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  1. Yeah getting stuff like aiming right in an FPS game is def one of the first steps if you are trying to make a serious game. H4 was a solid release in this regard, I will give you that, it just feels like everything that came after was messed up in one way or another, I really hoped the 5 years of dev time for Infinite would mean they started from scratch tech wise and recreate everything from the ground up hiring experts who know how to get all the things right - H5 should have been a wake up call in that regard but I am not so sure anymore after seeing that first little campaign gameplay clip. I would say they are not off to a great start, you know it's pretty spicy when bad graphics are the main discussion after showing a gameplay trailer for a next gen console - not saying I really care much about graphics but might be a hint on how development has been handled so far. Got messages from a couple of friends on discord who have not owned a console since the ps2 days sharing the H:I memes with the brute and all, def not the right signs you would hope for if you wanted to believe they are doing things properly this time.
  2. Not saying there is an excuse, but I assume working with a messy code-base, and going back from UE4 to the shitspace engine (if true) doesn't really set you up for a great game I think. If the complaints of former employees are not just biased from them getting fired I could believe them working on a complete frankenstein monster of a game at this point. Sadly big studio and a ton of resources, time and money doesn't mean the game will end up being great, I agree that this is what we should all expect from a studio/publisher this size but they have shown in the past that they are not the best when it comes to execution (which doesn't even mean the people are not capable of making a good game, probably more so the project lead and decisions to hire people for a quick coding job on some specific thing).
  3. Not sure if you can even call them pros with the current situation, are they competing for any money right now or do they just shit on some kids in MCC matchmaking? Not saying you have to be in a tournament every weekend to be considered pro but I think there has not been much going on when it comes to Halo tournaments right? (I am not really following tho, so I would have to take that back if some league or events are actually taking place and those people compete). When I watch for example Rapha or Cooller grinding for the Quake Pro League they seem hyper focused on training matches, meanwhile every time I click on one of the streams of the Halo "pros" they are either stating on people in casual matchmaking or playing some H3 hardcore playlist like any other matchmaking player would. Also the continuous complaining sounds pretty bad, have not experienced that myself tho.
  4. I was mainly bringing it up because for Halo fans the option to buy a ps5 doesn't exist, basically the concept of exclusives.
  5. No big studio or publisher is setting the trends in gaming these days. MOBAs and BR both happened through the modding community on PC and when publishers realized it was a product that had potential they jumped onto it, Fortnite and CoD both originally were not BR games, PUBG devs were not a big dog in the industry setting a trend either, they just realized there was demand for more realistic BR games. For studios and publishers with a ton of money it's simply not worth the risk trying to reinvent the wheel, keep selling what people buy, that's how you get very similar CoD titles each year instead of a lot of experimentation and only if a trend like BR gets really big the bean counters at activision blizzard realize there is money to be made. Generally those publishers also have a enough money to keep spending insane amounts of money so relevant streamers play their games as that largely influences what (especially younger) people play these days. Could 343 try something new with infinite and hire a bunch of people to make something unique? For sure. But realistically it's not worth the risk, you don't roll the dice and hope a cool idea becomes the next trend if you are this big, you go with something that is mostly safe and proven. In this case "open world" has been a buzz word in the industry for a few years now, especially related to next gen consoles, so it's a good bet that making the next Halo open world should create additional hype for it. The question is what is the most obvious way to bring people onto the Xbox Series X, not how to reinvent the wheel gameplay wise with new creative gameplay. (Now you can say that the graphics don't reflect that which I would agree with but in theory 343 behaves very alike other studios of their size when it comes to decision making, it's just that something seems to mess with the execution for them.)
