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  1. This is basically just advising Lemon to tiptoe around the average Redditor's trigger words. I understand the practicality of that advice, but honestly, fuck that.
  2. Haven't watched the video, but lol @ the first 2 pages basically being non-stop tone policing. "Too angry, will never get popular this way." "Stop criticizing and painting with a broad brush to make a point." etc. Is that why Duncan "Thorin" Shields is one of the most popular esports analysts and content creators on Planet Earth? Because clearly Thorin never: references other sports or makes ridiculous analogies to make a point references obscure philosophers, or anything "pretentious" gets angry or extremely negative about players, community members, or devs outright calls people "silver fucking noobs" if they like certain game mechanics he considers broken goes off on idiotic Reddit comments Oh wait, he does all those things on a regular basis, in addition to being a fantastic analyst. By the way, Thorin has 170k youtube subs, does analysis at major CSGO events, and has been on TV to banter with Shaquille O'fucking'Neal. There's a weird strain of anti-intellectualism running alongside the anathema to critiques. It's like folks are saying "it's just a video game, it doesn't deserve this level of analysis or passion." Once you adopt that frame, you're inherently saying this game and esports community doesn't really deserve critical analysis, and limiting the diversity of the scene. My two cents as someone who doesn't play Halo anymore. Take it or leave it..
  3. shoutouts to Liquid & CLG both getting automatic berths in the next major -- love to see NA represent Huge accomplishment for the Luminosity boys, their journey to the major since last year has been so crazy and such a great storyline. Also worth noting that the Brazilians coming to NA has raised the level of the region so so much, and we see a whole new practice ethic among NA players which led directly to NA's great showing in the major. Both Liquid and CLG practiced like crazy and it seems like LG's entrance into the region lit a fire in them. FalleN not only best IGL in the world but singlehandedly built this team out of nothing, a dead scene, to be the best team in the world. I can't even fathom that accomplishment. http://www.goldper10.com/article/2912-the-brazilians-against-all-the-odds.html Consider me a Liquid fan from here on out. I think this was s1mple's huge international breakout tournament, and I'm happy to see him begin to achieve his sky high ceiling. Love the fact he's gelling with the Liquid team both in the server and out of game. adreN was huge for a player who had got cut from the team for his poor performance -- unfortunately he choked and reverted to form in the semifinals, but he's got a future somewhere in the NA scene and this could be something for him to look to in order to rebuild his career. No reason he can't get back to that level if he sorts it out mentally. I look forward to seeing how Liquid will integrate koosta going forward. Thorin called it 11 months ago, when Hiko was in no-man's land, refusing to play for Cloud9 and forming some scrub team of nobodies on Nihilum. Everyone had written off his career. Now he's the best player in NA and #HikoWasRight
  4. We all know mm rank doesn't mean everything in this game but it is a decent indicator of skill imo. Check out this website which has the rank distribution, then add up all the ranks below yours and figure out what percentage of people you're better than: https://csgosquad.com/ranks I'm MG2 so I guess around 80th percentile or so.
  5. How to grind your mechanical skill at the game General things: Buy a decent gaming mouse (with quality optical sensor) and large mouse pad (e.g. Steelseries QCK+, around 450x400mm). Your preferred mouse depends on your hand size mostly. Sensitivity -- most new players have sensitivity set way too high. If you look at pro players, they mostly take between 30-65 cm to do a full 360. I suggest you set your sensitivity to something within those boundaries. Use this website to make sure: http://www.funender.com/quake/mouse/index.html https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UaM765-S515ibLyPaBtMnBz7xiao0HL5f-F1zk_CSF4/edit As you get better at the game, don't be afraid to lower your sensitivity. Most people find that as they get better, they realize they need to go lower to be more accurate. Raising sensitivity is rarely a good idea in my experience. Console commands: cl_crosshairstyle 4 -- type into console for classic static crosshair. set the other aspects of crosshair (color, size, gap, etc) via the other crosshair commands cl_crosshairstyle 2 -- use this temporarily to see how moving, jumping etc affects your recoil. for general use it's too distracting. m_rawinput 1 -- makes sure your mouse ignores windows settings. maps to download: training_aim2016 -- set it to 100 targets, 0.50 target duration, 0.25 delay. grind this a couple times a day. aim for 70+ over time Recoil Master -- grind your recoil with the different rifles. aim for 70%+ accuracy, and focus on 8-10 bullet sprays There are many bot-based fast aim maps, search the workshop and see which ones you like deathmatch servers: Fragshack = best deathmatch servers, highest quality opponents that i've found. https://fragshack.esea.net/index.php?s=servers NetcodeGuides is also decent, players a bit less skilled. https://www.netcodeguides.com/servers Now what? Grind your fast aim + flickshots every day, using the maps listed. If you AWP, also use your AWP on deathmatch servers. Practice aim deathmatch to get used to hitting tight headshots. Vital techniques: Crosshair placement -- Stutter stepping -- Anyways this is probably a decent amount of info to get started, purely for mechanical skill (aim, headshots, movement, etc).
