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  1. The point that I was trying to make (and did a rather poor job at) was that it doesn't make sense for 343i to risk fragmenting the community. Why release a perfect 1:1 copy of Halo 2 match making with that is better looking, and then release a completely different multiplayer game 6 months to 1 year down the road. From a business perspective, 343i is driving this franchise now - and they want to put their own stamp on it (for better or worse). If they re-release what is effectively a remade Bungie game, and then their own game a year later - and their own game tanks - it wouldn't be good for them. If they "nail the multiplayer" in the new engine, then while it might be "Halo 2 themed map pack for Halo 5" (which I think is really likely - as long as it had Halo 2 maps, playlists, settings, etc.), it would tie in perfectly with THEIR product. I'm not making a judgment on whether Halo 2 was the end all be all of Halo games as I played it so late in it's existence - but it would be embarrassing for 343i as a company to release H2A 2014 and H5 2015 and get 1/2 the sales.
  2. It seems unreasonable to expect 343i to simply port and "pretty up" (I think someone earlier used that phrase) the Halo 2 matchmaking engine. It makes A LOT more sense for them to "nail" the Halo 2 experience, but have it running on a beta of the Halo 5 engine. I'm not judging whether or not this is the right way to approach it from their end, but it just doesn't make sense from a franchise standpoint to release a 1:1 mechanic copy with HD textures.
  3. I live in the Denton area, not very skilled (average BR, but really lacking in the "in game decision making" area), looking to get better.
  4. @@bluejay - I don't necessarily feel bad, just that I'm not sure if this forum can tolerate my opinion, which definitely comes from a different perspective. I do, however, understand the reason for a lot of the complaints, even if they don't apply to me. Also, I'm so far away from being even close to an ogre or pistola - I'm so far away from being capable of getting a 5 (!) in Team Throwdown. But I do enjoy trying to get better. As for ODST - I didn't really mind it, but I understand that it wasn't a hit for the competitive matchmaking crowd. I've been playing video games for 30+ years and I've always been a huge fan of Nintendo (still am) and JRPGs. ODST was probably the perfect game to break me out of that and expand my interests. A friend of mine, who IS really good at Halo, threw me into 2 games on Halo 3 before I had played a single second of any ODST campaign. It was the first competitive FPS game I had ever played at the time, and I went 2 for 39 over those two games - didn't exactly make me want to come rushing back. I had no idea about how the controller worked, much less strategy or anything else. So I went back and played ODST campaign and firefight, and then moved on to Reach for my first "real" matchmaking experience - I was still pretty awful. But I slowly started getting better, which is really all I wanted. I have less than 5,000 matchmaking games total played across H3/Reach/H4, and Halo is the ONLY FPS franchise that I have played, so I'm just trying to improve.
  5. Well, thanks everyone for the welcomes! I found my way here because I do "enjoy the epicness and masterpiece that is the Halo series" - perhaps not always for the same reasons. My Halo path only started a few years ago (Halo Reach), but I've quickly devoured all media that I can access related to it, played all of the campaigns (multiple times, and in order), and tried my hand at multiplayer. I do enjoy the competitive side of Halo, even if I am nowhere near that level. Thanks again.
  6. While I thoroughly enjoy Halo and play to win, I am not very skilled. My first foray into the Halo universe was ODST. Then, after 3 games of Halo 3 matchmaking, I switched to Reach. I've since gone back and played through the campaigns of all of the games, and the multiplayer of those still available online. Like I said, I maybe in the wrong community because of my lack of skill.
  7. I play Halo Reach and Halo 4 at least twice a week. Rarely play Halo 3 anymore.
  8. This is coming from an extremely casual Halo player. Don't misunderstand - I compete to win every game, but I recognize that I am below average when it comes to skill - especially in game decision making. The Halo franchise is the only reason I own an Xbox360, and the only reason I would consider buying an XboxOne. Remove Sprint? - I can take this or leave it. I really don't think this is as bad as it is made out to be, but I do understand how in a competitive playlist, having it turned off (or at least the option to turn it off) would be beneficial. Game Ranks / League play - Absolutely. And there definitely should be a Ranked / Social split a la Halo 3. Descoping - Another issue like Sprint. It is probably because I'm so bad at the game that I don't understand how Flinch is so much worse than Descope. Or how adjusting to Descope take more skill. Spectator Mode - Absolutely. No Loadouts - I'm in favor of preset / playlist specific loadouts here. I'm fine with people choosing between a BR and a Carbine for their starting rifle. No boltshot, no plasma grenades, no AA, etc. Random Ordinance gone - Absolutely. Also, get rid of personal ordinance (except perhaps some preset AAs like in Throwdown). AA gone - Certain AAs shouldn't be Loadout options. Active Camo as one example. However, having them available on maps like Reach MLG (Jetpack on Sanctuary) seems fine. AutoFlag pickup gone - I think 343i tried to find a balance between other games where you pickup the flag but still move normally and have your weapon vs previous Halos where when carrying the flag you were slower with NO weapon. Flag Juggling returns - see above. I could just as easily see their response being auto pickup with no restrictions like other games. KotH - I don't know what is broken about it in Halo 4 (did I mention I play socially?) Throwing Oddball - I don't have an issue with the throwing of the oddball (see KotH above). Join in Progress - if it isn't outright gone, at least make it a toggle option. I NEVER want to join a game in progress. And definitely remove it from any and all ranked playlists. Arena Maps - Halo 4 maps did seem rather large, perhaps to accommodate Sprint?

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