  6. Not sure how much more you can turn your brain off after being used to teamshot Halo titles tbh.
  7. The problem here is that "arena" and "BR" are conflicting to begin with. I know this is a Halo forum so it might be hard to pinpoint for people what the "arena" part in arena shooters really stands for, after all Halo has watered down arena shooter design philosophy since CE and even more with all the titles that came after but to cut it short it's about map control, combat positioning and item cycles. With arena shooters the maps you get are designed for competitive combat, something that just doesn't work in a battle royale because you have a giant open map and have to use artificial means to even give people a reason to run into each other (the zone closing in) since the natural game flow would have you sit around and let the enemy come to you. A giant map cannot give any player or team any significant sort of map control to begin with and denying resources from the opponents is impossible too, so in the purest sense there is no way you can make an "arena BR game" imo. Sure you might be able to make some hybrid but its arena part will play worse than proper arena shooters and its BR parts will most likely also play worse than a proper BR game because you are trying to compromise too much to blend the two ending up with a bastardized mess of a shooter. Seen some people say that Hyperscape is an arena shooter and couldn't stop myself from thinking it's funny how unaware the public is about arena shooters these days, for a good reason tho - games these days focus on a target audience that wouldn't stand a chance in a proper arena shooter until they really try to learn it, and sadly that isn't viable anymore as many people would rather pick up a CoD or Halo game that caters to them with bullshit comeback mechanics and insane aim assist so they can feel like a pro with no effort put into it from their side. If you hate recoil and ADS shooters arena shooters should theoretically be perfect for you. Hard to tell if you can make the jump from Halo which is as watered down as a game with some arena shooter designs can get but I would def suggest trying if you own a PC, from basically all your posts I saw in the last few weeks it sounds to me like that genre would be a better place for you than Halo.
  8. While pure hate might not be productive at all just wanted to mention that there were a lot of interesting discussions about things people dislike (or some even like) in different Halo titles. You might not be directly saying this and just reporting from your standpoint but this post kinda gives me a weird vibe of "if you act like a grown up man you shouldn't care so much about a video game", but again that could just be me relating it to other people who hold that stance and you could just be sharing your standpoint. I think the essence of your post makes sense tho, Halo is past its prime and in a way the same is true for console esports. During the 360 days there was a lot of focus on consoles and player numbers reflected that but PC really came back strong with free to play MOBA games which are absolutely giant to this day. Always thought pretending this forum has some sort of impact on the games development was naive, no idea if you ever believed in that or if it just felt like "there is more rational discussion here than on reddit or waypoint" - which might be true but doesn't mean it gets heard, in fact I would assume bigger platforms like the two named before probably have more impact due to the bigger mass of people using them. Wish I could enjoy some casual Halo the way you are describing it, guess it's just not the game for me, already skipped H5 entirely, mostly around to see where some custom settings / modding is going so that's why you might find me here being part of the discussion. But overall the way you put it now makes more sense regarding your statements about clamber and sprint in your review video, nothing wrong with enjoying the game(s) for what it is. I just feel like it doesn't have to be such an emotional discussion, like you can argue without either just being a hater or a 343 apologist. Will give you that f2p is huge tho, at least if it applies to all platforms which is likely with how microsoft is pushing their xbox/win10 ecosystem.
  9. You sometimes even get scores like 20-5 in that league, against most people who have not played Quake a lot I would expect scores like 30 or 40 while the enemy might be on 0 if not in the negatives. I have a few thousand hours combined in Reflex Arena and Quake Live and would be happy to get a frag against any of those players. Speaking of arena shooters, Diabotical will be a great free to play game launching later this year, good opportunity for PC players to get into the genre as many new players will be around and a completely new set of maps resets the advantage of having played the same maps for 20 years.
  10. The thing is PC has a lot of good games with stable framerates that get frequent updates. If it takes them months to get a few ports right and then most of them are unplayable when it comes to pvp if you want to use mouse and keyboard I could see why people would simply play something else. Also the games in MCC didn't age well, back in the day their flaws didn't mean much with people being stuck on the original xbox and xbox 360, but the shooter market has changed a lot. Especially on PC it's hard to find shooters that feel as clunky as most MCC titles these days.
