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  1. Hey my alias online is Zodyak. I have gone to multiple MLG events competing in over 3 different games. Gears of war 2 twice, Halo Reach once and call of duty ghosts once. I'm looking primarily for an online team and if I feel my personal skill level is well enough to compete at the top I am planning on traveling. I live on the east coast and work a job full time from 6am to 330pm during the week and occasional Saturdays so I have a pretty open schedule otherwise. If your interested or have any further questions hit me up on Xbox my gamertag is vVv Zodyak
  2. Haha i completely understand your frustration but that would defeat the whole purpose of the game itself
  3. -For last titan standing the easiest way to give people a reason to move is short round limits so that is why i have it at 3 minutes to start if it truly needs to be shortened even more than that we can do so. -Now that you mention the stryder and how fast you can get across the map I can definitely see no respawn timer would be a good thing to keep. -Having attrition as a gametype would definitely be an interesting twist. will for sure be something we should test once private lobbies are implemented
  4. Hi guys i was looking on some insight for these settings that I wrote up. I know that we don't have private lobbies and aren't 100% sure on the settings we will have that we can tweak and set but this is just a very general and basic settings list that I am trying to get second opinions on. Bans- Tactial Ability- Active Radar Pulse Particle Wall Perks- Dead Man's Trigger Weapons/Ordnance- Smart Pistol Satchel Charge Arc Mine Need to have a discussion about the RE-45 Autopistol, similiar to the KAP-40 problem. Burn cards will be banned Gametypes- CTF, Last titan standing, Hardpoint domination CTF- Two 5 minute rouunds most caps wins 3 second spawn delay Killcam disabled Spectate team only Last Titan Standing- 3 minute rounds First to 5 rounds wins Spectate team only Hardpoint Domination- 5 minute rounds Unlimited score Two sides highest combined score wins Maps- Angel City - Hardpoint Dom and CTF Colony - CTF, LTS possible Hardpoint Dom Boneyard- Hardpoint Dom, LTS Corporate- Hardpoint Dom and CTF Demeter- CTF Fracture- Hardpoint Dom and LTS Lagoon- CTF and LTS Nexus- LTS Outpost 207- Hardpoint Dom Rise- LTS Smuggler's Cove - CTF Training Ground - Hardpoint Dom and LTS
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