  6. This just represents the continuation of many issues in my eyes. 1. This ridiculous 'pro' vs 'semi-pro' vs 'amateur' designation. This whole thing is just a holdover from MLG days. I get that some are better, more established than others, but this whole "He's not even a real pro" argument... who gives a fuck? Do the viewers know that? 2. Overvaluing people based on their skill, and undervaluing what they actually do for the community. 3. Immaturity of top players in the game. Halo came up as a suburban kid NA esport, and it's still rife with people calling each other 'kid', offensive language, etc. So in some sense it's not surprising that an above average player at a tournament would pull some bad-manner thing like this. Go follow some (non-north-american) CS players on twitter and see how they act towards each other and towards the devs on Twitter. It's all love, even when they disagree. That's what it's like when you're a big e-sport. Sniping at each other is just signs of pettiness and the smallness of your pond. smh overall
  7. Still have no clue why 343 deleted the Plasma Rifle from the halo universe Pop in Halo 2 Cairo Station Legendary and go fight the Elites in the hangar bays. It's legit suppressive fire from the plasma rifles. You'll be sitting there pinned down behind a box while the elites absolutely melt the corner of it. No idea why they would decide to remove that experience, it was a real sense of achievement once you found a way to get past it.
  8. Sloan was a standout character I thought. - Excellent and charismatic voice acting, combined with an interesting role in the narrative, - The tidbit about him 'sacrificing resolution for logic cycles' was a neat bit to flesh out the backstory of how AIs go rampant. - Kind of an antihero role that made him one of the few multi-dimensional characters in the story.
  9. Add to Campaign Wishlist: Ability to skip all cutscenes and go directly to the loading screen. A lot of people are saying that the majority of cutscenes are unskippable, which is hell for speedrunning.
  10. IMO there should be a split between campaign and multiplayer in this poll. Just having observed, my opinions on the two are very different.
  11. I realize this post was confusing. What I'm trying to say is, there are three possible numbers to look at as far as aim acceleration: 1) Maximum turning speed (the fastest you can turn on a given sensitivity) -- in degrees/second. 2) Maximum turning acceleration (how fast the turn speeds up when you have the stick pushed all the way to the edge) -- in added degrees/second every second. (In calculus terms, this is the derivative.) 3) The change in turning acceleration as you move the stick further. So, as you move the stick from center to the edge, how much your acceleration changes. (this would be the second derivative) The data and graphs on this site show that numbers 1) and 2) are practically identical for pretty much every Halo game up through H4. However, number 3) is not measured.
  12. Man... uh.. if you scroll down on the blogpost I linked, you can see the graphs for yourself. The guy actually measured it. They're really not that different. If I had to guess, I'd say that the perceived difference in H3 and the games after has more to do with the difference between original Xbox controller and 360/Xbone controller as far as deadzones. Otherwise, the data does not show a software difference. EDIT: Actually, I realized this data is gathered with the setting at 100% stick deflection. (http://drstrangevolt.blogspot.com/2012/12/aim-acceleration-in-console-shooters-part1.html) It is possible that Halo 1 has a different rate of change for stick deflection than Halo 3 does. For example, if Halo 3 considered 80% stick deflection to be the same as 100%. Or, more likely, if Halo 3 just curved up to that 100% turn rate quicker than Halo 1 did. Both of these would create the sensation of "jerkier" turning, even though the max-deflection turn rate was the same.
  13. "Aim acceleration" is in every single Halo game, including Halo 1. http://drstrangevolt.blogspot.com/2012/12/aim-acceleration-in-console-shooters-part2.html
  14. Hahahaha what? Maybe if you're 100% invested in the Master Chief x Cortana OTP
  15. IMO to rebuild population for classic Halo you have to put them on Steam. No ifs, ands, buts. Populations can survive on PC, especially if the system requirements are low -- netplay is guaranteed.
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