  11. Actually agree with every single point made on this list. Some might seem outrageous to people but I feel like there are strong arguments for each one of those for me personally. @AArkham eh, people speak about the negatives because that's what concerns them. You probably know I am not excited for this game at all but I was saying a bunch of pages back that 120fps multiplayer is expected and them actually delivering that is a good thing, because we know the hardware of the series X can do it - maybe not at 4K but who cares, frames > resolution for shooters, if we are lucky the 120 mode runs at 1440p and not 1080p but that would just be a nice bonus. Same with f2p, that could actually make me test the game, especially if they have a server browser. Some people here might be all negative saying they just want the game to fail and while I don't think it adds much to the discussion saying that everybody here is only trying to see the negatives is a stretch, yes we mostly talk about negatives because that's what you want them to change right? (Not saying this forum has any impact, and ofc it's subjective). tl:dr: 120fps and f2p multiplayer are great news, but I think everybody agrees so that's why there is no big discussion about it while the negative things are more polarizing
  12. Who would have thought, a company that basically showed the best they could. Never understood why they thought one would show a january build, they must not understand how first impressions work, even if this one was still bad, imagine if this is only weeks old how january would have looked like. I feel like that would only create an echo chamber if you acted like everything is nice to get your feedback heard. Like why tell them 99% is fine to maybe get 1% changed if you are not even okay with 50% of the game? But the cherry picking feedback is not gonna change, the article they had now blame fans wanting the classic art back for the plastic look which makes zero sense at all, but I am sure the usual fanboys on waypoint and reddit will agree by default again. Honestly I don't really care about this game at all, I saw your reaction video and while you said some things I would agree with I also noticed that you said something like "I accept it's here to stay" with sprint and clamber and that you would play it anyways. If this sort of Halo is fun to you, that's totally fine but I am tired of 343 not taking feedback from the people who want more classic/CE like Halo back. Is that an incredibly small sub community asking for that? Absolutely, but if the game is something I don't like I am not gonna spend months debating about how "pickups are gonna make the game great because we can delete them if they suck", if that's your first thoughts on a game you should question if it's really worth your time imo.
  13. Games you don't understand after 2-3 matchmaking matches are just not very popular these days. CE to me is more interesting because I am presented with multiple viable options at given times, it's what arena games do really well in my opinion, that's also what I love about Quake that at many points in time there are so many things I can choose from that will impact the outcome of the game because there is a bunch of important items on the map that my opponent(s) or my team / me could get. Not only does Halo 3 not allow me to really make an individual play since the long TTK and easy aim means flanking gets impossible once you are facing 2 people with BR's but the power items that should make for a rich decision making are weak and spawn on insanely long timers, resulting in a lot of situations where I can hardly make a meaningful decision, sure you might say going long hall vs. green on pit is a decision but not a very impactful one. In CE you can string together cool individual plays at a decent pace, items are respawning fast enough to not have you completely sit in a corner and some of them are strong enough where you cannot just give them to your enemy without consequences, and some of the maps are build around that really well, room based, more items, interesting routes connections and lines of sight, again that's what an arena shooter (or hybrid like Halo) should (partially) focus on. Meanwhile in Halo 3 maps like midship, the other 2 forge midships, pit and narrows are completely bland and 1 dimensional, you always run forward and meet enemies in the middle, no means to flank with the pea shooter BR, but items are also weak and spawning only every full moon so at the end of the day you are just becoming slave of the teamshot and hope 2 or 3 or 4 pea shooters aiming at the same person can kill them decently fast. It's just insanely boring, there is not a lot of room for making interesting plays - you cannot even really have you personal style besides maybe being better or worse with sniper, at the end of the day decision making in H3 is an absolute joke and I would easily go as far and say that shit like console CoD esports has more depth because the game actually allows for making interesting plays because not all maps are just a symmetrical bowl where people clash in the middle and shoot each other with the same guns over and over.
  14. Catching up on things it doesn't look like there are any recent news right? Could have missed something the last 10 pages given I didn't want to read all the shit the trolling H3 kid was putting down.
  15. I get that the graphics are still "okay" and not insanely terrible. On the other hand I have never been excited about a game that I thought just looked okay (gameplay included) Current impressions based on gameplay trailer: Gameplay: 2/10 Graphics: 3/10 Sound: 3/10 Average: 2.67/10 or 26.7% (could be interesting if more people do that little list I did there at the end, just for fun)
  16. It is pretty damn bad actually, not saying this because I am on the fence with some gameplay decisions and wanting to rub it in but because I play a lot of games on PC. I get that if you are still on an xbox one you have not seen many games that look much better than that, that's just the downside of being limited to old hardware with no upgrade path. But realistically this sort of graphic (even on consoles) would be 2015 standard at best, on PC it's closer to 2012 I would say, I don't expect Halo to be the new most shiny and graphically impressive game out there - but I think it's fair to expect something that looks better than Halo 5 after the years that passed. No major triple A game series typically sees such a downgrade over the previous title, especially not after the amount of time in between. Their engine looks like this game was meant to be on the xbox one mainly, which was probably the initial plan. I am just saying that in 2020 I expect games with massive budget to look like other big titles from 2020, basically every other big studio nails this, why is Halo always the one exception I should just accept?
