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  1. Honestly the more I think about it it's probably a very fancy way of saying "we are not doing battle royale, you should give us props".
  2. The company that copied CoD shit into H4 and H5, I believe it when I see it.
  3. I call bullshit. Yeah in games that people play today like CS TDM would be broken because there is no reason to not camp around but back in the day Quake TDM helped forming modern esports. It's less bland to watch than most other things (arguably too complex for spectating a lot of the times tho), has more decision making when playing than any modern esport that isn't RTS or MOBA with fast inputs and yeah not nearly but much more competitive than basically any objective gamemode that has ever seen the day of light in Halo. Usually don't hammer the elitism that hard but it makes me sad that the legacy that TDM has in esports just seems to be forgotten these days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2IrIjh1tww It's not pure 1v1 tho. Sure Quake 3 Arena and its re-release Quake Live did focus a lot on 1v1 but 4v4 and 2v2 TDM has been a thing since 1996 and many tournaments have been played, even at "breakneck pace". These days Quake 3 Arena is remembered as a pretty hardcore game but back in the day people did kinda miss stuff like the armor tiers or the air control from Quake 1 and 2 so there was a mod called "Challenge Pro Mode Arena" or CPMA in short which reintroduced those mechanics. It was basically too hardcore for the normal player to take off as an esport but TDM in that game does have incredible depth compared to TDM in basically any modern game. At some point the big tournaments moved on to CS ofc since the game was more accessable and games with hard map control and item pickups that meant something basically faded away since it scared away a lot of new players. If you want to talk competitive potential Halo really never came close to it since it's at most a Mario Party version of an arena shooter, but it's always been like that so it doesn't surprise me people cry about weapons that can actually give you an advantage. Modern gamers want the game to be watered down since getting stomped by somebody that is better isn't fun in many peoples eyes. You can kinda compare it too chess, you will consistently lose to somebody who is better than you are, Halo isn't that at all, Halo players would probably say chess is broken because white goes first instead of trying to understand why the game has that much of a skillgap.
  4. Yeah tEcHniCalLy the starting weapon does lose against some other guns but it barely has an impact on the game with weapons spawning slowly and the starting gun being viable at almost any range which no other gun really is. I am just saying that by far the most kills are made with the starter gun and that generally shows that pickups are very weak compared to stuff like Quake World TDM where control is literally messured in the amout of rocket launchers a team can hold onto. I mean I get that it's kinda what Halo is but what I am saying is that naturally you get people that think there should be some sort of fairness build into maps if your game kits out people who just died with such a potent gun, it gives you the feeling that your death was mainly a loss of 1 score in TDM not so much giving up control (well if your death does make your teams control weaker it's probably based on losing the position and not being able to clean up people with your starting weapon). But if that is what Halo is about it's pretty bland to say the least and gamemodes like CTF are fairly one dimensional so even if people say they are more competitive they don't come with the depth some games reach for TDM, not that many people here would know about those games tho.
  5. Why remove TDM? We have not even tested proper maps for it yet and BC and Penance had a bad item layout with nobody attempting to test different layouts than the 2012 Killa KC ones. Guess it's easier to just start a shitstorm on twitter. But we also wouldn't know because apparently the community testing is done somewhere else with some people that placed 3rd a couple of times in Halo 3. That said Halo is the only game with TDM where the "competitive" players think asyms are broken, maybe because there has been a lack of good asym maps ever since CE and spawning the player with the strongest weapon naturally has people crying out about any form of control one can get on a map... Or I guess also because it's a goofy console game for casuals and the entire competitive scene is more or less a meme compared to any proper esport which makes sense given that the devs gave zero fucks about esports until H5 where they did just throw some money on tournaments rather than refining gameplay for competition. Modding PC Reach is fun but probably should have stayed out of this entire discussion, the scene really is 95% casuals that buy/play anything that has "Halo" printed onto it and 5% MLG kids that think CTF on Midship and the Pit has good competitive value.
  6. I buy the "new engine" talk when it gets confirmed by non 343 people. Chances for Halo Sprintfinite being good are super slim anyways.
  7. Sounds like 343 to me, now rush out the other ports until infinite is launching in a half assed state. With all the brainlets that buy anything with "HALO" printed on it it's probably the right thing to do, who needs quality if you have hype?
  8. I am glad their screenshots have a stable framerate, knowing them this is a step into the right direction.
  9. How does that even work? If a To1 can not match any To3s how do you fill up 4 players on a team for a 4v4 playlist? What you are saying just doesn't work out at all.
  10. The atriums are almost all very flat and streched out which is kind of boring for combat and the flow is very circular since the middle is a bit of a deathtrap with good players so you are left with 2 directions to go...
