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  1. That does make sense since the average level design is pretty bad, I agree. Just feels too much like double jumping through a Destiny map for me tho. Check out the Arcane Dimensions mod, they did a really good job with their levels. Again, the new game feels way too influenced by watered down stuff like Halo/Destiny/whatever. Movement is slow and sluggish and you always get a few enemies at a time. Add stuff like the the gore animations on top so it looks nice in a demo gameplay and people can lose their shit about prescripted animations. I guess it's still a good game, but calling is a "masterpiece" just didn't seem right when you consider the oldschool shooters ID released back in the day. You should also check/play Arcane Dimensions btw, if you are not stuck on console that is.
  2. Nice meme, I guess scripted finishing animations are worth more than actual gunplay these days.
  3. What would they feel like? The last good Halo game released 17 years ago so the chances for Halo 6 to not be boring teamshot meta is really really low. At this point you might wanna wait for Halo: Battle Royale anyways.
  4. Meh, it didn't have the oldschool shooter feel where you run and gun a lot getting flooded by enemies. You were constantly locked into cheesy finishing moves (they might look cool but I want gunplay). It overall felt too much like a Halo/Destiny game to me, slugish movement with floaty double jumps and too much atmosphere over actual challanging combat. I would much rather play through Arcane Dimensions again if I want a nice singleplayer shooter experience (can highly recommend it if you own the original Quake and can manage to install a few mods!).
  5. Considering that the last good Halo game released 17 years ago i can agree. Not really exited for anything, now that the new Quake game turned out to be shit and Battalion 1944 was the biggest fail there is no shooter to look forward to. Please no, the last one was bad enough. ID already shat enough over the names of Doom and Quake recently.
  6. If you think duel mode is not killed by the crappy round system you did something wrong imo. Anyways the playerbase is really low already. AFPS simply is a dead genre and I can't see it ever comming back.
  7. My Steam is exaclty the same as my name on here. Made Static Discharge and Monolith and helped on a ton of other maps promEUs made as assisting mapper. Would be nice to get some duels at some point.
  8. No shit, I thought he was rapha with a shaky hand. @Gobias I would be up to play Reflex if you own that. Can also walk you through the maps I designed that made it into the competititve pool.
  9. I am glad that everybody is fine with champions these days, not like they (and more so the system they implemented for them) totally breaks the duel mode imo. Items don't mean much (yes in close matches they will and pros will use them) compared to other AFPS so it's mostly aim and I guess positioning (unless your oponent had the Ghostwalk aka "get out of jail free"-card aka bad positioning can't be punished). Most champions can't really stack up high anymore and people play super defensive anyways (yes some pros are aggressive but most of the time they know the enemy is low and have the aim to move in). The game mostly devolved to aim as the chances to come back into the game is pretty non existent via item control. You can't push the game into a split control state item-control-wise and try to take control the life after because the limiting lifes system is total garbage.
  10. Combination of both most likely. And yeah QL matches did not but that's why you can and should play with cpm physics.
  11. With 3 lifes per round you have to play the survival game even more - run away try to rail. With 10 minutes and no frag limit in games like Q3A or Reflex you can rush them multiple times and drag their stack down even if you die while doing so. Once you are in a split-control stage you will get the chance to take over control yourself and maybe start a comeback. All that is not possible with 3 lifes per round as you have to care for not dying out of control way too much for my taste.
  12. Even with good netcode the game would be shit. Champions don't fit into the game and the 3 lives only makes it a railfest. #playmorereflex
  13. That's not what I meant, I was talking about devs lying about features. Well if you want to make a game that modern kids play you probably have to have classes and champions and bullshit moba like "ultis" but that's not what anyone of the AFPS scene wants. Don't start with the "you can spawn a custom server and disable xy" we all know that nobody will play like that if the tournaments are with the default BS settings. That also takes my interest as a whole, they are not making a game with champions to disable them in the tournaments because that would be dumb. It's a fact that their focus is not on AFPS gameplay since they force in modern stuff because they think that might increase the player count. It probably will since todays people get hyped by trailers rather than gameplay videos. Kids want to be a superhero in a shooter with all kinds of cool looking abilities, that's what matters if you want to sell your game to 14 y/o kids, not the amazingly large skillgap. It will work, maybe you swap all the oldschool players with teenagers who jumped on the trailer hypetrain but that's not their problem since they just care about the numbers. Classic Quake always had equal starts and if you take that away I am out. As I said multiple times Reflex is way more focussed on gameplay and I don't know why anyone in this thread would rather play QC than Reflex since QC is a sellout to cater to modern kids which didn't even know that Quake existed until they saw the QC trailer.
  14. No classes, you can only choose the weapon you are starting with... there we go, starting to act like Halo devs. This game will be trash I tell you. No idea why people are getting hyped for it. It's not Quake, they use the name because it's known and force all kinds of modern bullshit into the game. Stuff that fucks with the gameplay we expect out of a Quake game tbh.
  15. Well we didn't see too much yet but I wonder why people get excited about this game. Maybe you can tell me. Is it the graphics? On my end it is always about the gameplay and I don't see too many positive things in QC. The movement speed seems slower than normal and different champions are also not on the list of things I like. For me the gameplay of Reflex seems far better than what I saw of QC so I can't get hyped for it.

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