fun on the new MCC.
  12. In my eyes, there's absolutely no discussion to be had about the pros and cons of an online Pro League while our FPS's spectator mode doesn't even show you where the players are actually aiming.
  13. How was Shadowrun different? I'm unaware. Also, Cbus 2012 FFA tournament? Didn't MLG used to run FFA and 1v1 tournies alongside H2 4v4s?
  14. Not necessarily blaming the HCS staff. All I know is that MLG could pull it off.
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