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  1. I'm definitely going to have to get one of the "We Back" shirts. Not exactly sure what "100% lore" even means.
  2. I havent kept up with anything competitive Halo related in a while so please dont flame for this but.... What is promod?
  3. yeah I am just doing articles for fun but I will try and ask someone to check it out next time. Just dont want to bother anyone. :/
  4. yeah i am curious how this Iron Games thing will go. They do have 2 events planned in the same month which is really expensive for players to travel to.
  5. thanks for the feedback. I will try to do better with direction next time.
  6. I wrote an article for @ActiveRush about the current state of competitive halo and I figured I would post here because its the pretty much the best place for Halo right now. I would appreciate any feedback because I am new at this but please no flaming. http://activerush.net/2014/04/04/the-current-state-of-competitive-halo/
  7. yeah man i love doing that lol. I just dash to a wall with my back to it.. smoke and look up. works really well.
  8. I have run into players like that in many games. Ive never really played too much CoD but yeah people like that always give a little extra motivation to win.
  9. Yeah man I dont even know why they were talking shit to me when I joined the game like 30 seconds before it ended. But I was trying my ass off to win that game lol as you could probably see.
  10. The beta playlist was much better as far as skill matching IMO. I just dont play it too much because I like CTF better than attrition. But for the tmie that I was playing, I noticed that the games were much closer then normal and the people that I was playing against were pretty good.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieMrfaWTWMM The backstory: I joined into the game prior to this one late and we lost so the opposing team started to shit talk even though the teams were not even and most of the team joined late. So I really wanted to beat them to shut them up..... and we did lol
  12. Have they said when this update will take place?
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