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  1. 343i defines TTD as a community playlist not a tournament playlist and as such should be catering to what is best for the community, if tournament host decide to use TTD settings for there tournaments then they'll have to not use splitscreen and instead invest in more xboxs and besides, halo 4 isn't actually optimized to support splitscreen so we shouldn't be pushing for splitscreen support.
  2. can someone please explain to me what ghost meant by the BRs spread being random, rewarding sweeping and being inconsistent creates a larger skill gap? it makes absolutely no sense.
  3. who the fuck is redemption? get salot to do this, that guy is a fucking genious
  4. not really because you could actually flush the people out easily, on nuketown camping the buildings will be a very very strong set up just like camping top gold was on swordbase.
  5. would never work, camping the 2 buildings would be the best way to play because they overlook a large portion of the map.
  6. go back under the bridge you came from.
  7. just saw the message, still don't like how your initial reason for hiding was because i was being negative..
  8. already been censored for being negative? didn't realize this was waypoint....
  9. to hugs and kisses? maybe a hotel
  10. now we're getting somewhere
  11. you know, by editing what i said to try and twist what i'm saying and responding in a hostile manner is starting the drama right? nice work there mate.
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