  17. With all the backlash on graphics why wouldn't they mention this being 7 months old then? Also judge games by what you can see gameplay wise, I know most people here want Halo Sprintfinite to be a success, I most certainly wouldn't mind if it turned out to have nice gameplay. But I won't enter the fantasy world in my head making myself believe that internally the game is in a much better state because it's 7 months old - it could be true ofc, but then I will be positively surprised when we see a huge leap forwards in graphics etc. Better to stick with facts than rumors, especially in the gaming industry.
  18. DF is a good channel, glad they also bring up that developing for an xbox one does make quite the difference, I was getting a bit tired of kids being like "but that shouldn't hold it back just lower graphics settings on the xbox one and higher ones on the series x". Sure that might be how it goes for PC games if you check graphics cards one or two tiers above/below the standard one but hardware from 2013 vs 2020 is so different that you cannot just create the entire game the same and then turn down some effects on the xbox one lmao.
  19. This just looks like they let some inexperienced people write an engine thinking they had years of development so it would be fine and now they committed so hard that they need to keep going with this. Looks worse than H5 somehow, even Reach on 1080p looks way better, and if it's 4 months old this still applies, if it takes 4 years to make this shitty looking gameplay trailer the issues are so huge that even 4 months + 5 more until release can hardly fundamentally change this. I honestly don't get it, it seems like nobody was looking over their shoulders in those 4 years, I wonder why some people quitting 343i is explained by this, I think more experienced devs wanted to leave this sinking ship asap. Also gameplay looks like Halo 5.1 tho, so go away with your "graphics don't matter" bullshit, the gameplay looks boring and almost the same as Halo 5 just that somebody tossed a fusion coil and has 1 new movement ability, there is not much to discuss so stop blaming people for bringing up that a flagship title for the next gen xbox looks like a 2013 title that could run on nintendo's switch.
  20. Well those are the easy to spot / obvious ones, just quickly wanted to say that "takes away ability to shoot" coupled with long TTK in Halo quickly turns into "run away if you are 1 shot down in a gunfight", it's honestly one of the main frustrations when playing if you already dislike the team-shot meta overwriting other tactics in Halos past CE. As for the list: - sprint only works forwards, directionality with bigger impact than you would think - messes with enemy pathing predictability - works against the respawn system in many ways - makes melee more viable up close (it's an issue when combined with stupidly forgiving melee lunge) - due to 2 movement speeds at hand messes with every area of effect (splash damage radius for example) in the sandbox which can realistically not be perfectly balanced for both speeds - devalues positions which favor certain guns in fights, if people fight it applies, if you don't you can reposition faster than the player trying to actively play the game (shoot people) But a lot of these points go much deeper than the bullet points we have on this list, as @MultiLockOn said many people only scratch the surface of those effects but in combination there is a lot of changes you need to make to your gameplay that emerge from problems on this list stacking.
  21. I know that's not your intention, I was just venting about mods on PC because everybody acted like this would be the shit when they first realized games in MCC can be modded but now nobody is giving a shit. Also for a tournament do you want to stick to H3 with shitty maps? Maybe consider GPMA instead I would say, but it's your money ofc. If you are not on the GPMA discord you can also send me a dm if interested in joining.
  22. Yeah it's silly to postulate things now like this being a 4 month old build, people do it because they want to by hyped for a new game and can't accept that this was the best they could show. Let's be real on a first impression you always show the best you got (well on a stable enough build ofc won't be the version from the day before) because it can get new people into the franchise and long term players to preorder. Also even if this was a 4 month old build and there are 5 or so months left, why does it look like this after 4 years of development?

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