  11. Extremely efficient in making small files. Extremely inefficient in making maps. I would prefer something decent and just downloading a few hundred Mb from the workshop every now and then over being able to celebrate that map versions are 30kb, it's 2020 and you can buy a 1Tb SSD for 100 bucks. Your argument with asset locations can still apply tho, nobody said a full editor cannot make use of assets available to the client already and honestly having more and more assets tied to the base game means you are giving up that space anyways since you downloaded them even if no map uses them at all. Honestly with an editor like the one in Reflex Arena it's way easier to change things than with forge since you can no clip through walls, have group select and the brushes are just 3D objects everybody can edit. You don't seem to realize that some editors being inconvenient means all full editors have to be more inconvenient than forge - I would say it's the other way around even. You can easily have a tag system to have n weapon layouts saved on the same map file, even slightly different geometry can be loaded based on the gametype, all this stuff is fairly basic and not something that is somehow exclusive to forge. The editors you might be thinking about are used by game devs that finish maps and know they don't have to be easy to modify later on, but there is no reason to believe you cannot just make an editor that has easy modifying etc. build into it... What else than a set of numbers would any download be? Again keeping it down to kilobytes shouldn't be the main focus in a 2020 shooter that probably takes up around 100 Gb on your hard drive anyways. If megabyte sized maps make you struggle you probably should have invested into another hard drive and not a Halo game. And while UE is a good editor I think that shouldn't be the gold standard to compare to for forge. Yeah give us scaling, undo/redo, no clip, no object limitations etc. but something like the ability to spawn custom brushes and being able to texture them would be way better than having to tetris any structure from predetermined blocks. In UE that is possible but would mean it's hard to edit for other people afterwards, or maybe not that intuitive I should say. Being able to jump in and out of the game is def good to quickly test what you are doing but sadly H5 didn't allow that with customized movement values which made it a total pain in the ass to test maps designed about non default movement physics. I think they should work towards something that is a compromise between accessable and powerful while keeping things easy to modify for anybody that would open the map in the editor again. It might need some more changes than you all are suggesting but there is no reason it should be out of reach for a studio their size.
  12. You are missing the point here, why make a weird and janky map editor when small indie games have shown that it's not hard to ship something better than that, I bought Reflex Arena for 10 bucks on steam and it has a better level editor than forge despite the studio only having a single programmer and the game barely having any sales compared to Halo. You act like I make an unfair comparison by mentioning phones vs. PCs and houses vs. mansions but realistically 343 has way more than a single programmer and charges 60 bucks for their game, not 10. Kinda easy to see how it's more fair to compare what we get in Halo Sprintfinite to the regular (and probably smaller than 343) PC title than your examples are. I know big game franchises usually don't do that stuff because people buy anyways but at least Halo doesn't have to fear lower sales handing out a level editor since they don't have a 1 year release cycle like CoD. Call it unnecessarily negative but I think moving on to better level editors could be quite big for Halo since you would see a lot more user created content that can keep the game relevant, and with a good server browser it can make people stick around rather than moving on to the newest hype. You could argue for a relatively close to H5 forge that is free with the normal game and easier/more intuitive to use if you are worried about accessability (still need some basic shit like undo/redo and a lot more ofc) and seperate a more advanced level editor with proper terrain tools as a DLC. But since Halo has always been a game people buy for the name anyways and the percentage of players that actually use forge for more than being silly with friends is very low we will probably not see anything like that. I said if you have a map editor give us a decent map editor, nothing more. You can drown every criticism in those meme-like lists saying "but other things could also be improved and if you add all of them up it's not realistic anymore", and nobody ever said that. If you think Halo entering the PC realm doesn't justify asking for a better editor than H5 forge then you most likely just don't care or have not used forge / other level editors enough to see how big the gap in between really is. "You can't put something down by holding it to a higher standard," - Nice logic, I guess we can never criticise anything anymore since we can't compare to other standards. Sure after your listing it might sound reasonable to say that to you but you forget that I was talking about a level editor that already is a feature where you brought up examples nobody asked for and nobody thinks would be realistic. "Forge is good for what it is, to build arena maps" - Not really, I mean if you only ever used Halo forge H5 is the best I guess BUT pretty much EVERY tool in the industry to build arena maps is better than forge, including tools like trenchbroom 2 for the original Quake which is a game from 1996. And I would say it's fair to compare a game like Halo to that given that they have more budget and manpower and already subscribed to having a map editor in their game. With your logic I could have said "well Reach forge is already way better than Halo 3 forge, you can build arena maps so it does what it is good for" and just like that H5 forge would have never been a thing. And trust me I am criticizing Halo 5 for more than just forge, but defending it against better level editors way smaller studios have created seems not that reasonable. I would assume both of you 2 have not actually invested time into making maps, doesn't mean you cannot talk about it but I think it's time to bust out of this "best forge ever" circlejerk and compare to realistic industry standards instead. @Snipe Three yes.
  13. You cannot launch H5 forge with custom movement values which used to be a thing in prior titles and it is super annoying. Also the lighting is way too bright on some maps. If they fix that and get some basic things like undo/redo going it could be okay-ish I guess.
  14. Compared to most PC editors it's closer to a joke than amazing.
  15. Imagine going afk in a warmup gametype, only the best of the best never have to take a break and can deliver 24/7.

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