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  1. Greatly appreciate it man, it was a full team effort! The heart and passion P5 and UGC share for halo and the community is unbelievable, as like UGCMatt always says it's our grass roots. I will be the first to admit there was small mistakes on the broadcast, but overall it was one of the smoothest broadcasts I've been apart thus far. I believe the team I had working with me as I was producing/directing was killing it, from the floor with @@PROVERB to production the event was a huge success and I can't wait to see what UGC does in 2017!! Appreciate the support man!!
  2. The Minor League being run by Platinum 5 will be great, we have several different surprises in the works for the league. UGC is an awesome community driven company and that is why they got sanctioned as the first qualifier for the Fall 2016 season. Looking forward to great things!!
  3. No settings have been altered, i've consulted with hcs and our stream settings in regards to stream brightness has not been altered. I'll continue to look into it. Thanks for watching!
  4. Hope everyone enjoys the Broadcast today for Championship Sunday!
  5. How's everyone enjoying the stream thus far? Any suggestions? I'm pleased to read back and see all the support towards UGC the team is killing it imo and the show overall has been really good!
  6. Hey man, I've looked into this and found the issue, rest assured it will be 100% 720p/60 for the rest of the weekend. Feel free to hit me up on twitter with any other suggestions or concerns regarding the broadcast. @mraustenroberts
  7. UGC did? When? Do you mean the broadcast that was live Friday cause that is Platinum 5 (My company), we're running the online seeding tournaments for the ugc event. Sorry just trying to clarify. I would be happy to get with @@PROVERB and see what we can make happen.
  8. It's going to be Monday & Friday nights, P5 is taking into account Beyond's tournaments & the HCS Pro League.
  9. Platinum 5 will always support the halo community as long as we're allowed to by 343. I cannot however speak on behalf of @@UGCevents.
  10. I agree, thanks for tuning in. Always fun to bring halo action from the community to the community.
  11. There is no roster lock for this event. Rosters can be changed all the way up to check in at the door sir.
  12. We ran Chattanooga without any issues and didn't have dev boxes. however our internet speed was a dedicated 10gig fiber line.
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