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  1. My best bud lives in Lawton! Hit him up! @Hawaiiankapu
  2. I'm Dylan, the Co-Owner of Adrift Gaming and we're looking for either a partial team (You need to form a full team by a specific date or we will not accept you) or full team to represent us online and at future LAN events/tournaments. This is for people that are dedicated and have experience. Please only contact me if you are looking for more than just an opportunity at funding and want to be apart of an organization dedicated to growing in esports and entertainment. If event/tournament funding is needed, it will be provided if both owners agree to financially support the team (Funding is earned, not given). A list of requirements are below and we look forward to hearing from you. Requirements Ages 17+ Willing to sign contract Have consistent team practice Compete in online tournaments Proof of LAN experience Skype At least one person that streams on Twitch or creates video content on YouTube Contact Email: [email protected] or Twitter: @dylandrone or @hawaiiankapu AdrifteSports.com @AdriftGaming
  3. Anyone having trouble getting into a multiplayer game? Can't seem to connect to their servers..
  4. I'm looking for 3 people to team with for MCC. I'm wanting to compete in the HCS and all of the events in 2015. I've been playing competitive halo since '09 and need people that take competing seriously, have lan exp, and have what it takes to place top 8 at an event. I'm 17, live in Missouri(STL), and can be on to practice everyday from anytime between 3pm-11pm cst during the week. Let me know if you're down to team and we can start grinding right away. Best way to contact me: twitter- @DroneFPS
  5. I have been wanting to go pro in either CoD or Halo for many years and need a team for UGC St. Louis and future events. I have what it takes to go pro, just need teammates that can carry their own weight. Must be 16+, able to travel, have Lan exp., and can grind Halo MCC when it is released. I don't have a xbox 360 anymore so we'll have to wait till MCC comes out to start grinding. And of course, you'll need an xbox one.. If you are interested, follow me on twitter and add me on xbox. Twitter: https://twitter.com/DroneFPS Gamertag: Droneeeee
  6. Even though it was a Halo 4 montage, I still enjoyed it
  7. HMU if your going and need a 4th, I'm wanting to go!
  8. I live in St. Louis. I don't have my Xbox 360 but plan on grinding Halo MCC! Add me. GT: Droneeeee
  9. This is very interesting! Can't wait to see what big things they do together!
  10. I can't believe this is happening. Such a fun thing to do when I'm bored.
  11. Haha, I like it! Thanks!
  12. Are these games made by twitch or users? Minecraft sounds more fun to play than pokemon tbh.
  13. I'm new here and looks like a site i'll be coming to often!
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