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  1. Yay it sounds solid . I tried it out and was defiantly challenged after game two ,I was matched with 3 and 4 generated players ( I'm 2 gen, ) all in all it seems like a great improvement!
  2. One small inquiry, how exactly do you get reputation within this community?? With starting successful threads throughout forums or something??
  3. Disclaimer: If you regenerate you have to complete challenges to regenerate again. For example I'm level 50, regenerate 2, but have to get 200 shotgun kills, 75 Titan kills with the 50mm and 100 pilot kills with the 50mm. I'd suggest using the shotgun and 50mm (or was it 40?) as soon as you regenerate. Yes im Generation 2 as well and i only need two more doomed titans with the 40mm cannon (which is the ultimate assist weapon with burst fire in my opinion) . Since i finish straining my challenges, I focus ,mainly with AP Kraper and the semi weapon play style.
  4. One small inquiry, how exactly do you get reputation within this community?? With starting successful threads throughout forums or something??
  5. Yes I think its a great way to freshen Halo 4 and its rich galaxy of skillful players!!!
  6. In other words ^^ , what's your play style on the game, and how do you think it's operated around certain used weapons?
  7. It comes to the thought that almost every succesful game has two main categories to play for, amazing shots that challenge the player to the max (such as AP-Kraber) and there are others who play purley to get brilliantly flowing , compeitive gameplay, always moving throughout the map and prehaps even MLG play style. When you play Titanfall are you more of a "rip 'em up" players or "OMFG HOW'D YOU HIT THAT??!" players ?
  8. *SPOLIER ALERT* I cant beilve Caroll finally told Tyrease that she killed the two soon-to-be walkers that had firstly contracted the pig disease!!! It was even crazyier when they became unseemingly closer reliants with eachother knowing they could know eachother closly.
  9. lol yes and plus i still have customs hourly XD
  10. ya defiantly, playing on maps suitable for hardpoint, (Bots such as grunts and spectres have no relevance) maps like Training Ground or Nexus . Large sitleines with highrises and hardpoitn domination
  11. I agrre with all the negativity...but come its HALO ....the haters keep growing cuz they dont want to stand for the strongest game bsed community there is on the damn market!!! stand for the game like we asll used to and the negativity wont mulitply!
  12. lol yayy im happy so who should I contact about the purposal??? respond asap plz
  13. Greetings guys, im new here to this community (but not to halo or the players XD) , I realized there isn't a section for community members showing off their actual skills at bringing our Scifi world such as Halo or titanfall to life..I myself am one of those halo concept artist (and I know there is ppl just like me here) and itd be amazing if this strong community based site could start showcasing people making awesome cosplay or handmade/digitally designed artwork !! Hell some of it could have a tint of Go Beyond !
  14. Yes i agree, with negative feedback which seems an endless void i make the best of it ! btw Soul, you dont happen to be a concept artist by any chance??? I am! We should get some scifi artist within Beyond and make like a concept art page which may include the beyond logo aswell as titanfall or halo refrences!
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