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  1. Hm, I esp like stuff that can be triggered by players like a door that stays open for 30 seconds after activation, sure those can be gimmicky depending on the map but with the right layout it can work out, I think in Halo BTB would also be a more fitting gametype for those sort of map interactions than 4v4s since you have more people on a team that can play support roles rather than just cleaning up kills. Always felt like the vehicle sandbox is cool (could def be improved but that's another topic) but would be even cooler if it interacted more with the map. I like how you bring up mancannons and portals, it's been ages since I made a map without one of those - not sure if I just played too much Quake but to me it really feels like those are tools that should be used for specific cases when making a map, on a similar note I would love to make BTB maps that capture a more room based combat oriented style but always felt like forge is a bit too limited with the upper limit for pieces you can use when I compare it to map editors I have used on the PC where I can literally add anything I want and have to find the middle ground with good performance myself.
  2. Just keep it at normal movement imo, sure in H3 and Reach you walk slowly but apply 120% movement speed and test on the right map and it doesn't feel terrible to cross any road or even open area. Just avoid massive open areas, sure a lot of maps currently have them, but most people I talked to are moreso just getting annoyed by trying to shoot their gun at those distances or not being able to pressure a player with a sniperrifle without having one yourself. Just thought of H3 Rat's Nest, even the slow H3 base movement isn't a problem running around on the roads there and as I said: faster base movement will even more so fill this gap where introducing 2 different movement speeds will ultimately always run into issues we discussed over and over here.
  3. Vehicles don't require a massive amount of space tbh and even if you want to go with open maps I never felt like I need a sprint button on H3 Standoff for example and that map has a lot of warthog action going on. So yeah I just don't see it, it still breaks all the areas that are not very open of your map because people abuse it to get away, just view the infantry combat areas of BTB maps like small sections that use geometry similar to 2v2, 4v4 etc. maps. Plenty of BTB maps in H2 and H3 work perfectly fine without sprint, now ask yourself this question: Would they play better or worse if you added sprint? I think the answer to that is rather clear... Kinda tired of this lazy excuse that BTB has huge maps so you must have sprint, just because the maps in HR, H4 and H5 are designed with sprint in mind doesn't mean you can't apply another design philosophy to BTB maps and make them work just like they did in H2/H3. Honestly I feel like most people here who say sprint is bad for 4v4 but okay for BTB just don't really care for BTB so they give no fucks and feel like this "they can keep it in BTB and Warzone" argument is closer to some sort of compromise to remove sprint from smaller modes...
  4. Idk why sprint would be fine in BTB? Because their maps are just wide open areas that kinda suck? Seriously if you make good BTB maps they will suffer from the same running away problems as 4v4 maps do, currently you might not notice that much of it because the BTB maps in the recent games hardly have interesting geometry for combat, guess 343 thinks BTB maps have to feel like you are playing Battlefield...
  5. Can't wait for the reviews, honestly they better have fixed aim for real or this is going to be a giant shitshow...
  6. I am not sure if that shot would connect on their netcode tbh.
  7. After Summit totally trashtalked mouse in PC Reach in front of 15k people you wanna get a date out so those hyped viewers know when it's out and can be sure they totally get it fixed in 2 weeks right? Not sure where I read it (might have been waypoint actually) but when they said "we will try to solve those issues and keep looking into it after launch" I got a feeling they launch with the post patch issues. inb4 3v4 industries: "do you guys not have controllers?"
  8. The problem with the grass floor is that grenades get stuck in it, so I wouldn't recommend using it besides it looking better. Grenades working properly on ground is a big deal on Sanctuary (and arguably any map). That said I would like to see K25 Sanctuary instead of the one used for mlgv7, it has the higher carbines, more rocks, ring 3 cover and generally looks better: Generally I would also say OS works better for slayer than camo but that's another discusssion, generally Sanc slayer with sided spawns isn't great, the map really shines for CTF and neutral bomb assault, the last one is sadly not a thing in mlgv7 but I am rambling at this point anyways. The gold pro settings also have way better weapon layouts for battle canyon and penance btw.
  9. I mean many people in the PC community already view console exclusives that have "competitive" pvp as a joke so something like fucked up aim will perfectly fit their confirmation bias. Personally I have to agree tho that Halo hasn't really been a very hardcore game in the sense that they always got carried by brainlets being hyped for the campaign and people goofing off in multiplayer so it would be a damn miracle if there were good competitive settings out of the box with Halo Sprintfinite and they also worked well on PC. Honestly cannot see that happen, most people will give it a chance because the name Halo is huge and known from back in the day but you don't get as many chances with the PC community as you get with the standard Xbox player who doesn't really care about mechanical details...
  10. Honestly this whole franchise is just suffering if you are fan of classic arena settings, H4 being trash after they made ZBNS Reach a thing was sad already and when MCC was fucked on launch I literally quit for 5 years, I remember @Basu and me getting laughed at for #boycottHalo5 and people said "they buy anyways", here I am 5 years later and just bought a used copy of Halo 5 for 5 bucks to check out forge and never touch the rest (okay I did some Mythic customs here and there). The reason I returned was the PC announcement, I thought it sounded cool to potentially play some gold pro customs since that was the most fun I had with Halo and started to feel like settings with potential. I guess without the PC MCC thingy I would have just left Halo behind, that was the original plan. Have them throw millions on some H5 tournaments to force competition the dude-bro spartans zipping around in animations were already too much for me in the beta and I knew that game was un-fixable... Hope for Halo Sprintfinite? Not at all, I would say anybody that risks dreaming up a good game will most likely get 343'd too, some people just need a few weeks after launch to fully realize.
  11. Did I ever say you can compensate people moving around when you shoot them with projectiles? No. Sure you can lead your shot but it's still following the path you gave it and if he doesn't walk into it then it won't hit, that's basically what I would want to make the starting weapon not too good for long range. And no it is not inconsistent, just because emenies can move around and you cannot know exactly how projectile weapons can still be 100% consistent themselves. Am I rewarding people for aiming off target? On long range maybe, and obv the RRR has to be adjusted so aim assist wouldn't mess up leading shots, but for close range and RRR projectiles can be fast enough to where aiming on target is totally viable, maybe you can aim on the target but more towards the direction it is moving but I wouldn't go with H3 snail BR speed.
  12. Yeah, a single shot projectile weapon with a close to 1 second TTK is perfect imo, the projectile mechanic makes cross mapping harder without any sort of random spread, recoil that feels like crap or bloom lottery, idk why it's so hard for them to figure that out.
  13. Yeah I restrict myself to games that are fun to me and shooters with recoil usually fall out of that category. I wouldn't even bother with Halo if people still played oldschool shooters like Q3, but it is what it is, we have to play what the average 12-14 year old likes because that is where the money is at.
  14. This is very true, controllers just don't really allow precise adjustments in such small time scales. But then again the PC shooters I love the most are arena shooters and there is just something really special about games like Quake 3 Arena where no weapon has any sort of recoil whatsoever, I am sure many will disagree but I always liked what Halo CE and Reach gold pro did with faster items because it felt closer to an arena shooter than H2&H3, and ideally I would like to also keep that feeling of your crosshair not being moved by anything but the player itself. That was specifically for Halo tho, I generally agree that recoil can be nice depending on the game (for example CS), but never played a console game where recoil didn't feel out of place. Right, but what is the point of it then? I am just saying that in my vision for Halo recoil shouldn't exist so for me this is not "perfectly ok". And if 343 already goes with "immersion" why can a spartan flip a fucking scorpion tank but not control a battle rifle in his hands to the level where the recoil completely gets negated?

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